Fred VanVleet Talks Relationship With Raptors Fan Base, Future With Team | Tim and Sid

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Fred VanVleet Talks Relationship With Raptors Fan Base, Future With Team | Tim and Sid

Fred vanvleet was part of that game last night for the defending world champion Toronto Raptors 34 our points part of that he joins us live on sports and sports night 590 the fan here on Tim and sit Fred how you doing man good very good pretty where is the ring right now it's like right here next to me it's out it's at home with me so I got to keep it in your eyes reach so you got it like on a pillow and you're just looking at it like I'd like describe it to us like what's the scene yeah I'll probably put in like my son's crib with something when he's not in there something like that so is there like the thing that I that when we we grabbed the replica looked at I'm like man there is a heft to this replica I wonder what the real thing is like does it off does it feel like a sofa bed when you pick it up yeah extremely heavy just bulky and just uh it takes that it takes a big chunk of your hand away for sure everyone's loving the ring is there anything you don't like about it is there any critique you would like to make because

I know Kyle kind of ran point on this from an artistic standpoint is there anything that you would change at all no I wouldn't change this what I wouldn't change anything about it I wouldn't change it I think maybe if I could've go back a few months I will order like a bigger size am I so I have more more room on my hands this is perfect and as two guys who got fat as we got older it gives you a little more leeway as well when you get the bigger size true yes yeah like I'm yeah well yeah keep my weight down weird one for you there was a really cool shot of you grip Singh up the Larry O'Brien just after the ceremony before tip almost like you and Larry had a moment do you even know what I'm talking about and if so picture with today that's all the reason why on those toes well yeah the picture we have is amazing the article we have is amazing you look like a Jedi Knight staring into it like it has some kind of special power was it was there anything going on in your head were you saying goodbye were you saying

I'll see you in a few we're yeah that was kind of like psychic telepathic you know just like our brother I see you I see you in June that's all that was yeah this isn't goodbye Susie this isn't good you know right yeah for sure yep you got a speaking to business awesome alright you've done that before so maybe you will be speaking we'll play this back if and when you get there sure Fred which teammate handled at the worst last night who was the most immature of all your teammates oh no I think everybody's pretty good I think we got some yeah we've got mostly adults on our team so I think I think the guys are everybody kind of handled it in their own way you know the older guys I was see they are they relish it a little bit more probably than we do just because they've been around so long and Serge has been there once a hadn't won Markus been around forever and that's first time to define on same thing for Carl so I think they kind of realized it as like you know that was their shot and I think those young guys are a little arrogant to the fact that was

I are gonna go get another one you know yeah ignorant is blessed sometimes yes for sure last night Fred the thing that stood out to me in the arena during that ceremony last night you got one of the biggest ovations and the relationship between you and this fan base has accelerated very quickly what did that mean to you it means a lot it means a lot you know because the Toronto is a unique place where we have a really gravity fan base and when you get that you you get the best of the best you can get the worst of the worst so I understand that when I don't play well especially last year in the playoffs when I wasn't playing under standard I was getting killed and just on the flip side of that when I was playing great I was getting the most loved by anybody so you got you got a you got a love that love-hate relationship and you just have to admire the people who that can like they relate to you and they attach to your story and and you know I have a lot of love for people that have loved me and support the end you know hopefully we have a long loving relationship you know it's funny

I just quoted one of my favorite quotes and it's credited to a bunch of people including Confucius but our greatest glory is not never falling but rising every time we fall and and when you had those struggles in the postseason I think it made your journey back to the top even more impressive and what you did in that finals and getting an MVP vote and that Finals and now playing game one career-high 34 not to mention the seven dimes and five rebounds like have you been able to kind of soak up the journey from that and I know the grind is real and I known as a tithe as an athlete you expect it but have you been able to soak up where you came from to where you're at right now because it seems like in a matter of six months you have gone from you know the lowest of the lows to near the highest of the highs yeah I definitely appreciate it and uh kind of soak up the journey and experience and and kind of reflect on you know just how extreme the roller coaster can be at the same time why you in the middle of you just trying to stay level-headed you just focus on the next thing which is trying to get a win for each game that's in front of you but

I think that's part of it I think that fans and and people who love to team them and our fans of us they appreciate that as well you can see that they respect that you know when things get hard you're able to make make your way out of that and I think that for me just not getting carried away on either side of them so when it's not going well I'm not I'm not outside of myself and when things are going great I'm not outside of myself so just staying true to who I am along the way and I think that plays a part of is well easier said than done see and definitely Fred obviously contractually this is a big year for you I won't get into the specifics obviously it's kind of too early for that what would it mean though because you kind of referenced it earlier laying down long-term roots I mean with every day that goes by for you your your situation and standing in this league changes in a very very positive way and you may be able to call your shot pretty soon here laying down roots though in this market in the southern

Ontario market this franchise how much is that on your mind how much do you think about it I love it I love it I'm not nobody wants to leave with her you know most of the time I've been here this Bettina gave me my chance I think we understand that I'm not going to speak too much on free agency this year just because it's a business and you know I have to do what's best for me and my family but I mean I've been on record about how I feel about this place it's organization knows how I feel about this place and so in a perfect world we know what's gonna happen well what would happen um but I'm just so focused on this year and trying to be the best that I can be for this team and then we worry about the rest of that stuff and summertime I gotta be honest you had some of my favorite quotes of the preseason in fact before we went down to Jurassic Park yesterday Sid can back me up on this I was reading a few of them out loud in the newsroom just because I liked them that went for like five minutes there was the

Kauai saying if he leaves we just got to kick his ass and and maybe it's because I fancy myself as a hard worker or someone that works his ass off but the other the other one that got me was about the Instagram workout and about how being too cool doesn't work in the NBA and how you had a conversation in the summertime when everyone's kind of energy was lacking and he just kind of said it's not gonna get it done we work here that's what I thought made you guys great last year was last season a confirmation that you got to work your ass off in order to be successful in the NBA or was there some sort of realization along the way that if you guys are going to be great it's the hard work that will do it yeah I think we've been we had been like that the past few years because we hadn't had prototypical media darling superstar you know tomorrow is was great as all right but he wasn't exactly a media favorite you know people don't put him in that conversation but to get Kawhi who people love and that guy just came to work every day then say nothing he worked his butt off and he didn't get excited and he didn't get down so and

I fit right in with what we were already building so it was kind of like are we we've already been doing this we add these two guys who have won championships we see that they're the same way let's just keep building on that and you saw that throughout the playoffs where there were times when we went down or - we got blown out or whatever the case may be and we just kept pushing on and we were up and we didn't get carried away and we just we just had a really good focus and I think that that's what you got to do you got a set of goal and whatever that goal is for your team or individually just focus on that and don't worry about all the other stuff a lot of guys get caught up in social media or media and itself worrying about what people think and only thing that matters is the results right more concerned with your character than your reputation with that Fred before we let you go quickly you give the fanbase a heart attack when you kind of turned your foot a little on the camera guy I don't wanna get a camera guy in trouble he was told to sit there yeah are you okay and a

Boston game in question in any way you're gonna play Friday okay okay get another day of treatment tomorrow see how I feel but more often than not it takes a lot to keep him out of games so will it seem yeah we'll see we see I can't give you a definitive answer right now but I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would feel after going down last night and I know that guy didn't try to do it by any means but it was the very first rate as long as I was but maybe we can move the camera guys move it a little I want to get him in trouble it's not like you play it 44 minutes or anything oh wait a second you did play for Fred listen congratulations on the championship again the ring the journey all of that you've always been very kind to us with your time coming in studio talking to us on the phone we really appreciate it and wish you the best moving forward all right thanks you.



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