Jose Altuve walk-off HR sends Astros to World Series in Game 6! | Yankees-Astros MLB Highlights

Jose Altuve walk-off HR sends Astros to World Series in Game 6! | Yankees-Astros MLB Highlights world series 2019 world series winners 2019 astros world series 2020 astros vs dodgers world series astros world series roster 2019 world series game 7 2019 world series game 5 dodgers world series 2019

Jose Altuve walk-off HR sends Astros to World Series in Game 6! | Yankees-Astros MLB Highlights

Has to get ready for Game six of this League Championship Series and it's all about the bullpen it's a bullpen game and we really don't know what to expect starts Game six here's the o2 to Torres now ball left side to his left Bregman he flies it down throws on a bullhead side until one two three first for Benfica and here is Chad drains the quote-unquote opener in 15 games during the regular season for the Yankees in the Yankees - baby and now it's you leader al who is one for 2005 tu si looks pretty bad but it's a scary serie 0:50 batting average you ask me and the approach he's had at the play take 

Game six first inning leg breaks out there's no defending a bullet over the during a charge into the crowd a huge hit with two outs a perfect kid Gregory I'll bow to it here's bad as a rock Boreas will dig for - it's a two-out double Sanchez who obviously have a very tough time in the playoffs is 3 for 28 it's one into Center Gregorius is coming to the plate there will be no throw by Springer the Yankees are on the board Sanchez comes through it's three too long three two past breaking ball misses two on two out and here comes AJ Hinch Josh James is going to come into this ball game one two seven thus an apartment as Josh James strands of hair and 

Presley bases-loaded didi Gregorius digging in switch anchor Presley off the mound injured himself going to get that grounder where I let on this plan right there yes surgery on that knee was out almost two months and get the signal right away that he's done new pitcher for Houston and their forged pitcher this ball game already at code they are 80 on 101 who usually show geo Walker's first here's one into right-center field her shell has made this in one his second home run Geo Michela homer geo mashella the most happy fella Pavelka he homeless to right-center and the Yankees now trail 3-2 and the Yankees have the tying run at scoring position with one out and that's lifted in the right Reddick they look like brennick was initially uncertain as to how to approach that but now two on two out 

Harris comes in to take on DJ LeMahieu curveball bounce softly up the middle charging Correia feet long receiving that bro and Euston is all set up there first and third and no for Bregman chopped to short run scores no one does Aaron Hicks switch hitter batting left as hackers seven the play of the series firefight completely I didn't know Branly had that type of arm he threw an absolute missile of first base to double off the runner and the Yankees have a one-out baserunner brink Gary Sanchez to the plate as the time run to second for six brother shortstops are that's the best of baseball and on a try to get the final three outs and said the Astros back to the World Series is Roberto Osuna bats of brinstead and they get the keys have life on base for the fourth time tonight is her one here come one out 

Mayhew add it as a free agent Yankees front office didn't know exactly where he would play you can play all over been anchored at first base and all he's done in a Yankee uniform his head 3 2 pitch flyball into right and this game is tied it's a two-run game-tying homerun for DJ LeMahieu a flyball to right just over the leak of Springer into the right-field seats what a dramatic 2-run home run in the what could have been the final game of the series bottom of the ninth inning and her oldest Chapman is into the ball game it's now in the first is Springer and Altuve that's driven deep to left centerfield Carter is going Jose Altuve a woman to run over sixty-four with the alt f4 how to be fobbed at home playing they never said it would be easy and it certainly wasn't 

DJ LeMahieu tied the game to run home run in the top of the ninth Altuve with the answer in the bottom half and the Astros are 2019 American League champions.



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