Warriors vs Lakers BEST Highlights And Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason!

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Warriors vs Lakers BEST Highlights And Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason!

On the Brooklyn fence mass broken up recovered by Rondo adjust come on here's green this time rather than a hip two three Davis is right there there's that height difference you were talking about Dean here offensive rebound opportunity here using that size and strength and finish chemistry is already on point Davis off of the first stuff seven-point lead the

Lakers Davis gonna draw the foul dream on no I would call somebody since this jest you just passed the guy made a shot that was a little better than ever oh yeah that is my play-by-play taken away by Stockton here he goes all the way blocked that's a good defensive play he picks up the loose ball and tries to lay it up but these guys just they're so athletic Jacob Evans stepping back Lakers nursing a double-digit lead Norville [Applause] oh that's not fair stop - oh no we just lost balance and glued to the floor and to make worse is the 321 for two to four minutes to go in the quarter reporter by

Glenn Robinson Casey Dwight house right Howard look at this rebound by step just get the badly great job flex the little fish dish or curry the seventh pick back 9 2009 fine shooters on the floor he's a bright spot early on this season for them preseason pass by James and the Slam by Davis Larry Bird ability this guy is top 10 all-time they climb into cha when it's all set and then he's gonna be top five all-time his body of work is ability to see the floor come on Scottie and Mike there's some great ones Byrd and several other guys right yeah what a slam

Kobe and Shaq initiate the offense quite a few times this year look out be loved catch and fired think about five oh my goodness the Warriors did the right thing don't challenge that one you're not in position get out of the way be a Clippers home game and the Lakers will play their next three and official home games against Utah Charlotte and Memphis James had transaction with a spin on Lee and the finish defense printing back when he sees a wall did you give him any lien on any gap his arrest before the disaster good night the ability to rebound and initiate the offense and make a play

James over the head with the green pays it off from three-point range only one guy that's been LeBron James what a spectacular play that's a small forward playing the point guard position Devon take a before your college player able to lay that up and in and just call that the LOB business take off spine terior Poole tries to draw the charge and Falls and then Zach hears the whistle Justin with the right to the three-point opportunity that's a very nice listen to me lady that's the second time he's put pool on the floor the casket rods are 30,000 for point opportunity maybe hit him on the arm to build a nice look comes off goes up him right there basket counts put him on the line era stream in the

Lakers deflected Angelo deal on a footrace [Applause] grandma get away off to the races again Russell stop for the three now he's having some fun defense creates offense the three and this would be great if this was regular-season dress rehearse without some active hands out these pin rewards himself and then drain cotton Greek at the deflection stop pop water.



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