New York Yankees vs Houston Astros Highlights - ALCS Game 5- 10/18/2019

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New York Yankees vs Houston Astros Highlights - ALCS Game 5- 10/18/2019

Yes presented by Geico on fs1 never-give-up lasted two and a third against Houston neither can Torres Springer is on to start tonight for Houston it's going to go down as a base hit that gets away from Sanchez and down to second is Springer see this doesn't help the narrative they came off of last night was not a good one it was a scan they three up chopped to the left side good baserunning bus three one four that'll put runners at the corners I'll pitch in the dirt and a bad start for

New York great start for Houston they're up 1 free to pitch that is driven in the air to left holding its second is Bradley - down into right-center Hix Astros lost game wanted home get the warmest gangster - basically judge that's down toward the corner judgment into third it stays in holding a double by torah das strikeout second and third one out game four-two-one Yankees in the first should in the and the first strikeout for stuck him out together the Yankees fans are working on their quads and hamstrings they've been up and down the button off the end of the bat into centerfield it's two on with two out

Barea will stop at second as Marisnick shared with the universe nugget alert breaking ball flooded to rights this guides it to the left side first hustle by Gardner he doesn't dispute the call to gray pops it up four strikeouts for the next round if not they've got so ready to go home almost bregman girl pops it up LeMahieu there's Bregman with a backhand - right centerfield left side then he will job home run a three-run shot last to start the inning here and the fourth second time he's reached to walk into lap dz4 garden stick him out again to death nice timing step back Wow is right he is really right there

I mean that's classic when a guy's struggling you don't need to do anything more you don't need to get free surgery this year it's up to the back for a set and breaks that string and her Shella was a nice fire total control want to pitch seven strengths for New York in their path that's a one I walk thanks him up here to go went to that pitch again established the fastball got the website Gregorius the shortens and that could lead to confusion as a strikeout starts boom got together put it to bed and to have a lot of respect for one who's only run of this game strikeout ends the fifth 12:4 Jurina sets it in the air that's what they hope plenty of time left fools that change up

Redick hits it into left there's a base hit in the left Astros want to end it tonight they're down by three and have one on one and seven PC Springer he was enabled for two of the walk that is hi to and the Yankees will take a look at that Brittany was coming for the back in December Ford's super 6 app for a chance to play along at home a strikeout of Sanchez that's three it and suit up with your team at the official source MLB ship and that's four consecutive god basket style starters recorded nine or more strikeouts alo for three now chops to third - the Astros all five and a half three of them breaking ball is hit high in the air the rights go to got him looking

Aroldis Chapman try to heat it up just a hundred Diaz trying to get on edge should be handled gartner hairspray hard kick her show up other than the first with a couple kind of snafus by thrilling game in the Bronx in the Yankees went at four to one they just can't take anymore that is something now three games to two and in the end at least for Game five right there he left the slide around the middle now Soto you.



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