2019 Nasty Pitches | MLB Highlights #2

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2019 Nasty Pitches | MLB Highlights #2

2015 and he goes down via the change-up so a couple of fast balls to get ahead and then changeup changeup changeup until Casteel gets his first strikeout of the evening essentially a fastball so IMS breaking ball that's a striking because that well I think what you're talking about dick and I totally understand the concept is in order for a curveball you have to snap the ball to get the spin rate right take a look at this last pitch and briault sees again see how he's got that fingers wrapped around the ball a little bit the balls just like you were talking about walk kind of pops up a little and it starts spinning really fast yes he did chased a breaking ball down and away one down strum has got a wipeout slider and he located that one in a perfect spot with two strikes it comes out of his hand he throws it with a tight spin you can see there's that bread bath that everybody talks about when you're hitting hitters will see the red not on the other side of that baseball but you could see it from strohman perspective but he's going to different quadrants tight slider the Crockford can't lay off of to god speed him up slow him down convince him what you're going to get him out with and then go to the opposite and here's the opposite from the way he set him up heaters up and in heaters up and then finish him with a tutu and his first strikeout

Dilek sees punches out Jacoby Jones the first of many he went back to what is his comfort pitch and that's the hook good quick rotation it identifies to the eye as a fastball then drops out of the zone see ya the I catch backs tonight call third strike swinging third strike called third strike and it's immaculate to begin the night you know one thing you see about Sonny gray is that he'll change the tilt on his breaking pitches a lot sometimes he'll go straight down he gets his fingers on top sometimes it's more on the side like he does right here either way he's got great spin on those pitches and on a breaking pitch sinker for strikeout number one yeah he's in a good spot he's got Turner chasing in off the plate that's absolutely what you want to see struck him out looking oh whoa fastball at the knees 97 miles an hour and that's the fifth strikeout of the night for Mike Leavitt well he's made some very good pitches but then fastball tonight and breaking ball look at the location you're talking about he's that's a tracer right there that thing was like gonna stealth you couldn't even see it it stayed right there on that plane at the knees 10 pitch at-bat and capped off by a strikeout second by Castillo more pitches and he threw in the entire first inning that looked like he finally polished him off with that was a changeup

I thought it was a slider from up here and you know when you get two strikes on you you've got a one out of two chances you're gonna get a changeup from Castillo but even if he tells you it's coming there's no guarantee you're gonna hit it hard the slider strikes out Beckham it's a nice pitch right here I think this in my opinion was the only pitch to throw right there maybe even the 2-2 pitch he's got such a nice slider comes out looking like a fastball and it's tough for the right-handers to layoff but especially him I do not want to see him tie up the game right there you has one that he likes deals to - it's approved to get him swinging a curveball that eventually got there talk about a big slow curve and strike three call that's what he's after well he needed a strike there you couldn't afford a chase by Sanchez because he had taken all the sliders off the plate read where it starts he starts at head and it ends up that the middle of the plate that's why that pitch it's all about where you started so that's the first out here in the sixth went upstairs and got him a second strikeout for Woodruff out here in the second that's twice now that Woodruff has gone up in the strike zone to Eaton and now to Soto just strike him out he's got ton of movement and we know he's throwing

99 a hundred miles an hour gets in the waves at the breaking diction until the first to complete the strikeout didn't go yes he did says Chloe blazer down to third Anderson said the three two got him swinging both Courtney asked as soon as he swung and missed he turned right over to the umpire and asked was that a ball he said yes and that's where his frustration was a good eye all at bat long laying off the fastball up in the zone but once he had two strikes he couldn't help himself ninety-eight swing a Miss that's an emotion about bat they're hard to control the heart beat impossible to hit breaking pitch Steiger rights we Paul friend own halfway to first as Pollock goes down swinging for out number two yeah good one right there to me it's set up by the pitch before it's real change up on the pitch before something to kind of get them off that fastball slider look and then you come back with that pitch right there blast now strikes out out burns with the bases loaded who's going to score first foreigners fresh out the window out two away just a filthy curveball we've talked about glass notes curveball Justin Verlander's says I'll match you that curveball all the sliders hi fast balls and then you just able to drop that in with two strikes just so many weapons for

Justin Verlander fighting cancer like only he knows how and doing a great job and we always appreciate those connections with Bob Gibson the Cardinals in the World Series at eight Lisa great side for Paxton to go to a 3-2 breaking ball to lead off his first batter he faces in the postseason the reason that's a great sign because that means his emotions are in check and his heart's not racing to throw that kind of pitch early on you've got to be able to just be relaxed to see the spike breaking ball in relief of Ervin Santana who started the game did he hold up he did not LeMay he was a strikeout victim so there's the breaking ball I was talking about he can throw it and break it so far across the plate that if he's hitting with his fastball it's gonna be almost impossible for these Yankee hitters to lay off of it and Kurt Suzuki goes down swingin but the Nats get on the board tenth pitch of this at-bat to Dada strikeout number 15 Jericho foul ball after foul ball by Travis d'Arnaud hundred mile an hour fastball 90 mile an hour sliders and he finally gets him to swing and miss it one Carpenter looks at one called strike three little delay call back there Carpenter is wrong up Soroka just spotting that one on the inside corner well it might have been delayed but it was a good pitch set up by the two high fastball and then comes inside with the big breaking ball strike three called as

Dozier heads back to the Washington dugout two up and two down here it is changeup down they can't do anything with that pitch it's tough to pull the trigger on and you know I would think about music blast attaboy strikeout number eight as he freezes out too bad well there's your uncle Charlie what's called Lord your Charles yeah I like that well and see there's all only the picture can tell you when you go back out there John stuper pitch one of the great games Game six of the EE 2 World Series went through about four rain delays with two to two seeker and he struck him out get that slider down and in and Seager waved that at one out yeah pitch before this humped up at ninety seventy pound off this that hard slider cutter in back foot 90 miles per hour that's tough to lay off that's a big-time pitch right there the one to pick he got him swinging with three consecutive sliders retires Kepler that one was the best one of them all poor Castillo joy this fish is absolutely filthy 99 miles an hour turbo sinker mighty hit out to Vey in the knee if he didn't swing it that ball moved two feet Joe it almost hit him in his back knee if he doesn't swing it would look at them moving look at the picture six for Gerrit Cole he's so good at executing that pitch that's a dangerous pitch if you don't get it below the zone but when it's below the zone it's so attractive to the left-handed hitters because they love the ball down and they chase so guards over there commiserating with

Austin Meadows and that pitches neski how do you not swing at it in Austin that it was saying you're lucky you didn't have to face in the first time be smart here comes that big hook wanted to the count that means bounce it he does bounce it Molina will secured at first and two men are out on two strike outs or that hook for your first impact curveball of the game was impressive big curveball Yadier Molina with his Molina sign language telling him to bury that in the dirt or the underdog role there's a little half swing the Laskin he goes Phil Cuzzi raises the thumb on him and there is out number one it's a strikeout that's how Sanchez's day begins well such as has a change and a split that he'll throw the left-handed hitters when he gets ahead in the count fully connected to the game and every way a swinging the Betts Wainwright picks up another strikeout Zimmerman's gone and strikeout number six for out of weight right that's three strikeouts now of his strikeouts that have come on the curveball and he stayed consistently without three straight curveballs in a row to Zimmerman here's the 3-2 and that's a called strike three 97 mile an hour gaps from Scherzer or put it in that Hall of Fame spot right on the corner at the knees strikeout number eight both pitches the 3-1 slider and the fastball 3-2 all the fame pitchers can't do it any better than that how about this start by Masahiro Tanaka he is struck out four he's walked one he's faced

The minimum he's allowed one hit leads by three back after this number two so what justin verlander unlike most pitchers in the game he has to think about how he's going to get this lineup out three and possibly four times so when you're doing that you're going to try to set the tone early struck him to a minute quickly Fowler is down an account no balls two strikes and he three pitches the curveball wipes him out and that's how the night begins for Strasburg and he talked about how much Stephens been throwing the off-speed pitch yet here he comes with two fast balls at 96 and then back with this finish both fast balls were right on the knees and this sharp shaping breaking ball was no contest but Verlander started in Game two there's a pitch down and away and that was one of his best strikeout number three and out number two here in the second trying to get on for the first time in the ballgame late swing and a Miss and strikeout number five for Gerrit Cole and Sanchez continues to search late that was so nasty he's sitting back trying to expect heater and then he just kind of waves at it on that knuckle curveball hoping he could have fouled it off done something there's that spiked grip where the pitch has got a tremendous amount of spin understand why they are pressing the Strega to miss Corbin with a strikeout number five six in a row retired for Patrick Korbin a shutdown inning after his club gets him 7 it's all working tonight - the

Nats he gets Gardner to chase first here in the fourth strikeout number five for drinking and is able to get out of that bases-loaded jam but no further damage by getting the chase just like this for the man coming up here Gary Sanchez and the first strikeout for Paxton tonight that pitch is a big reason why he's had tremendous success in the second half and really at the end of the season by mixing in that pitch with his real good fastball it's created a little bit more change of speeds there's that grip that knuckle curveball right there I mean that's classic when a guy's struggling you don't need to do anything more you don't need to get fancy you just got to keep going to the place that he makes that u-turn and goes back to their dugout because you've taken away his strength this is the classic slider for Justin Verlander while your kini is settling it now he struck out three in a row and retired six straight changeup again perfectly to children going struck him out that's two out of the inning totally fooled bregman and with that strikeout down to second Altuve as he gets his second stolen base of the postseason in the inning falls into the lap of Hughley curiel he buries the speeds on his brakes so if you're staying off of that pitch and he throws the hard slider slash cutter version that's not as good as the change of speed breaking ball the he just threw Bregman 3 2 pitch struck him out same delivery and this time

Correa went after in one away in the sixth that was nasty that one was harder and in the zone a little bit longer see it starts in the zone and then disappears out of the zone one thing the Astros hitters did the previous series was on their 3-2 counts were a little more aggressive than normal came back to get him back-to-back strikeouts and two out in the top of the seventh there's something to file away as you read this strikeout by Gerrit Cole the last ten teams supposed to come from behind win in Game one of the World Series have gone on to win and he strikes out to start the ninth really surprised on that fastball take with to get him to two strikes and then just four seamer by him how about the difference from the top to the bottom of the first a four pitch walk to a three pitch strikeout one away Springer is gone and the batter will be out to big this is that breaking ball I was talking about Scherzer is blessed with so much talent that this year he finally put it together and stayed healthy Robles weight CO 2 pitch cheese took him out career strikeout number 200 in the postseason for Justin Verlander now number one all-time two-out healthy this postseason breaking ball gets him looking he was frozen strikeout number two out number two here in the second see what the Astros have done to the

Yankees and what they did early in this series is they are trying to not swing at breaking balls and most of them usually are out of the zone by most of the pitchers but Strasburg has the ability to hit with that pitch and it makes it difficult if you see anything with spin and not swing at it so dough strikes out and the 36 year old zack greinke pulled the 21 year old soto for out number two tell you what it takes guts to throw these pitches especially when SoLoMo mom that hit foul for homers and some of them have had good rips he throws an absolute gem the reason that was such a good pitch the entire time he threw that ball it stayed in the strike zone the entire time until the end retail struck him out and now washington has gone old for 8 with runners in scoring position in this game 3 they've stranded 8 how good as this starts so far by turkey d2 toes struck him out 2 down poll looking for the strikeout and he finds it Zimmerman after a pitch down and away and strikeout number two for Gerrit Cole one that was a wicked breaking ball that had tremendous break see the spike curveball he'll throw his slider and then that spiked curveball that really creates a lot of spin some of it just could not hold up - - good pitch down and in Redick strikes out on the change-up that's the second strikeout of the night for Strasburg this is what I'm talking about how nasty it is that's the movement and you can't just pick it up your hitter this pitch right here starts over the plate but you would say at home why is he swinging at that it never even came close can altuve deliver again for his

Astros he strikes out on a pitch in the dirt there it was that's the only area because he's vulnerable down that is the pitch Strasburg needed to make it bounce on the plate Gomes did a perfect job it's nowhere close to the strike zone what an excellent pitch under the circumstances of a guy that normally puts the ball in play Wow number one in the fifth another great changeup awfully close let's strike out in seeing and how about Patrick Korbin ninth inning rolls in three two reading tinel's and world champions for the first time in franchise history you you.



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