9-Year-Old UNREAL Hockey Skills - Next Sidney Crosby!

9-Year-Old UNREAL Hockey Skills - Next Sidney Crosby! 9 year old hockey prodigy hockey for 5 year olds near me hockey for 4 year olds near me 9 year old hockey prodigy hockey for 5 year olds near me

9-Year-Old UNREAL Hockey Skills - Next Sidney Crosby!

You look for the best biggest player and he'll that's the kids he's lying up against as he wants to complete Kaden just wants to be the best favorite memories we're scoring five goals in one game most kids would want to be on their article games or with their friends and Caden shoots pucks and stick handles and works on his balance and it's just what he wants to do his goal was to make it to the NHL and he's gonna do whatever it takes to get there I played the game of hockey yet at fairly high levels and I was nowhere close to where he is my dad bought me the board for Christmas so I would practice it for about a month I tried to do hockey stuff on it and

I got it down my dad just started posting articles on Instagram and everyone started reaching out or getting tons of likes and retweets and pretty soon the NHL reached out to me the next day and asked they could share it and they said we want the hockey world to know Caden and they know okay then now so it's been pretty amazing to see way to go young Sidney Crosby way to go this is train that Hayden does daily he gets out here and does this on his home every day you know sometimes he's with the ball with the puck juggling sometimes without a stick this is you know a great drill for hockey players to focus on core stability and strength but also balance and hand-eye coordination just a balance on that board alone it does take a bit of time to figure out

How to transfer the weight and then be able to stick handle but at a high rate but also not looking his eyes he's looking up very good Jaden's got very strong core pop it up good control sit back attaboy good job high reach slam up high cadence sister often joins and they push each other for the workout so they do a lot of speed drills together a lot of explosive drills and also some different changes direction things like that to push each other compete they battle hard so the focus on this drill is trying to explode let's bring your hips through her being older makes it good for him protect it protect it now pipe over here at North Woods Ice Center in San Antonio Texas working with

Kaden on his skills having fun getting better and not really realizing it because it's just enjoyable for him pull it over it's just him understanding how to push himself outside of his comfort zone if he messes up he doesn't get discouraged he just tries it again and here stands that it's a process I practice every day a week I work on shooting and passing the puck do I think that I have helped him maybe but I think he helps himself more than anything because he just loves to do it that makes things go a lot quicker with the improvement process for him it's not work it's just like hey I love this game fun skating is another thing in the game if you're not able to create time and space for yourself at whatever level you're at you probably won't have too much success it's definitely got to work on his stride and coordinating the feet to be as quick as as

Canada I really like how a lot of people have a lot of speed in here I wanna have that so it just motivates me to do it I think his skill set is very high it just depends on if his love and passion for the game stays the same it doesn't seem to waver right now so he's pretty good for his age he puts it 110 percent every time and that's something that we've always taught our kids that if you have a positive mind and you put forth of work you can accomplish anything in life we built a rank for Kaden in the backyard when he was around two years old living in Texas there's one sheet of ice in San Antonio so a lot of people in Texas want a pool but I asked for Holcomb you can my dad built one for me catch we'll just work on some

I hand coordination pulling the puck out of a traffic area and put it under the bar all little types of things that he can work on out here that are easily translatable out onto the ice you gotta win puck battles and hockey right so you're gonna lift my stick as soon as you lift it it's just a quick lift right here low on the blade and then you fire quick Naughton hurry that's better boy good job living in San Antonio probably has its challenges for hockey but the biggest thing we've taught our kids growing up is just put in the work whatever you do if it's school religion family sports is if you work at something hard enough and you form good habits at a young age you're gonna be successful whatever you do and so with

Kaden and hockey he's done this since he was two three years old most parents are reading bedtime stories to kids and we would have to suit up as goalie inside the house and have him take shots on us or we'd have to take shots on him he loves the game and he wanted to have the extra practice didn't think as a kid from Canada I'd end up in San Antonio but this is where we are and we're gonna make the best of it he's a leader he leads by example and he wants to just strive and do the best things that make me most proud of our son is just he's a great kid and over sports over any he's just a good person he's got a great heart and we're very proud of them no days off these every day you put in work and you put on all the fun stuff after.



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