MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Toronto FC vs D.C. United - 2019

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MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Toronto FC vs D.C. United - 2019

The stage set at BMO Field for TF C's first playoff game since they won MLS Cup back in 2017 but a huge fall for great valley side losing both Jozy Altidore and Omar Gonzales for this first round matchup against DC United as for Toronto I've seen a couple of big changes from that final game of the regular season no Jozy Altidore that was expected somewhat because of the injury picked up against Columbus better day comes in and a huge disappointment at the back for Greg Vani as Omar Gonzales is out and it's a big change for him because he has Wayne Rooney back from suspension yeah absolutely crucial genes for DC and a seed with that captain wayne rooney coming into LA not once the 2019

MLS Cup playoffs are underway for Toronto FC here in the first round this Easter conference affair against DC United Felipe's both thrilled foodies very early from the vastly experienced Cory Rockwell Africans went early their wind Rooney simple decision isn't after wait not when he knows he's keeping it off Sade what's well a well draftees open that I'd say he'd comes and on that left foot of us better say into the path of Justin marl Segura the raffle points to a goal kick been as is heavily involved markets in Maine this is akela crosses to expect from TFC tonight you won't want to be put in the air B along the ground picking people out brilliant touch from pots well it's boswellia we will feel the rock strong but unlikely goalscorer lovey what from puts will not color bellamy should do much better it's a huge error from the

US International look at this from puts well that's why twinning up position to have the ability to wriggle and thomna weave from pressure just to get in front of Paul aureola brilliant the finding madly takes it quickly to Tamaki Delgado now we'll find she backs and Oh I was really awkward that one north of him eat it's not gonna click too far from place quit thinking from ravelin Delgado now wait that's for a Mendoza was the Lord let the target test that means you've got to do something positive tsubasa Gardo Segura flips it over as a real opportunity to score a goal west Brazil is going to say can't quite get there were three goals in the regular season you career high for him in Major League Soccer School in wins against Atlanta Colorado this is Wayne Rooney from distance of westburg able to make the save they've just

Jones to the March so who reads us to see nearly 20 hours out but I think we really should score there saw him do it so many things Morris born into the boxes as a plus-one whatever no chair on the vendor I expect them to do better without it's a good scene from West Berlin and the second one all the table or what I'm just a tricky spot great connection but can't get the direction or to it is it willful power across a gold watch with Jonathan Osorio is it that probably in the middle of your screamed at the top of the box can't quite see I'm on the angle here it's just sitting there Leah's history in the left hand side against King house DeLeon place it into the middle went off Korea dropped or Jonathan Osorio and now it's passed away low Kalon attempted from puts well much like Ben Aziz a few moments ago some change for

Ben Austin's team and there's an opportunity for DC to he can't believe it I can't believe it has to go in the bike in a net but clear that to quit the worst mother it's awful give away from Benazir come on us through See Mom can't get by he hit so hard but he doesn't put any position on that Street and the key thing here frequent aways bones how tall he stands for as long as possible when Rudy standing over this free kick for DC United who threw knee launches are they agree on tried to get better becomes a wonderful read comes on the right side in front of our row now and DeLeon will go across to the left to keep their season alive Rudy standing over it on the far side it's into the truck DC and I could have life deep into stop it shine it's tied up at one one at the death and everything in this game just surprises you ticks are wanders away takes a breath out of you what a moment for

DC and a tip they never gave up they kept believing as a silences Chaka wrote this stadium they were just great to celebrate another playoff victory it be more field it's going to extra time at BMO Field Rodriguez with the stoppage time goal as TFC couldn't deal with the set piece and Ben Olsen's team are still alive one one heading to extra time Bradley forward for DeLeon's next time absolutely brilliant probably makes that one that we'll see a mix often gets it to such a brilliant position until Claire gets here the number of goals he scores not enough we sent to the back of the day I mean conceived it here taming a little Schwarzer today to reestablish the advantage therefore central Nevada the step in the first place Steve bug by over with up a crucial walk terrific from

Ravenna inventor from bomb Paul into the back post nodded back across colors it's an extra time there are eight spot the rate painter I'll persuade lowdown that right side - shame once I go it was but smell and dancing jiggling to the more voltage evokes finish technique composure just sweeps into the corner a Bilhah means fill straights can't get anywhere near it before I go it's delicate series ultimate crosscut four minutes to be added at the end of this first period of extra time there's paella showing an extra time champions I can enjoy the Sofia talk to FC fun saps a lot was a serious question the Nexus game wouldn't entertain penalty kicks were living there's a lot of defenders at the field and we were going to find out what they have truly made of the vine suit and practically the challenge with the same rocks

CFCs return to the playoffs is successful City FC BMO Field and antics Major League Soccer goals in the first half of extra time after Delgado McGinty FC the lead.



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