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Top Waiver adds heading into Week 8 | PFF

Combining the best of daily fantasy and survivor pools stat hero is the next chapter in fantasy sports no we're competing with the Sharks or experts ever because your only competition is stat hero itself the face of DFS has changed finally a game designed for the rest of us hey what's going on Jeff rackleff here we've reached week eight fantasy football that means more than half of the fantasy regular season is in the rearview mirror but of course we still have to keep working that waiver wire we can never be content churn the bench get high up side guys in there like one of the guys who

I'm gonna mention in a minute so let's dive into the top waiver ads for the week here and a quarterback hey I know it stinks if you lost Patrick mahomes but the good news is if you're in a league that starts one quarterback your waiver wire probably has plenty of options and it's very likely Kirk Cousins is out there now over the last three weeks he's been very good but you hear the apprehension of my voice because those first two games were against bad defenses so sometimes guys will go out they'll produce as a result of those matchups you know going up up against the

Giants going up against the Eagles they've given up a bunch of points to opposing passing games but generally speaking the Lions have been pretty good against opposing passing games and Kirk Cousins did it anyway and he did it even without Adam Phelan who was banged up early in that contest so it looks like we've turned a corner with this Minnesota passing game over the last three weeks only deshaun Watson has more fantasy points than Kirk Cousins he's putting up big-time numbers and it looks like that is going to continue going forward now

I don't expect him to be an elite fantasy option so don't get me wrong there but is he a guy who we can start week in and week out and expect back end quarterback one production out of he certainly is not to mention the fact that he gets another good matchup this week so Kirk Cousins if you lost Patrick mahomes you could do a whole lot worse than cousins moving over to running back well that's the guy I alluded to earlier chase

Edmunds if you picked him up a couple weeks ago you probably got him for peanuts and boy did he explode this past week David Johnson a big-time surprise only playing three snaps Edwin's goes out was the number one fantasy running back for the week and this wasn't a fluke we've already seen Edmunds put up some big numbers in you know essentially a committee situation where he's on the the smaller side of the committee with David Johnson the genies out of the bottle at this point though so even if David Johnson is fully healthy I think we are gonna be able to use Edmunds as a flex option going forward and of course he has the upside to potentially

Wally PIPP David Johnson and take over the lead role now of course the chances of that happening probably pretty slim but in the same right you know at the same time this guy is so electric that there is fantasy production to be had here and he could be one of those league winning ads you know we make those ads every single year where there's a guy who at one point we don't really believe in him but all of a sudden you look back at the end of the season you're like wow that was the difference-maker that guy could very well be chase

Edmunds he's the number one ad on the board if he was not picked up he absolutely has to be owned across every single fantasy format after this week moving over to wide receiver we see injuries yet again creating opportunities and I'm looking to the Houston Texans in particular will Fuller has not been the healthiest receiver in his pro career and yet again suffering an injury here that is going to cost him significant time has a hamstring injury the good news for the Texas though is they made a crucial trade earlier in the year acquiring Kenny Stills me Kenny Stills has shown consistently that he has upside he was doing that even with the

Dolphins with you know essentially nobody throwing him the football he was still showing some upside there and he showed it last week as well two receptions of over 40 yards he's not will fuller exactly but does Kenny Stills have top-30 upside if not better in wil Fuller's role in that offense he absolutely does of course Kiki QT will be more of a full-time guy now as well but stills is by far the preferred option there and of course

I have to just mention it that Mohamed Sanu going to the Patriots does now make him a desirable ad but I still would add stills above Sinuhe because he has a higher fantasy ceiling and who knows how long will fuller is going to be out all right let's go over to tight end tight end stinks it really does Jimmy Graham is my top ad this week and it isn't sexy be honest with you but he's coming off a strong game he has had a couple of them this season he's also had a couple clunkers but that is tight end in 2019 fantasy football but why

I'm saying we add him is you know he is number 12 and fantasy scoring at the position over the course of the season and really you know Aaron Rodgers coming off of that brilliant performance there you'll like the direction the entire passing game is trending so if you are hurting a tight end well you aren't alone in that but you can add Jimmy Graham and I think you're gonna get a decent enough floor with obviously some touchdown upside there with Jimmy

Graham now I realize some of these guys or maybe all four of them are already owned in your league that's fine we have you covered over at PFF comm every Tuesday we released my waiver wire recommendations and this week we have almost 50 recommendations including five defenses that you can stream this week if you want to stream defense that is the way to go got you covered with five options so you could potentially add give you some big-time upside at the team defense position along with that you get projections and rankings and all kinds of stats advanced analysis all kinds of football goodness and of course that's over a PFF calm thanks for watching the

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