2019 Nasty Pitches | MLB Highlights #1

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2019 Nasty Pitches | MLB Highlights #1

Nice response to his last outing yeah last - yeah he gets him swinging then for the first time this series got that slider really workin for no-hit innings for the kid and no score after for tater ready with a 1 2 pitch and ass back out his second of the night hangs in there pretty well against most South balls and then there's that guy and then we Josh hater there it is up in his own good luck with that 96 top of the strike zone and that is an awfully difficult pitch to Center on and the payoff pitch he got another off-speed pitch and Smith swings through it for the second out a nasty breaking ball we talked about his ability here this year flipping it in there about 40% of the time that's why his pitches all in the strike zone and then it's not some serious tight spin to finish on that breaking ball messages aid and he's going to try and answer every one of them strike three first K for Archer who's that slider

Archer this one doesn't go on the whiff but just as good and there's a cut cements two-up and two-down disappeared on mountains see the bottom dropped out you know that's the one thing we've seen from Torinos the split usage has gone up slider a little bit down and why not throw this pitch more come along that's in the zone and he still can't reach it one of a select opponent who's done that but here he's down on three pitches as he gets caught looking on the slider and VSS back-to-back strikeouts to start the night well there's that signature pitch right there he had a fastball fastball and then used the signature pitch and as he said it comes easy to him he throws it like he's filling a fastball just that little change of grip makes that late cut and it's still coming in there at 90 plus miles an hour we're falling back in there's some old old habits right here right there they just blew him away there's the 97 we talked about that sin Weaver's back pocket if and when he wants it if you get him to swing through a 93 mile an hour fastball and then Jack it up to 96 or 97 there's very little chance he's gonna catch up to that one and do to struck him out that late break there from

Andrew Miller that was sharp nothing Yelich could do with it where this is filthy right here this was the Andrew Miller what we saw on Spring Training a big breaking ball the 2-2 but flows out of his hand they can slider maybe you could think and slider that just locked him up in her half hard and down on that nasty slider strikeout number five that's filled I think the best pitch of the night from Patrick Korbin right here read this thing oh my goodness sliders not supposed to slide at this altitude but Patrick Korbin throws his so hard and he gets him it's a great pitch right there the boy the combination of those two as you point out be a make if they get impossible for hitters well he's got a great arm speed on that squid look how it tumbles right to the bottom of the zone how about the adjustment name-o two big shift on here this caocao swing and a Miss Mac serves her fifth strikeout he's at 84 for the season and not to mention a strike guys out like that two in a row and four for the game the way you win today's style of baseball obviously you gotta have some stop any rotation to be able to live in contact but this is where it becomes more important in the postseason and with

Verlander and Cole on the front end the rotation you always like the chances of the Astros but I would also think the chances of adding another starting pitcher for the Astros and here it is swinging Animus three pulls a string Aguilera's strikeout victim number three great location down away see Aguilar mess up I have fun Oh Matt's completely befuddled prodded with the curveball and he has his fifth strikeout of the day well I don't know would Prato happened to him here never see Prado look like that completely full Wow seven strikeouts for Nolan well obviously that's not the case today so let's keep that going yeah and that ball feels something to June you stayed at home played at Coors Field and it seems like that the fair lines just go out behind behind you hiding it's so that is nasty that is filthy he does have it going today that's a pretty slaughter that starts at the hitter and breaks over on the inside quarter Brad peacock second strikeout of the inning he's retired the first six god I'm looking at a breaking ball oh man he was looking for anything but that pitch I believe and Semyon will head back to the dugout one down well take a look at it under Nissan pics tracker when you're looking for that slider down in a way and then all of a sudden he drops one in there you don't expect to see it where he located it kind of backed up a little yeah it did and you're looking for it more away when he sees that pitch it's almost takes him wait what is that

Thanks it strikes out so not it with a good start strikes out the first Diamondback he faces tonight oh I think Chris Patek left a ticket for the Vulcan tonight in a tent oh yeah there it is great depth to it and Dyson leading off walking back to the dugout that's a good sign for Chris Patek well you could do that too a good hitter that is amazing belt chased it didn't get it first strikeout for Mike for up for now to start the night the o2 pitch swung on and missed strike three good hard slider down and in and Adam Eaton down on strikes and even with that Eaton is 10 for 20 against Zack wheeler so two up two down first strikeout for Zack Anthony Rendon coming up the home plate umpire tonight is Mike Estabrook one two good looking pitch he caught him reading the breaking ball strikes out three in the inning after walking Garcia to lead it off five strikeouts through two innings for Dodger left-hander Clayton Kershaw way out in front of a breaking ball and Zacks going to strike out he went eat this on him and he got him on a 69 mile-per-hour been there nice that is wise that greatly miss Soto he can go to his kitchen sink and pull out an eephus at 69 miles per hour we saw a range of fast balls and changeup anywhere from 87 to 91 in that event swing and a

Miss Crawford strikes out to start the sixth inning eight punch outs now for Lenny do a nice job good location here is cutter has been filthy tonight and the velocity on it has been really firm there's a good look and lancelin has that ability to manipulate this pitch where he can keep it small and you get that really tight break and it's only a couple of miles an hour off swing and a Miss Oh to slider that's similar to the one that struck out Adam Jones with a third out in the first inning and that was Kevin Crone strikeout number two you know I always wonder what hitters are thinking when they faced me guys like Max and there's strike three good a hard slider to down the answers no no I've never seen a pitcher be in the bottom two or three in futility in the entire major leagues and then come this year and be in the top two or three that's a good hard slider buried nice stop and a wave and a Miss he gets it right there he got rid he fo to chase this is the first step and there it is the curveball starts it away and that ball actually bounces in front of the plate swing-and-a-miss a hundred miles an hour hundo Gerrit Cole picks up his second strikeout of the inning and hits triple digits to end the first ring and a

Miss and a bulk diving down and away Strasburg four strikeouts and he has had three of those in the last five hitters nice son pitch cast see that's that that's that change it that's it has a change that's a beautiful pitch right there to to Paxton at 94 miles an hour so that's his seventh strikeout let's toss it down to Garrett ob assistant hitting coach Andy Barr Ken who's also the fill-in third-base coaches the unofficial team DJ and he carries around a little speaker with him well during spring training a couple of the guys said you know what were the world champions we need a bigger speaker Burkett went back to his Walker a few days later it was a huge box with a new speaker in it now he didn't know who sent it but a couple days later Chris Sale popped into the cage and said hey God I'm swinging with a nice look at curveball for the first out of the fifth speed him up slowed him down mostly speed him up for Walker Buehler here he goes with the curveball 12 to 6 you see that rotation almost going straight down 1 2 coming curve ball struck him out two men down it's not the umpires fault that's the good stuff Lugo curve will set up by the fast balls gear well he did couple right back to it and to the frustration of Calhoun

I mean three straight pitches safe pitch same spot same swing you very rarely see that feels good out there he's competing man and he's blew it by Mathis seven strikeouts now for Clevenger big game recap brought to you by your local Toyota dealers and it was a two-out RBI double in the third by shin-soo Choo that got the Rangers on the board and then with two outs.



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