Angels Provide Update on Pitcher Tyler Skaggs' Death -

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Angels Provide Update on Pitcher Tyler Skaggs' Death -

Good afternoon these are not circumstances that we ever envisioned holding a press conference for we lost a member of our family yesterday Tyler Skaggs was a teammate there's a brother a friend and most important of all he was a husband and a son he was an exceptional young man with an entire life so full of promise yet to live for some reason that is incomprehensible to all of us he lives on now only in our minds and in our hearts Tyler brought joy to everybody around him he was magnetic people were drawn to him he was generous and kind and our team will never be the same without him but forever we've been made better by him we're truly grateful to have had the honor to watch him grow and develop over the years you know grief is personal to all of us it doesn't have a timeline it doesn't have a roadmap but what is most important is that we'll all be here for each other as a team as an organization and as a family

I cannot truly begin to say how much we're gonna miss Tyler and we will do everything to honor his memory we ask that you all please keep Karly his mother Debbie father Daryl and all of his family and friends and his loved ones in your thoughts and prayers that's all there are no words to express our sadness today we want to offer our deepest condolences to Tyler its wife Carly is mommy mom and dad all of his family and friends thank you everyone especially our fans for the tremendous outpouring of love and support we received for Tyler's wife and his family in the Angels we especially want to thank ray Neil John Chris and the Rangers baseball club for the respect and dignity they have shown to the Skaggs family and our organization I also want to thank Commissioner Rob

Manfred Major League Baseball our fellow and MLB close for their support simply in kindness our hearts go out to his wife Carly his family and all those who loved him we will continue to be there for them during this difficult time Thank You Pedro Gomez with the ESPN Brad and Billie I guess this is more for you guys but what was the decision made to play tonight's game yeah I have I talked with some of the guys on the club and at some point when they're ready they can they can elaborate on that but it felt then again I don't want to speak for them but it felt that one it was what Tyler would want and also that it's a time to allow them to get back into a routine and to have a period of time where they feel disconnected a lot of problems go away when the first pitch is thrown into the last pitch is thrown and these guys will be there fighting for each other with Tyler weighing heavy on their hearts tonight I tell you that the first date back whether it was today or tomorrow is was gonna be the one of the toughest other than yesterday so

I think what Billy have been down on the head in the sense that the game itself is a gonna be a refuge for players where they can turn their minds off and just focus on baseball and I don't know that sitting in a hotel room would do them any good but Jeff let your Orange County Register Brad can you talk a little about what happened yesterday and with the way you guys kind of supported each other in the last 24 hours yeah no the team all got together a couple times and some of the guys spoke but I think most importantly in the end we were able to talk about Tyler and laugh about some of the stories and some of the goofy things he did listen to some of his music so it was good we're for Billy or Brad for people who didn't have a chance to know Tyler Skaggs what do you want them to know about him as a person he was consistent with everybody I'm telling you I I got it

I got an email this morning from you know dr. Ella Tosh who did his surgery and dr. Ella traj made a point to comment in there about how he treated everybody that came into operating rooms came into waiting rooms everybody that he encountered I can speak to people that work inside of our Clubhouse I can speak to people that work outside of our Clubhouse so many people looked at Tyler as guys kind of like I said like a brother and a son even even though they they might not have a relationship with him or a you know a family relationship with him so I think his reach and his impact I think everybody's going to discover over the coming weeks the coming months because the outpouring that we have felt and that we've experienced has been pretty remarkable he impacted a lot of people and the community he was a he was a staple in our in our community with with all the efforts of the

Angels throughout Southern California so there's so many people that knew Tyler and love Tyler I get to to run into somebody that hasn't Ratna mike d Giovanna the LA Times have you reached out to Mike so sure anybody else and just how to how to be able to support these players and this team there was such a tragedy I've had a lot of people reach out to me including managers who have gone through similar and to a man it's it's the same advice and that is there's no handbook for this you just kind of got to go with with your honest feelings I don't think if you if you do that I think there's then you're not gonna be wrong hi 500 I have the athletic brat I know you said it when he first took this job that Tyler was one of the first people you reached out to and you spoke highly about sort of what you thought he could be Ange what was the process like for you just getting to know him as a person as well as his picture

I knew scabs you a little bit from last year being around the ballclub but yeah once once I was hired I had lunch with him up in Santa Monica at one of his one of the spots he liked to go and I did I told Skaggs I thought it could be an all-star and I still think he care him by Doh he's just the more I'm around him the more I was around them is he's just a happy person he's he's got the type of personality that draws others in like I said he's kind of he's goofy in a very good funny way he's this last this road trip to to Dallas he came up to me four or five days before and said hey we're going to Texas for two series you you care if we all dress up in Western gear cowboy gear so he kind of spearheaded that and you know that's one of the last pictures we have of Skaggs II with with his teammates all dressed up and in cowboy gear and the last image I have them is standing on a plane with this awful cowboy shirt on playing cards so I'll miss him Oh Brad I know you you played with

Darryl Kile with the Astros and all that you were not his teammate at the time he passed can you kind of talk about what it's like to try to persevere as a player when you when you have something like that happen uh yeah this this feels identical it really does now I don't have to I don't have to go on the field but it's very similar like I said it was the once the game starts it actually is a refuge because it takes your mind off it distracts you for a little while and then you know when you go back to your hotel room you remind the reality but it helped me get away and it's hard today's one of the hardest days and I know it gets easier what is difficult art RT this is for you this is twice in ten years now when you go back to negating heart or either building or Brad were here for that what is this like compared to Nick Billy call me and man is like a punch in the heart it's just you know they don't they're so in shock when you're told because he's been with us ten years drafted by us in

O nine and you know these kids are like the family and for any parent that they have children first thing you think is you know how was somebody going to respond to losing a child and so first thing you know Billy you know Billy called and you know when they call me on to me call me on Aiden Hart probably about 5:00 in the morning and the same same feeling you know you just you can't believe it and you keep thinking someone's there they're not there but the team such a family and when you take a piece out away from the the family there's always a hole and the you know the players have a special bond and when they lose one of their players that they've been so comfortable with for all these years so we look at it as organization you know anyway so you know I had to let my wife know who's known you know Tyler also because he's always been such a gentleman walking up to say hello so you know from the ownership side it's just families and all our fans feel the same way so the outpouring but we've seen as

I mean you know people from everywhere texting calling sending wishes so I feel so sad for the family like I said everybody assessment you know trying to rally around and be a supportive turret to Tyler's family and to the Angels and we are for it for any guys what does the plan in terms I had a honor Tyler moving forward I know there was a lot done ten years ago we're doing similar stuff that we did in oh nine when when one Nick passed away similar to Brad I you know I went through that with Nick no.9 and like you say there's not a playbook but there's a lot of similar similar things that you do to try to honor them you're never gonna honor them enough you know the way we'll honor them boast is just you know watching these guys play and um you know as far as the stadium like you know just typical with patching and all that but honor and

I'm so much more with our with our thoughts and our hearts is the most important thing for those of you guys out there uh if you guys did address the the players this is kind of wondering if you could share what your message to the players was what with all due respect Ilham anything that said to the players just between us like we've talked about it's family so that's a family conversation obviously the the baseball world beyond just the Angels has expressed a lot of feelings for this was that support meant to you guys to come from the other 29 teams yeah I you know I personally heard from a lot of GM's and players players that played here in the past and then seeing you know through some social media channels people reaching out it just kind of drives home and earlier answer I gave this kids reach was pretty fast you know it wasn't just for the other guys like him it was for people that just came into contact with him so it just validates everything we thought about

Tyler I I would say that you know his mom is upbringing it shows this kids good stock there's so many people Jeff still in the league you know that the Tyler touch pitching coach for the Diamondbacks Mike butcher so she reached out Toni Riggins with MLB any Bane's of scalpers the Red Sox there's you know he's he's but he was drafted in no nine so he's been he's been there since 10 years I know Patrick Korbin spitting tonight in Washington and they were close friends so it goes deep you know baseball and sports is a close-knit group and everybody everybody we've had an outpouring of calls and texts from various people Brad how difficult of the TAS does this feel that you have you know given that you're obviously grieving yourself yet you know you're you're the guy that's that's in charge here and you know your job is to lead this group of players yeah work on all on the same boat on this one you know we all feel tremendous loss we understand that life has to go on

and the baseball season has to go on and it'll move forward at different paces for different guys but this is just a reminder that professional athlete or not we're all human and it's all it can strike us the same so well these guys will get ready to play they'll be ready to play but it'll be with heavy hearts and I'll be with heavy hearts probably for for a while but as far as wearing the manager hat I'm just I'm just wearing a hat right now I'm just wearing angel hat thank you.



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