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Perfect Fits In PFF's 2020 Mock Draft | PFF

With western and southern preparing for your financial future can be easier than you think go to Western Southern calm for more information let's go ahead and kick things off here though it's gonna be perfect fits and mic runners latest mock draft for PFF comm I'm excited to dive into this one I edited myself writing wasn't great to start had to clean some things up but I mean it's okay it is more about the content effect folks more on the pits ya know but the content was fantastic grammar we didn't talk about that on a different podcast start with number one the number one overall pick which i think is a perfect fit for the cincinnati bengals who will hopefully be the andy dalton list cincinnati bengals they go for joe borough Joe above average Joe borough at number one overall that jugular

Joe or above average Joe whatever you want to call him I think the way he is trending by season's end he just looks like he's gonna be another one overall pick the way he's playing football right now there's no stopping him he goes up against the floor secondary talked about on the first pod this week and just looks like he's he's treating them like if Northwestern State secondary though he's going up against just finding guys left and right darts I would love to see him in that you know Zach Taylor system brought over your LeSean McCoy estimate what Zach Taylor brought to Cincinnati and they I mean they have weapons since night for him it can be executed I think with his quick release it would play very well there in Cincinnati so I don't think society ends up with an i 1 overall pick I think the you know the Dolphins when it's all said and done still hold will still be holding on to that title but I do love the fit of Joe burrow going to the Cincinnati Bengals if you know come draft day they're up there at the top the draft looking at him his draft card

I'd hand that one in we've been talking tank for two or a lot of the media who's been talking tank for two or for a long time hear me out on this bomb for borough mmm bomb for burrows sounds way better bomb for borough and I think with Joe burrow we've talked about it at length on the Tuesday podcast and on previous podcast he is very good on these NFL throws throwing down the field into tight windows he looks world's better than he did in 2018 I want to talk to you about what do you honestly think the chances are that this rocket ship above average Joe flies all the way up to number one overall takes over to uh and bomb for borough becomes legit and he used the number one overall I think there's a pretty good shot because it'll in the mock I have to is looking all the way to ten because I just don't think the NFL says hi on to as you know maybe the general public is just maybe like the stats will show the he's been very good we're not debating that still you know the top player and

I are bored as of now you know subject to change but he doesn't have NFL type arm he has not been enforced to make a lot of tight window throws down the field a lot of special throws only has you know was seven big-time throws all season long compared to I think sixteen for borough now is just not having to do as much for his yardage which I can't hate on there's like on one hand it's like yeah take the easy route if you're the quarterback you can hit your check down it goes for first downhill check down go for the first down but for an NFL you know evaluator that's not always realistic it's gonna be a lot more difficult for him as soon as steps on the NFL field so from that perspective I can see then fell being lower honor I will say this I think you're right in that the height maybe be too much on to maybe the NFL doesn't like him as much the tank for to a hash tag kind of taking over but

I think realistically if you were forecasting or mocking trades he doesn't fall to ten because I do think that quarterback position where it is lives right now in the NFL there are teams that come up to go get the you know Justin Herbert or two a day but you didn't forecast raising this one I think falling ten makes sense if you're staying put with draft order and one more interesting note unburrow his grade right now past great 93.5 highest we've ever seen through seven weeks tied tied with who was he tied with Austin tell us calimary no Baker Mayfield so tied with a guy who also a number one overall not also I can't say that Saburo hasn't gone yet but that I mean he's playing that level of football that is just beyond special beyond anything we've really seen before and he just has not had a bad game I mean we complain 79.6% your passes there's not a lot of bad games on your table next perfect fit on this one it's going to be Alex Leatherwood the Alabama left tackle going to the Cleveland Browns a

Browns team that is in desperate need of offensive line help in Leatherwood switching from right guard to left tackle has played very well to start the season and eighty seven point three pass block and great for him so far this year he's only allowed a few pressures there he is the part of a top ten pick should make sense the price he's really smooth in terms of past protection I might take him he's I'm gonna take him over worse than Thomas I meet Thomas and works our special freakish athletes that are so so physically dominant that I think it's gonna work out at some point in the NFL in other words not that level but his feet the way he uses hands is very high level NFL this tackle class is it's gonna be a legit I think you could see three guys leather would worse than Thomas when it's all said and done going in the top ten of this draft that's how good they are I'm not necessarily sure he's you know step on the field dominate from day one sort of ready but going to occlude and browns team who would desperately need help at you know from we see if them definitely needs help at tackle he would be a perfect

I think the most the most Pro ready pass protector of those three and talked about a time where the often the NFL needs some top ten worthy picks at offensive tackle there are so many teams now in the NFL that need offensive line help specifically at tackle I think this would be a huge class to go get one know get enough to tackle draft one in the top ten maybe leather words your guy and the interesting thing about this tackle Isis they're all juniors that's rare to see guys playing at this level and leather would only three pressures all season long only three hurries playing at that level as a true junior usually takes the guys why a while Andre Dillard was a redshirt senior coming out last year Dalton Reisner redshirt senior like the guys we end up liking the guys were great out highly do so in there you know Richard junior redshirt senior years this guy has already know just a true junior doing what he's doing so that you know when you're that young already getting job done is very impressive let's go your next perfect fit here we're gonna go to the

Denver Broncos John Elway just getting his guy this is John Elway to a tee Justin Harbor going to the Denver Broncos at number 13 I was gonna say this one's not necessarily the other one's a perfect fit in terms of like scheme and need and this one's perfect in terms of John Elway reading Justin Herbert's tape is probably just like salivating reading him he's probably just like that's me you know that's me 30 years ago reading this guy because he throws just a gorgeous football repeatedly and when he you know when he does take a chance on the football field he's usually act like it this isn't a Josh Allen where dude he's got a cannon but you don't know where it's always going you know where it's going like he's pretty accurate with the football but he's just the decision-making the knowing where to go with it is not there compared to other guys in this class and so I think he's you'd very much fit you know if John Doe was gonna fall in love with the drew Locke it's gonna fall in love with a

Paxton Lynch it's gonna fall in love with Justin Herbert so that's why they think that one's perfect fit staying on her word a little bit I think he's received some flack on this podcast we talked about in a bit we're not as high on him as maybe others are looking specifically at the numbers an 87 point Oh pass grade so far this year he's got 12 big-time throws those are our highly graded throws in PFF system 5 turn over the place not where you'd want to be like to see him cut that figure down only one interception I think that's where PFF greats can help you've seen those turnover Lee plays plays that should have been an interception or fumble that don't really get heavily scrutinized in the box score you know looking at those grades and looking at his production where do you again where do you need to see him improve and is it possible it's kind of reach that level and you say this the decision-making you like to see them be more of a gamer in the yeah that's that's probably the best word and be more of a gamer like he's just not a guy like to Sean

Watson had a lot of bad decisions in terms of a lot of turnover a plays in college but he found a way to win when it was crunch time he was you know making big-time throws he was taking chances good chances with the football down the football field Justin Herbert doesn't take those chances down the football field so you know he's one of those guys where it's a third and 10 he he sees his check down open he goes to his check down when it's like no you really can't do that that's not like that's still not going to get you a first down try to make that throw give your guy a chance he doesn't have that sort of creativity to do that down the throw making down the football field just has not been there over the course of his career and then he also does have a serious formal problem array 5 this year I think he had something like seven there nine last year seven year before that like fumbles have been an issue for him so fumbles mixed with decision-making he's dropping kid morose passed them on our board

Fromm's close to passing them you love the role tools but that was wrong I take you so far can you think about a quarterback in mine a comp I know this is a little bit on the spot but that has all the tools that has the ability to make any throw on the field throw so cheap b-ball but doesn't do it doesn't do when he should and doesn't take TV said Jeff George back from the day one overall pick way back one from Illinois I went to the Colts I didn't scout him obviously I was like six but but I think there are they're having quarterbacks who can you know physically put the ball where they want to just decision-making wise have not you know stuff let's go ahead and move forward here I another perfect fit on the PFF latest mock draft courtesy of Mike Rinder Henry drugs of Alabama the speedster going to the Oakland Raiders giving John Rudin probably Derek Carr now that he's playing well I don't think they do move on him before they go to Vegas a weapon and what a much-needed weapon right now

I think going against Green Bay this week Tyler Tyrell Williams is out there gonna be trotting out hunter Renfro and they've released Ryan grant it's hard to even know the receivers they got they're playing a ton of 12 personnel with Foster Murrow and Darren Waller because they honestly don't have the receiving talent to even do like Jong Un's kind of patented 11 personnel and things like that I think with Henry rug's going to Oakland I do think that makes it so no sense for them yeah I like Henry rugs I think it's very West Coast I perceiver and you know six foot 190 not gonna impress you with his physicality but very sudden incredibly fast great great ball skills fantastic after the catch that to me screams like a Jon Gruden type wide receiver so I think that's why I put him there and that's why I called this one of the perfect fits over the past two years on 64 catches here as 15 broken tackles like he's his and then his speed is just probably faster Steven comfortable so that's a good mix to half and with no way be there anymore out in

Oakland they've been desperately needing someone else at white out I think that makes it some sense Henry rugs like you said so sudden so fast I think he's a legitimate game changer you speak to a guy you have these physical receivers that can do a lot in contested catch situations but this is a guy that is a big play waiting to happen I think that's common verbiage in Scouting but I think that I think when he catches the football he's a broken tackle away from going to the house and you've seen that with his production the guys touchdown ray isn't insane he doesn't have a ton of receptions but has a ton of touch ends it's a high percentage for him this is one of my favorite fits in this mock draft when I was editing this I saw I think this one actually happens yeah I'm like could easily happen no matter where it is like I think this is going to happen Boise State edge defense who gets kicked inside to Tom he has a ton of versatility at that position Kurtis Weaver going to the Baltimore Ravens where I think his skill set his positional versatility is used to the maximum yeah this is like a he's like a

Pernod McPhee's the Darius Smith like you read those guys they're all the same vein in terms of they can play with power they use their hands extremely well they can their have the size to kick inside or play outside basically anywhere long line of scrimmage you want them that is Curtis Weaver two of t90 2.8 pass rushing great last season 2018 92.1 already this year already has 10 sacks on the season that's his third straight year with double-digit sacks for Boise State we're not over halfway through you know he's already up there so he could get to 20 feasibly by year's end he's just good the dude just wins a lot have his pass rushing win rights again over 30% after being over 30% last year like he is we should probably be talking more about him as a top prospect in this draft and if he does follow the Ravens like the need that they have they're at edge combined with who he is just seems like a perfect fit absolutely his pastures win rate and PFF system has it's been good from multiple years now he's a guy that can win with power like you said he's got verse you know multiple ways he can win as a pass rusher great production good size he's not like smaller edged feather that's getting it done in the group of five he's saying he's got good size and winning with that size great fit for the

Baltimore Ravens going to this next one here a perfect fit for the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jake Fromm I think this is an interesting one yet Kirk Cousins on a guaranteed deal and he's playing well right now he's coming off and what the best thing right now one game one he's coming off the best single game grade of his Minnesota Vikings tenure talking me about this fit why makes him well I think the reason is makes so much sense for Minnesota's one this roster is built to win now they have a championship window here for the next handful you know two or three years at least with how much talent is on that roster right now they have a championship window you have to maximize that but Kirk Cousins is only on the contract for more yeah like next year is his last running contract we saw from his tenure in Washington he is a Mersenne he has no he has no allegiance to a franchise if and they can't really franchise tag him at his number because then you the salary escalator with franchise tag he will be making something like

40 million dollars on one season with the franchise take so they can't really franchise saying so if he wants to leave he can just go and he will just be able to leave after next season and so you don't want to be stuck with a quarterback situation where you're basically behind the eight-ball then of Kirk Cousins leaves if you draft a guy like Jake Fromm where if you're picking in the mid 20s a lot of times you're not gonna be getting impact play out of rookie anyways but Jake from Season one C is not seasoned for one year on the bench comes within the year two and you still have that Championship window with the quarterback so I think that would be a sort of very forward-looking move and very prudent of the Minnesota Vikings to do something of that nature next season because you just don't know with Kirk Cousins and plus you don't know if he's gonna be good he's been he was trash for like four or five games Rey this year has the one big breakout game else I know Evans back on but very up-and-down career from him so far and we spent a little bit of time on the Tuesday podcast on Jake Fromm and talking about his skill set specifically but

I wanted to have a little bit more into now like what he is in this quarterback class you have bomb for Borough tank for to Justin Herbert gets mentioned a lot Jake from an afterthought but he has a 90 point Oh past and great so far this year eight big-time throws just to turnover worthy plays what are you seeing in him and what's that evaluation right now I think that big-time throw to turnover where they play things very indicative he is he's on the Alex Smith side of the spectrum in terms of doesn't take a lot of bad chance with the football not gonna throw a lot of pics but downfield he's just limited doesn't have a strong arm not particularly accurate with football when he is throwing down the football field but on the from 0 to 15 yards that range money he's gonna throw with Val he's gonna yeah and that does have value he's gonna throw with timing it's gonna be accurate not gonna make bad decision with the football going to you know gonna protect an offensive line that might not be the best no Minnesota that also has you know some value there because he's gonna get the ball out of his hands but after that like

I said he just sees a limited quarterback that's why he's still fourth on our board in terms of our quarterback rankings and why I think late when you know in the late in the first round would make a lot more sense for him then a top 10 sort of pick which interesting about this kind of quarterback discussion for this year's class is I don't think there's a Josh Allen there's not a super in accurate passer that's in the conversation for the first round I think all these guys some are more accurate than others but none of them are as inaccurate as maybe what Josh Allen was and what Lamar Jackson was I think that in and of itself makes us a very good quarterback class being able to bring in quarterbacks that you know are gonna be at least buff average from an actually standpoint at certain areas of the field Jake Fromm not the biggest arm like you said but I think that's interesting to see with this class because I think other classes it's been a key separator between he's very accurate with the football and this guy is not a little bit more sporadic now let's go ahead and go forward here we have two more perfect fits before we dive into what's on tap

T Higgins to the Green Bay Packers if you want a big receiver and I'm quoting you that tweet yes if you want a big receiver in this class t Higgins is your guy from Clemson and the thing about is I mean one we saw the Packers without Devon times past week and just what that looked like it was bad it was really bad those dropping balls left and right I think T hands one can separate better than a lot of big wide receivers and to his body controls ball skills are as good as gets in this class go back to his freshman year against the Citadel was one of the best catches I've ever seen his left handed one hand to catch I don't believe he's left-handed and he made that which is very difficult to do but also he is the best receiver in the country that I've seen on back shoulder fades he adjusts times them and I hit just all that him and Trevor Lawrence there live off back shoulder fades Aaron Rodgers hasn't been quite hasn't quite been their bread and butter as it was you know maybe in the early tooth 2010s but he still throws he still will give his receivers chances when he trusts them on that back shoulder fade him attea goons would be a perfect combination in that regard so that's why

I thought was perfect rushing through this one let's go last perfect fit we're gonna discuss from the mock draft Raekwon Davis to the New England Patriots they grab their big run defending defensive interior like they did with Malcolm Brown a few years ago this is a guy that makes a ton of sense for the Pats it follows similarly to what they've done in drafts and previously they love length very con Davis 67 gonna have something like 36 inch arms at 312 pounds they love guys who can do gap that's right Glen Davis to t it's all Alabama does pushing the pocket rushing the passer almost secondary that for them in New England and that's been secondary for Rick one day over seven course through his career only a seventy three point no pass rushing grade which he career - this year he's just his thing he's limited in that regard a rush so high his bull rush isn't as effective as a cobia clowns think he's that flexible but he seems like a pretty sure thing gets run like he just holds off in fly Manette

Bay guys can't get into him because he's so damn big so I think that would be that's just what they look for in defensive lineman there a Quinn Davis getting sure things against Iran in the back end of the first round two with Raekwon Davis maybe maybe you go another way maybe we would disagree with value but it looks like that that's a player that starts for your team I know yeah for sure well that's going to do it for perfect fits and PFF salinas mock draft courtesy of mike Renner make sure to tune in as we continue to do more mock drafts and discuss this draft class moving forward you want to get rid of me and get back to more great PFF TargetPo content I have to do is push that button right there and subscribe thanks for reading.



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