In Season Fantasy Hockey Tool Kit

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In Season Fantasy Hockey Tool Kit

Welcome back to the fantasy hockey podcast it's time to launch our free in season toolkit now it's gonna come with a lot of things I've been working on it for the last two or three weeks I'm so excited to launch it Brandon's also helped me out with deciding what to put in there what not to put in there what might be useful there'll be an add/drop tool there's a trade evaluator it'll give you power indexes for your league's so you know exactly where you stand even within certain categories and this article is gonna be all about teaching you how to use it what's important what's not what can you touch without breaking that sort of stuff if you haven't already be sure to grab it down in the description or the comments below so you can follow along with this article and also if you have any questions or you find bugs or something like that be sure to join our discord where there's a tool Website and I'm in there fixing things constantly if

Evan if anything comes up adding new features or just answering any questions that you might have so also there'll be a link to that also in the description or in the comments below so without further ado let's jump into the in season tool okay so let's start first with giving credit to where to do and that's natural static which is what the whole tool is built on now in here there is a credits part at the bottom on the welcome page that has their site their patreon and their Twitter be sure to give them a follow consider joining their patreon and on top of that also be sure to check out their site because they have way more stuff than what I show in here so the first thing first that you need to do is you need to make a copy of this now if you haven't already you need to make a copy if you request edit access you will not get it that's not how it works you have to make a copy into your own Google

Drive so the first place you can go do that is on this sheet right here where it says make a copy so there's a link right here that'll automatically make a copy for you once you do that and you make a copy you can delete this tab and you'll never have to think about it again because the beautiful thing about this sheet is that it updates without you needing to make a copy every single day you can come in here and get brand new stats for games that just ended the stats actually natural static is really quick about putting games in so you can technically come in here right after a game and see how it updated and you can update it pretty much a real time every single night so first things first everything you need to edit is in yellow pretty much throughout the entire sheet for example you see the dates here you'll see the start and end dates so this today's date is for the season long stats so all

You need to do is anytime you come into the tool you're gonna double-click and there'll be a little calendar that pops up and you just put what the date is for today and everything will magically update for you now the same thing for these two days so the start date and the end date dictates the custom date range so you can set a custom date let's say you want to see the last 7 days or you want to see the last 14 days or for example you want to see just last night's game you can double click on the start date and let's say I want to go back to oh I don't know a week go right so the 16th and then let's do this 2 today and it'll take a second again but it'll update all the custom date ranges across the entire sheet so the entire sheet will be referencing these two dates as the custom date range so anywhere you see custom date range it's all referencing these two dates here and then

1920 season is all referencing today's date so that's the end date so if you don't update today's date it might be behind so then there's 4 players here and all you need to do is it ought it already has validation so you can't type names wrong so say for example what's one of the hard names people misspelled let's say I want to look up ondrea's Athen to see you right he shows up right here there you go and all you have to do is come down and click on them and it'll populate all his stats now what does it show so it shows the 1920 season so this season it shows you the custom date range that you put in that you want to see for example his last three games played and it shows you last year now it shows you a ton of stuff I mean there are so many stats here but the most important thing too is that there's a difference so the difference here will show you what's the difference between his performance this year all season compared to last year in total what's his pace like so for example his average time is is down 4% his point per

60 pace is down 58% this should be a percentage let's fix that his point space so far is down 60% his shot paced so far is down 30% so this is really important because it'll just show you ok well well how is he doing so far in these things and one thing to note is that shooting percentage in honest shooting percentage will be red but let's say for example on extreme percentage last year was 10% and this is now 13% this may be green and positive but it doesn't necessarily mean that's a good thing too high on our shooting percentage is something to be cautious of but nonetheless it'll show here that it's ink so that's just good to know so just pay attention to the different stats and again you can join the discord I'm happy to explain any of these if any of them don't make sense and the other thing is that if there's one that you don't care about or you don't use for example Brandon doesn't use shots for 60 he doesn't care for it you can just delete it it doesn't matter that's it so this explore page is really for you to kind of go through and compare players

Now one thing you could do for example is you can actually add players to this if you want to you can highlight these columns or these rows here and if you just copy them all and then you go down to like 27 here and you just paste it in you'll have a whole new player row and so you can now look at more players so say you wanted to have literally your entire team in this view you could you could just continue to copy and paste until you get to 20 players 16 players whatever it is you have and you can be tracking every single player on this sheet so you can keep keep an eye on all your team's you can also make a copy of it for example and have one that's an explorer tool and one that's your team page but you don't necessarily have to do that so anyways this has everything you could possibly imagine and if there's anything I missed be sure to let me know in the discord so that

I can get it added it's not too difficult okay so the add drop tool is really really simple all it is is you put in two different players that you're thinking of adding or dropping and it'll spit out so far for the season who's better essentially giving you greens for where the player is stronger than the other player so you can just quickly like scroll over and say okay well Brent burns is clearly better at all these things how's he doing on power play points oh he's tied but he's getting more power plate time on ice team power play percentage sure Schultz is higher but you know they're pretty much equal and so you can go through and pretty much see where where people are better than another so you can see their hit space block space and it'll do the same thing for the custom date range so you can see and what's better for Brent burns what's better for Justin Schultz and it should make adding drops a lot easier and it'll also if let's say someone's

On a shooting percentage or shooting percentage is out of whack it'll actually turn red here and tell you okay you should probably read out because that player has an over index shooting percentage let's take that into the trade evaluator actually which is really similar so here let's say you have a tray that encompasses James Neil and Victor Olson for Giordano and Sebastian aho and you want to compare the two now this view gives you a quick comparison so that it's not gonna tell you who wins that's not the point of this evaluator it's not to tell you this side wins the trade this side does not win the trade that is not the point the point of this view is so that you can look at it and say okay well let's see who's better where and you can compare for example the expected goals what about point paces and then what it does which is really really important that this part is really important to remember is that it tells you indicators whether someone may be selling high or selling low

For example if someone is selling high the shooting percentage like for example James Neil and Victor Olufsen if you're getting a trade for them and you put it into the trade evaluator this should immediately tell you I think I may be getting swindled potentially shooting percentages high on both on ice shooting percentages high on both power play shooting percentages high on both what does that tell you they are way over index at the moment odds are that players like that especially when you're in a trade where the entire side is all over indexed in these specific categories more likely than not you're probably paying too much and so that's really what this is for is for you to one be able to evaluate quickly whether a trade makes sense and on top of that it also allows you to see whether or not you may be getting swindled and that's the whole point of the trade evaluators to help you evaluate and to give you indicators whether or not you may be getting you know a bad trade

So another thing to mention is let's say you have more players in this over here you can see these little arrows if you unhide those you'll see more more entries if you want and then you can just hide them hide the ones you don't use or if you're only using one if you have more players in this god forbid you're doing more than a four four four trade that would be insane you can copy and paste the same as we did on the other one and it'll do the same thing so let's rehydrates the trade evaluator now another little cool fun thing that i built even though it's not that that important is this difference from projections tab is just a fun one it's not really that useful I'd say maybe it is maybe it isn't I guess it gives you a gauge on how much better someone is doing than what was expected of them to me Cole is one of the best projectors in the game even if you call them projectors that's literally a thing I don't think you can call a person a projector

I'll have to talk to Brandon about that he'll probably yell at me so 4 : pretty much what this does is you put in for example James Neil I think he's one of my favorite expectations here is 10 games played through 10 so far what did : expect him to be at and what does he actually at right so how many goals how much more over-index is Ian goals how much over-index is Ian points about shots on goal assists power play points hits block spins that sort of stuff so it's a lot of fun you can put in for example let's put it in Milan Lucic here yeah you can see me LAN Lucic where he's at he's actually below in points but he's actually over index and hits blocks and pins by a little bit not by much right but but by enough that it's it's kind of funny to see that he's doing better than what you expected so this tool is not super super important but just fun to kind of I like to use it as a gauge sometimes for example is James dealin like he wasn't supposed to be this good right and it's just oh

No he wasn't and then the last thing here that is really really cool this is actually my favorite feature of the whole tool and i've been using it quite a bit is the team power index tool so what does the team power index tool now what it does is it'll spit out for each of your categories that you count a power ranking now the it only works with Yahoo unfortunately at the moment I mean you could make it work with other ones it's gonna be a little bit manual but let me give you an example of how easy it is with your Yahoo League to spit out Power Rankings so let's say let's take hawkers for example which is in building winners and let's go to team stats so you go to league team stats and then you're gonna be on this screen now you want to go totals and all you're gonna do is from team name here copy and paste down that's it that's all you do you go to the in season tool you go over to the skater so there's two imports there's League goalie and League skater so you go to

League goalie or skater sorry and you paste that you just paste it look at that your power index is now what you can do after this is there's gonna be a lot of categories so that everyone can have something be sure to delete the ones you don't count and it'll be way cleaner and you can update this every single week for example and you'll get updated power rankings as you go so you know how much because for example you can look strong and goals you like okay well I'm high in gold but how much better am I the next person for example in this league I am way better than the next person in terms of goals and then in assists I'm kind of right there I'm close so it gives you an idea of where you actually need to target for example I can say here okay in this league I can give up goals I can do a trade for goals in which I get assists and I make I'll probably come out okay at the end of the day and then you can do the same thing for goaltender so if we go back to the team stats go to goal tenders and then go

Total be sure you're on totals here and then copy that the goalie leaderboard input up to this first one you paste it and boom you got the same thing for goal tenders now all the way at the very right there is a power index so it'll add these all up and give you what's the score it's similar to the draft tool where it gave you kind of a leaderboard of how everyone's looking but this is for in season so you can update this as you go and kind of follow along with your league and see how you're doing and this is all sortable as well so you can then sort by this and it will kind of work but the other thing to note is that will happen if you don't delete rows you don't use so say you only have a 12-team League just go in here and delete the rows you're not using and that's pretty much it so that that's the tool I mean that that's it I'm so excited to see how people use it I hope people enjoy it I've worked hard on it I think it's it I use it for my own league I've been using it for the past two weeks to make sure that it's something that's useful something that

I would personally use so I hope you like it be sure to let me know what you think in the comments subscribe for future tools and articles and other than that thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time.



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