Saints vs. Bears Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

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Saints vs. Bears Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

More and more in this New Orleans offense here today with all the interest a hand and a putt is blocked by the Saints and it is covered up and kicked through the back of the end zone but this is a great unit they pitch it to Murray on Clara down in the yard and he did not get there he split out wide he will be treated as a wide receiver for this Keith Byars to Patterson so on third down good protection for this game and he just missed a wide-open Taylor Gabriel nearly midway through this opening quarter and Bridgewater to throw it on first down and just over the outstretched arm will get the ball out just play a fill position game flirted and forever they set up the screen to sack to the line he said he said he starts sweating shaking his hand of course you followed up is that a football that's list there was a play already play down well

I believe Sean Payton's got challenges call he is spreading towards the official after reviewing the play prior to the runner being down by contact the ball was loose and fumbled and weekly recovery by the defense at two weeks to try to digest that Bridgewater to Thomas cuts it back to the inside against fuller flurry down and goal Bridgewater to Hill and it's a touchdown for the Saints Josh Hill filling in for Jared Cook they take advantage of the takeaway set up by vine Bell to move the football and win games and and they've been able to find ways to do it it's got has been here today where Darryl Patterson with some Running Room and look out the big fellas across the 50 he's inside the 30 breaks a tackle to the 10 Patterson goes the distance 102 yards to be the head coach and coordinate this offense to try to get some return on that investment Robinson sits down makes a reception st. sit foot we begin the second quarter on a second down in ten for this he had to get rid of it quickly that's

Alan Robinson still on his feet Lincoln to Montgomery and now for this ski has dropped all the way back to the 34 yard line and who else the boy time Pro Bowler need to get to the 14 yard line to convert from this Keene lets it fly can't hang on how to Denver week to the game-winner there is lead points a pretty good football I think you play when you can play I tease right put it down Bridgewater rolling and is on his feed and depending on a spot he is very close to a first date needs first down at the 38-yard line Bridgewater down the middle threads a needle - who else goes up against some phenomenal Packer and is played outstanding and again it is Michael Thomas and again ramjet just enough to blitz coming Bridgewater missed on wide open receivers if thirty five in a row inside of fifty yards and tack on another one right down the middle third down from this key lost out the dinner one another okay

Harris standing back inside his own 20 that looked like it may have been blocked and there is a penalty flag down they're getting a lot of guys out there Deonte Harris up here at the top he's getting some Madison on the field he's a dynamic guy they get to marie who delivered a great block giving bringe water just enough sun ice reading a nice throw by Bridgewater blitz coming on third down and it's Thomas 36 in a row from inside 50 it's meant for lugs this one from 42 and he pushed it wide right just able to get nothing going we have five rushes for 11 yards and this is doable what a read there by the lookee CJ Gardner Larry down five man whoosh looking for again he doesn't get open and here goes Bridgewater now there was a controversial spot that was challenged I was able to pick it up with his legs first down Murray again and that's his best one of the afternoon they keep pushing him forward last year he went in backing up doubt and cooked in

Minnesota and wild up there started looking for again wide open and ghin inside the 5-yard line his first catch of the afternoon the end zone does he get Berenson touchdown for the Tavia slurry and what an opening drive to begin the second half states march down the field for a touchdown drive and now David Montgomery on first down and the ball loose Saints say they have the football and it is a Jake slide at the bottom of the pile coming away with the football left in a fumble pump fake and Down Goes Bridgewater and think that Sean Payton would just call something to make this a little easier field goal attempt wall st. powdered and batted down by rope wand snip Sylvia 52-yard field goal attempt by and Lutz he's hit from 58 this and it's Joyce bears one of seven overall on third down and four this key is very back of the 37 yard line Jordan his second sack of the game for the war Kim in to the lineup look at this call they hand it to line who pitches to

Hill and he is inside the 35 yard line Oh than when they've had an opportunity to come away with other points and happen Bridgewater finds Thomas that'll be a first half and I think Sean Payton and company have done a good job coaching what he does well and he's into the endzone for a touchdown I know we have a long way to go until you brought it up very early in this game look into the rod along third downs and long second down for this quieran and out down the middle of the field severely under thrown paired throughout the week and I think Shawn does his good a job as anybody flirt it down in Bridgewater will drop it off to Hill who has a touchdown in the game and now a big gainer another first out a luxury for Drew Brees to be able to get healed missed that amount of time and step right back into a great situation but atheist

Murray left alone and he has a first-half to extend the lead no guarantees with what we've seen in that department well they've been playing like it their last four games they have held opponents to their lowest offensive outputs of the season total yards to define defenses and where they rank is a little misleading why they've even played well in that ball game but he is short of the first day shagging Bardeen was here head coach back then Gary Huff started nine games at quarterback for that team and at ABARES turn it over on downs and they are running for the edges down Ridge water under pressure whoops OH catch by Thomas and are they saying he's down they are I think if if BRE says he's healthy the doctors say he's healthy luring in the end zone and the offense has performed and you know this would be a big task for him as a head coach it's one of the best plays offensive since man goes down a gold for the steam to the enzyme and connects with

Alan Robinson for a touchdown a lot of talking going on down here into the corner and they convert to Shaheen extra week to prepare had a lot of motivation after way that they got beat the kick did not travel see very much of you don't see onside kicks anymore because of the new rules Michael Thomas comes up he tried instead of just letting it go he here for one week I'd get to hang out with now my Ferrara's may be on the road what heroics of Drew Brees can they keep their edge when he comes back lettuce notes are going to look a lot better.



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