NFL Rookies to reading in Week 7 | Highest-graded players |PFF 90 Club

NFL Rookies to reading in Week 7 | Highest-graded players |PFF 90 Club pff grades pff grades week 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 pff twitter pro football focus rankings 2019 pff 2019 rankings pff qb rankings pff meaning pff grades 2019

NFL Rookies to reading in Week 7 | Highest-graded players |PFF 90 Club

With western and southern preparing for your financial future can be easier than you think go to Western Southern calm for more information all right so let's go ahead and talk some rookie Matt chefs working mashups and we're all so rookies to watch and some upcoming games for the Sunday slate this is our draft special segment let's go and start with the Oakland Raiders going to Lambeau as five and a half point dogs to the Green Bay Packers the numerators I wanna start with this have two rookies that are performing pretty well right now I think that both of them among the entire 20 20 19 class have top 10 overall grades Josh Jacobs who has been very good on the ground still needs to get involved as a receiver and foster a row the LSU tight end has had some success with tight in production to a lot of its scheme but he's made some plays after the catch

I think he surprises people with his athleticism to rookies that are really like adding a ton for this team right now when the offense is kind of looking for playmakers Josh Jacobs guy who should have beginning they're gonna have big any one of these guys clean fair also on this list gonna have a big game for Oakland thanks Josh Jacobs because of the way the Packer is sort of they will give you favorable looks against the run like they are begging you they will play light boxes they will play these you know bare fronts which is three down linemen two outside linebackers and then one linebacker behind it so you have six guys in the box and then they say those six guys stop the run there so there will be a gap down you know there will be a gap that is you know technically open because they're asking guys to play multiple gas at the same time so there will be space to run Josh

Jacobs the guy who's just got out you make one man missing this Packers defense you get a big play usually against this against the Packers that's just how they're set up they want to stop the pass and so I think there'll be opportunities for him from what we seen from him I think they make most of my I think he's going to have a big game this week against me Ben alright let's go to talk Cleveland for a little bit I put him on this list not because he's not going to have a big game but I think going into this game he is one of the lowest ranked edged offenders in pass rush grade and pass first win rate I think there's only two that are worse he's going against David Bakhtiari and Bryan bulaga it's not going to if he's healthy he missed the last game but I'm laughing by I think he is healthy now he will be playing in this one it's not going to get better for him I'll tell you that he gets kicked inside it's on I think he gets stone walls against guards against Green Bay as well

I do not see him having success and this is a bad matchup for him but again it's another opportunity to talk about his body of work he was the second edge defender to take North overall pick forth like this dude this is the fourth overall pick and he is the louis pasteur new array man you know he's the wood he's the worst full-time starter in the NFL right now in terms to rush the passer like it's you drafted him okay it's just not a great straight thing Farrell a guy who - Suns gonna DME again he's in you know desperate need of of a bounce-back game and I just don't see it happen against grab a unfortunately let's go to the next game here Minnesota at Detroit which I think it's gonna be a very good game I really do like where Matthew Stafford is right now being away we just connect me begging don't talk about Rochon Gary a little bit who's also yeah go ahead to glutton Farrell he has six pressures on 61 pass rushing snaps and a fifty nine point eight grade didn't have a single precious past week against

Detroit he's just he's been saying he's been the same it's been a feeling that he does not have he's been hurt he's been trying to bull rush offensive tackles and he just doesn't have he's doesn't sink in to us but he doesn't sink then doesn't keep his feet churning it's just the techniques not there and how explosive has the size it's just not there right now I mean and that was a pick that we were like I would chase which is better right now yeah than him I think she's one who has been better than him as a rookie and he's played a lot more snaps so the fact they were Sean Gary isn't a similar both glue and Ferrell would just say we're not surprised yep let's go Minnesota at Detroit here Garret Bradbury who had a little bit of a bounce back I say we didn't give him a lot of do we do we didn't talk about in the last weeks no I didn't give up a single pressure that's so massive all the way back has given up single fresh to last two games so we were wrong five point to pass walking grade this past week her cousins had a ton of success

I'm not saying it's a you know a full 180 for him I still think there's some bad games ahead but this is at least you're seeing it I would say but this like is the matchup where it's like if things really have turned do it against Damon Harris you know do it against the best run stuffing nose tackle in the NFL if you've really turned the corner I'm scheduling it's a tough and it's a tough matchup for any center he still looks very good I mean you look at this past week he played very well in that game that they lost to Green Bay I think Dumont Harrison this gonna be a tough match of a karat Brad Bay those short arms are gonna come up okay big snacks is gonna be feasting I'm nervous I think Garrett Bradbury like you said has an opportunity to put his foot in the ground and Stonewall Damon Harrison really kind of announced himself as you know I've I've righted the ship I'm ready to be a legitimate player for this team

I'm a first-round Talent and if he does it against him on Harrison I think you have to be really excited ya know this is a good match for him all right talk to me about TJ Hawkinson he's going against a good very good linebacking core in Minnesota there's a good secondary that defense is I think a little bit underrated from a talent perspective TJ Hawkinson will have a gained a matchup for sure yeah TJ Hawkinson I mean his head since he had a heart 31 yards and week one it's only had 56 cents and and I just I think this goes back to the larger conversation I don't want to make it hard eval of Tok Anson who had a you know had an opportunity to fade last week against Adrian a most ball came out when he hit the ground I'm not gonna make any sweeping judgments from stuff like that but

I just think that tight ends drafting them top 10 the reason we don't get on board track and tight ends top 10s because they don't move the needle in a passing offense there's so few passing offenses that feature them enough to move the needle 187 yards through five games it's not moving the needle whereas you see guys like DK Metcalfe Marquis Brown guys who were drafted far later moving the needle a lot more I get that you know they have two wide receivers here yeah Terry Maclaurin like you I get that you have a couple wide receivers entrenched array there in Detroit needed the tight end but number eight overall like what he's adding compared to you know some tight ends you could have gotten later in the draft I just don't think the values ever gonna be there for a lot there's just so few tight ends that actually bring that value I just one touch on that conversation because after that week one game we're like oh you know we might have this monster year but it's just not quite been targets haven't been there for sure

I mean talking about we've talked about tight end evaluation overall in this podcast a few times I mean so much of the production is scheme and getting people into scheme getting them open and then doing things after the catch and padding there that's why you see a George Kittel and the Travis Kelce have so much success because they're legitimate athletes and they make plays after the catch George Caleb broke the record for PFF yards after catch from a tight end I think from all players even it's insane what you if you have a tight end that when you scheme open make some significant plays and stiff arms people in the dirt and gets yards of the catch it's a different story but if you get if you have players that audience them yeah exactly that's not good in a word not no two words not good as in one word Arizona at New York Giants I think there's some interesting prospects in this to to probably oh boy do you Roy favorites here

Oh would you say you're gonna ban in garter men she like that okay Ryan hi Marie I I get that gardeners like the hype I think I feel like Kyle Emery okay if he continues what he's doing now so let's talk a little bit about calamari over the past two weeks he's had fantastic games for a rookie quarterback he's really turned the corner these past two weeks playing a lot better I think he's got a feel for the system he's being a little bit more confident and running the football I was a higher-grade you're gonna go against their great sauce I'm not gonna get sour maybe I'm just a big fan of a mustache I don't know okay don't dive into my thumb yes your your google search history on the computer oh that's true I mean how can I go against um anyway Kyler Murray has played really well in the last two weeks has started to run the football through design runs and have success he looks speedy still putting ball very accurately down the field what you love to see calimary maybe there's a favor for oh right yeah and he's going he's got this nice little stretch here

Bengals D Falcons D Giants D or is just that's a nice 3ds right there that's pretty nice take them all down yeah alrighty then no but he I mean it's a very he's gonna I just expect him to go off again that's he's looks like he deserved to be there I'm went over all they're absolutely going to - Dexter Lawrence he's the highest graded rookie in football right now he was highlighted that honor in recent weeks and highlighted that and our articles on the site Dexter Lawrence playing very well we turned on the tape just before the podcast kind of get a big in addition to the production taste of what he's doing he looks quick off the snap yep can actually rush the passer push the pocket beating blocks quickly had a good game against Tampa Bay I really do think Dexter Lawrence is playing much better than his Clemson counterpart Christian Wilkins much better than Cleveland Ferrell who was drafted ahead of him as well I think Dexter Lawrence again maybe is a favorite for deer

I think Brian burns is playing well too yeah and he's got to by this way I blacked out Big Boss is playing black out of the week he not saying Nick Bose is playing at the level of like a veteran he's putting up Joey Bosa numbers at this point I think Nick Bosa is probably the favorite 40 Roy but Dexter Lorenz having a very good start to the year yeah and the thing I love is he's already played 238 snaps like so he's gonna be on pace for just a little quick mental math over six arms I think just that's well maybe beautiful play over six iron snaps is a good a that's good for a no sack like he's playing more then now I still would love for him to shed 20 to 25 pounds and play more like 700 800 diet start smart so so you are still playing well at that at that I think they listened to the podcast because I remember going into maybe week three week four we were saying hey he's only still only playing around 30 snaps game and draft him in the first round

17th overall this guy needs to play 50-plus snaps a game to really get that value in the two games in week 5 and week 6 over 50 snaps again yep over 50 snaps played an 80 3.0 overall great against Minnesota and 84.2 overall great against New England when you start to play him more and he starts getting you know having that kind of production I'm starting to get a look so the Dexter Lawrence conversation also goes back to when so in Dolphin trash drafted Christian Wilkins we were like we we had Lawrence hire on our board because Lawrence while they were like similarly productive in college Lawrence's 21 Wilkins is 23 like a guy huge manual yet guys doing it already as a true freshman and then as a true junior compared to a guy who flights which flips on its redshirt senior there's a big difference and that's why age matters I think you bring up aid and you say he's gonna be really young in the NFL

I think the reason age matters is because if you see a guy who's producing at a very high level at a young age specifically in the trenches you look at Marvin Wilson right now who's playing really well at a young age Dexter Lawrence and when he was at Clemson you really have to like that because that means as they mature physically literally physically mature you're talking about scratching the surface of even more potential even more production index for Lawrence getting older getting wiser more physically mature is dominating in the trenches right now and a black out Deroy favorite five micron or but obviously Nick boats are playing a little bit better but Dexter Lawrence you're getting a good ROI if those guys having this reduction on 50 plus snaps a game yo let's check a prospect we're gonna finish this podcast wait oh one more just want to talk about a guy with oh that's right you're right Texans going to be Colts Charles and many Hugh the

Texas edge defender he put some di there he's moved in moving around on that line of scrimmage he's doing the same kind of role with the Texans he's taking on a very good Colts offensive line Braden Smith second-year guy has played very well I don't think astons Oh Quentin Nelson that's a very good offensive line he should see some good matchups he's earned two high grade on a small sample size I think he's only rushed 97 times rush the passer 97 times but on those snaps he's got a high grade performing well around her yeah that's around her many Hugh well well above expert a little more we liked him we had a seven fifth overall player on our draft board because you went to the senior ball and looked a lot different than what we saw on tape in Texas because he did not grade well off during the regular season but had this I think second highest win rate of any one senior ball that your that week in the practice for the edge defenders there and one of the things was

I was Texas tape he's playing three four defensive ends so he's playing head up with the tackle with in a four-point stance we're like that you'll just never be asked to do that in any level of pro football like that just does not happen you're not there's not defenses that are playing and the Frog stands like that and so it's just anything he does at that point you're just like I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with this like it's not that's not conducive roasting the passer it's conducive to to gapping a tackle and being able to make plays against the running college but we don't really give a about that we want to see pass rushing production and we saw that from that senior bowl super long arms fairly good Bend and so ended up 75th on our board and we've seen him not been fintan incredible up the gate but he does have an 80 point one pass version grade like he has been winning been walking back opposing offensive line minute 65 to 80 with long arms and a little bit of

Bend that's a nice little combination they move them all around that front there for the text and so nice as looking like a very good pick there for a fifth round or doing well above expectations I've got two things off that one of them is confession and the other thing is a question first I played the frog stance in high school oh I played d-line and I had the four I had all hands down it was not good no one told me differently I was pretty good well you did just on your own exactly Oh and it was it was not great it was not right anyway um in the question I want to hear more about the senior role stuff I think you know it's small sample size you shouldn't put all this weight and senior role but I think you have a good take on this and that specifically for the trenches and and even the wide receiver position yeah when you you can get way more one-on-one opportunities at the Senior Bowl in those practices that are so heavily televised then you often can get during the season

I think that's where you see like a Charles men who look good in one-on-ones where you see other receivers look good in one-on-ones yeah so it is still a small sample even the most the most one-on-ones you're gonna get there pass rush verses you know pass protect some like 20 and you're not gonna get more than 20 same in the wide receiver drills but you're going up against the guy who's also gonna play in the NFL most likely more likely they're not going to play in the NFL so you're going up against the guy which I'm some for some of these guys they won't face one all year long you know this will be much different competition level for them than they faced all season long so you're going up against guys who all be playing the NFL and if you dominate if like you look differently there than you did on tape then well you usually go back and revisit tape why is it look different and when you have a legitimate excuse for someone like a menu or it's like dude

I don't know what the hell that stance is gonna be doing here I can be doing anything to that all of a sudden you're like you know maybe the guy we saw at senior ball is the real amending he'll not necessarily this guy who couldn't get after the pastor from a four-point stance well the real on many Hugh please stand up think he has been and you can stand up and say he's going up against a good line though so cold line that's why it's a nice matchup

I'm excited you want to get rid of me and get back to more great PFF TargetPo content I have to do is push that button right there and subscribe thanks for watching.



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