Stephen Curry and D'Angelo Russell CRAZY New Splash Brothers Highlights vs Lakers! Lakers vs Warriors

Stephen Curry and D'Angelo Russell CRAZY New Splash Brothers Highlights vs Lakers! Lakers vs Warriors

But they only have nine bodies to them so he's just getting the chance to play this match some 30 virgins antenna Coupland you're gonna hear that bacon got the foul a little lesson from master Steph Curry now we're gonna have Jim Barnett join us for the Phoenix game okay and the book of our net that says that leapers like to leave it is amazing finish last year really looking forward to having him back yeah that would be great

I mean to get him such a good pass or such a great ball handler smooth he's got a great vision I mean he sees it before the play develops just to change it up Steve who's C was really good at that I mean just really good it's figuring that part out I mean you know and just the Angela Russell running with frikken it's the Brawn Jane know how right travel yes no one ever slows down bounces off his body so it negates a sidestep curry knocks down the

Noda caldwell-pope is stop hitting threes dream on behind the envelope here no Steph may still shoot that it was regular season so he's got some audacity tool right he's right there he was it bounce draymond got like he's smile I needed that highlight now there's three pink Chris barely in his hands and drop in the three and curry when in doubt find that guy hold down give it up Chris found him

Jared Dudley just not close enough that is Steph Curry and his jumper is water that's well executor I was thinking about just scorable school a little bit of everything so you've set the screen there with that big body really explosive too you look at cake hockey's like dream on look rejuvenated

Tilo in and out of passport below it is a class in here to get the stretch meter here we go stream in the lakers deflected angelo DLO in a foot race in Atlanta right at the 10-minute mark grandma off to the races again Russell stop for the three now he's having some fun defense creates often 28 for D'Angelo Russell 6 made threes it is alright so deal Oh steal and layup dream on steal and a deal

Oh 3 and this would be great if this was regular-season dress rehearse without some active hands on defense bids or rewards himself and then drain Hungary get the deflection stop pop water then Express with the Lakers in the preseason babies point play about step 25-point night with a free-throw coming right across the shooting hand in the gods act will step back get separation Alan's going oh no this guy can really shoot

I gotta get out there and he just came across him Steph make sure he cut that one roll over then came out about one two three chance for four maybe lead rebound marquees crystal gems out of sister after an offensive rebound it's a great time to shoot threes 40 against Minnesota 32 against the Lakers.



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