Aaron Hicks' HR, James Paxton's gem keep Yankees alive (ALCS Game 5) Astros-Yankees

Aaron Hicks' HR, James Paxton's gem keep Yankees alive (ALCS Game 5) Astros-Yankees baseball history baseball ball baseball scores baseball reference baseball rules baseball wiki baseball players baseball field

Aaron Hicks' HR, James Paxton's gem keep Yankees alive (ALCS Game 5)  Astros-Yankees

There is definitely tension in the air wondering if the guy in the middle of all the action James Paxton can get it done here tonight he can't make the play and neither can Taurus Springer is on to start the night for Houston it's going to go down as a base hit two guys had a shot at it Paxton and Glaber Torres and neither one could make the play well this guy does is his nose out too bad that gets away from Sanchez and down to second is Springer 3-1 chopped to the left side good baserunning by spring the first is a to them glorious as Springer was reading and gets the third now with one of these

Paxton does not get the left-handed hitting Brantley and now has to deal with the right-handed hitting cleanup man Alex Bregman and that's in the tart Sanchez can't find it about two feet to the backstop swagger scores rattling a second one up the gas throws a groundout after a pass ball looks to be a wild pitch as this one bounced into Sanchez and it is a wild pitch Astros lost game wanted home they're trying to win their fourth straight Verlander not involved in the decision in Game two pitched well here is DJ to lead it off for the Yanks swung on and drilled the deep right that ball is high that is far goes the opposite way to drive and are a plc at 1:00 he got second and third here's

Aaron hit the pitch is lying deep to right field down the line she is hit the foul pole it climbed up the foul pole it's a three-run home run hits one to the sticks a three-run blast and the Yankees take a 4-1 lead there's your Don Alvarez struck him out swinging slow breaking ball the lack of speed struck out Alvarez Chirinos is 2 for 18 a home run and an RBI struck him out swinging high fastball there are two on and two of and to the top of the other in here as the power hitting outfielder George Springer struck him out swinging fastball away one hit two left go Bregman on first base for Korea a high top off first LeMahieu toward the stands and he makes a catch pulls down but holds on nice play by DJ no runs one hit one left on one on

Robinson's arena struck him out swinging fastball away strikeout number five with Paxton Bama to UPS and here is Marissa nickel single dissenter struck him out swinging fastball up and in strikeout number six for Paxton and Erin Hicks who had a three-run homer the first will lead things off their zo2 curve ball that's hit to the right side glove by Gary L to the backhand it gets up and throws to JB covering the bag for the first out what a snack by Gary out yeah diving cool is right to stop that excellent play in all that hard by heads but almost got himself a base hit great reflexes by you and you've seen that all year that's not easy to do it with this cold weather to spring had an infield single he scored the only astro run one to tie

Chris that is strikeout number seven for Paxton and here's the left hand struck him out swinging strikeout number eight for Paxton the second time is cotton so obviously Paxton stays in school come out swingin breaking ball to a by the way I would not take him out here comes boon and I'll tell you why the hitter is Robinson Chirinos and he's been struck out twice by Paxton swung on a high fly to left back those garden around the track at the wall makes the catch right at the wall to end the inning Paxton leaves have brilliant six innings well regardless of what happens for AJ Hinch and the Astros this has been an impressive five innings for Verlander which allows AJ to not have to use a lot of assets in tonight's game swing and a

Miss and stant goes down on three pitches six strikeout for Verlander the o2 and he can't hold up on the pitch away as Verlander settling down after a rough first inning and their runners at first and third with two out here is Alex Bregman and the pitches - unappealed right at Hicks makes the catch ends the inning no runs one hit Toula Verlander's found some magic dust all of a sudden after the first inning here's the one - and he got him swinging another breaking ball low and away the slider gets him again didi Gregorius there's one away nobody on did he go the gloria's did not strike three tried to check his swing he's rung up by third-base umpire corey blazer the glorious can't believe it nine strikeouts now for

JV if there's two away Verlander struck out four in a row here's the one two that ball is driven to right as well hit going toward the corners Reddick and he makes the basket catch against the wall right in front of the 314 and Reddick caught it like a wide receiver on a post route that'll do it for the Yankees in the seventh we'll go to the eighth inning New York leads four to one has retired all four hitters he's faced alvarez stands in his way here's the o2 struck him out swinging breaking ball great relief of Paris by Britain and a road his Chapman comes on right-handed in Robinson Chirinos will lead at all struck him out swinging 99 that is the 12th strikeout by Yankee pitcher nara's George Springer in these two for four on the night and

Chapman deals line on one hop to third Gio fields throws across end time ball game over Yankees win Yankees.



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