10-Year-Old Amazing Has INSANE Basketball Handles

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10-Year-Old Amazing Has INSANE Basketball Handles

I think I'm probably one of the best I gotta be honest like I'm not trying to be cocky or anything sometimes I do get frustrated what his skill sets extreme he's thinking about stuff as if he was a college player a pro he's very mature for his age he's just a Hooper but we don't want to turn it into or becomes a job or where he just stops loving it he's only ten skill set wise he's elite like if you put him and with a lot of pros they can't do a lot of the things that he can do basketball is a sport selected out for height so he has to do a lot of different things to close that height gap we're working on a jump shot specifically all year we're gonna make okay but when we miss we're looking at how we miss hold it better people can't guard him cuz his handles are good they start doing this I'm trying to jam him put their hands on him so he has to be able to not like shy away and instead be physical and attack these gaps he's gotten a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger and we want to get him ready to be able to play like 12 or 13 you towards working a lot of his shooting keeping his flow as far as

I can being able to do a lot of the same movements that he already does but comfortably so it's not like he's having to think about anything we were in a gym we always get there kind of early so this guy walked up to a mic call his dad and then started training we were going to practice he would jump into a call and he always took really good care of calling went for twice a week for about a year today is gonna be lights that we're gonna dynamic warmup first we're gonna do some files and some jumps we're gonna do some light footwork stuff with a ladder and then I'm a condition I'm a little bit with some Sprint's just a gas and now being on the concrete or on the hardwood a lot of times a lot of impact on his joints and they're still growing so we want to try to mix it up we tried to limit a lot of the resistance but no weights he can get all his strength literally from just various movements especially in the sand he has to work on his recovery he has to get his feet out the sand he can't get as much traction to take off he's really good at this type of stuff like athleticism stuff he's small

So it's about building up more endurance and building up a little more strength this stuff gives him confidence too when he goes on the court that's one of the most athletic sportsmen a very reactive sport he has to be able to go from jumping sliding back pedaling into a sprint into a jump into things like that this is kind of hard cuz you got someone pulling you well you got to be strong can't just give up when he works out he looks so much mature and he's thinking about stuff like if he was a college player or pro you killed it as always right but is most importantly the most important thing is always gonna be our body language right our heart and I love for the game so home-cooked clothes and read just like simple handles even though it's like super easy for me the best thing we've seen in the articles is his footwork and his attention to detail basketballs just love so hard himself we are competitive but we know it's a long shot of just shooting and shooting that she didn't get better like a coach cliff told me just I need to work on my shot this year especially as I'm playing order case

I didn't have to work I don't care how many hours I put in whatever I only have 30 minutes I had to put all my heart into that 30 minutes to make it count cuz if it doesn't count there's no point in even training he's one of my favorite shoes and these Kevin Durant's but you're really cool cuz of you I be else too I went to all-american in high school and I got I got this balls ironic everyone this year we got a phone call from Ford to put in two proposals call and design one is I designed one and we've got four choose who is better out of probably fifteen hundred Mustang proposals they chose five and uh we got one of you we were one of them we worked with Honda Hyundai Ford and Chevy so this year we decided to put in a proposal for two cars one is a hyundai ioniq we ended up coming up with a cool design and implementing Collins logo and and also his basketball number this takes about maybe two to three weeks Oh conceptual design going back and forth between the two of us like I think he's got pretty good taste so I'm not

I'm not too afraid to step outside the box so look these will be bolted to the side and then look like that cool and then this in an after week a bolt in there but we're working on our seam of cars so we got to design two cars this year well actually Colin got the design two cars this year we did a ioniq for Hyundai and a 2019 Mustang for Ford this car here we both kind of help each other with the car with the design the best part is seeing your vision from a piece of paper come to reality it's a full wrap by a company called daily visual on a corona on the front fenders you'll see Colin CT logo I added this stripe down the middle to add some orange to make it pop more I think it looks a lot more brighter and more colorful thank you sir a lot of kids play a lot of basketball we try not to burn them out kids get to maybe 13 14 and they either completely quit or just burns it out and that's always been our fear because he started so young that I got really frustrated it's like I'm gonna take a little break from basketball and I just took a little break for like a month but now

I'm back at basketball training people keep working and stuff so that we give up no matter what I don't call him you might be able to build cars and play basketball and make a really good living doing what you love I've never missed one of his games I'm in every practice we have a special bond we get a lot of teams and messages about him being an inspiration for other kids when he's Asian which you don't see a lot of it just is what it is he's young and then it's work I think so for us it's like not only for him to get better but it's ghost cliff said show other people what's attainable if you put in the hard work I don't compare myself to anyone I just try to be the better I could be I'm very confident because I know I'm a hard worker and no matter what I'll keep working and I feel really confident myself.



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