Nationals' MASSIVE 1st inning (7 runs!) puts them WAY up in NLCS Game 4

Nationals' MASSIVE 1st inning (7 runs!) puts them WAY up in NLCS Game 4 washington nationals schedule 2019 washington nationals tickets nationals park washington nationals roster stubhub nationals nationals score my nationals nationals stats today

Nationals' MASSIVE 1st inning (7 runs!) puts them WAY up in NLCS Game 4

To an old account to trade Turner and there's a base hit right away the Nationals put a man on Heaton loves that first pitch Turner at first and Hudson's deals in on the first pitch it's a base hit into the gap over the cutting off Bader no chance Turner is going to be held at third and in the second he is eating that was a fine play by Bader but its second and third it's a double for Adam Eaton has eaten loves the first pitches said it you can't just groove something location was up on that ball right there and these are the two guys that set the table right here now he's in trouble he's got Rendon and Soto on the first pitch a high fly ball to Center wheels at turn

Turner will score and a sacrifice fly from window one-nothing Washington that's strike first here in Game four a champ this season drives in a run no better hitter getting a runner in from third with less than two outs than Ren dome Soto down the line that is slicing that is goes down scores a big apart niku scores and Soto into second base with an RBI double to nothing Washington Soto going into that bat 1 for 12 with 7 k's in the NLCS a lot of off-speed stuff what does he get right here sinker away goes with it as good as anybody the opposite field right here so toes a little better as far as average hitter when the ball is down and like every good hitter when they're struggling when they do work the ball up the middle work the ball the other way it's just his second hit of the

NLCS he's had some huge moments in this postseason already and the 20 year old one delivers the second run of the inning for the Nationals Zimmerman has had a great postseason and he turns out a nice planter by Edmond he goes to second home the ball is jumped everybody saved long with the stretch does not secure the throw on a fantastic play by Tommy Edmund and these are the kind of mistakes that are just so tough you have a guy here in Edmond what a play right here that's a sure double probably two RBIs makes a great throw for the would have been the second out and he can't hang on I mean this that this is an inning changing play by Edmond but we've seen in this series a team that went from last to first and defensive fielding percentage has struggled in this series fielder's choice at at4 on kolten

Wong and Louis gets it in the air shallow right field for Martinez the boat jokes between continues it is three dove nothing is certain and a disaster for the Cardinals in the first inning well you put Martinez in there for offense and right here that's his ball all the way and you can see he's got to come in and call that off I thought I saw him yelling Wang kept coming but that's a ball right there that the right fielder takes over all the way and then Gregory by Soto to get down the line not with you Jeff I thought Martinez was calling him off you could see him saying I got it I got it and then he's not think of Martinez yep yep and that's that's what's tough when you have two guys not playing with each other in those positions it's three nothing no base hit in the left heel young guns on the first pitch hit the scores

Kendrick right behind him Zimmerman five-nothing washington the first day still the skipper is on his way out to make a pitching change and I'm guessing Ron sometimes as a pitcher when things aren't going right you lose focus right here he just threw a fastball right down the middle you know it was a huge stage for a young starting pitcher and he just could not find his control here in the first inning and the postseason Jeff it can happen so fast and that ball is down the left-field line Oh soon as over can't get this is going to score two more on the first pitch Jay Turner with a 2 RBI single it is 7 to nothing Washington well he just gets a hanging curveball right here from Wainwright trying to throw just to get me over and you can see

Turner was ready for it thought izuta might have a chance if you came charged on this but he kind of laid it back and definitely played it conservatively yeah seven runs on six hits you.



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