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Today we're talking about release write down an impact and I've got a little exercise and drill that you can do in practice which you can help you square the club face up for straighter golf shots but also help you add a little bit more speed to the club head for a little bit more distance too so welcome back to the Forest of Arden the par-5 12th hole is behind me we're talking about release I've got a little exercise that you can do in your garden or the range or even the golf course we should going to help you really improve your delivery of the golf club to the golf ball I'd also like to say a big warm welcome to all the golf WRX viewers so in this particular article you are going to learn about the forearm rotation you're going to learn about the uncocking of the wrists and you're going to learn about the movement of the butt end of the golf club and how that's really important when we're talking about releasing the golf club now just for get into that article if you're not a subscriber to the

WEBSITE it is absolutely free and I really believe that these articles can help you play some better golf so head down into the description click the link and also when you've done that hit little bell icon and that means you've been notified each time a article gets uploaded so what are we talking about in terms of release for this particular article we'll be talking about pretty much from when the Golf Club is at this point in the downswing so around about level or parallel to the ground from here to impact now you'll notice I haven't got a golf ball at the moment because we're going to do this little exercise with a tee peg in the ground we're also gonna get to take another tee peg and place that into the back of the glove on your lead hands it's just going to go just into the velcro and as I fasten that that tee peg is going to give me a little reference for where the back of my hand is positioned we also want you to place two golf balls on the ground the first golf ball is going to be just down towards your target and the other one is going to go just the other side of the tee peg on the ground at around about here so on a clock face

I've got a golf ball at one o'clock and I've got a golf ball at nine o'clock now the release is something that many golfers struggle with you know we often see golfers kind of release the club early or tip the club out this way and we don't therefore give that golf the greatest chance of squaring the club face of efficiently or delivering as much speed as we'd like to the golf ball so here's that exercise I'd like you to do you're going to take your starting positions at T peg and you're going to take your trail hand off and just pop it behind your back so I've got this in my glove hand only now when I get this golf club on the way down to this last parallel position notice how the tee peg points towards the golf ball it's positioned at one o'clock many of you if you looked at your golf swing at this point the club head would be sort of outside the hands and you'll notice that that teabag now points to more of an eleven o'clock position if I was looking down in this clock face as a reference now from this point here you'll notice that my lead hand is over my trail fie what

I really want to try and do now is get the golf club head down to the tee peg but get this tee peg to point now towards the golf ball it's at nine o'clock so the golf ball is directly in front of it so what I'm actually doing here well for the golf club to move down towards the ground I'm uncocking my wrists so this would be my wrist here but you'll notice when I uncut my wrists yes the golf club moves down towards the ground but it doesn't change where that tee peg points for me to change with that tee peg point I have to rotate my forearm so the tee points in front of me so we know that a good release is involving two things it's involving a non cocking of the wrists and a rewrote ation of the forum now there's a little bit of other stuff going there we're tending to twist the club but we're not really gonna worry about that too much at the moment so this is a great little exercise to sense how we move the wrists and the forearms from last parallel to impact what I want have you doing I'm probably going to clip this tee peg out the ground but

I would have you actually make some little swings here positioning it there hand behind the back and just have some little rehearsals where you can really sense that you're moving that reference point from this golf ball to this golf ball okay and what you'll notice from this down the line camera is the butt of the golf club is actually moving slightly in towards my body now that's not a conscious effort I'm not trying to do that but as I rotate my forearm correctly and change where the tee points I start to get this movement happening and what we know from generally the best golfers in the world is that the grip end of the golf club will generally move from this last parallel to Impractical general moving an upward fashion and it will move in an inward fashion so it's up and in so as the club head goes down the butt of the club comes up and as the club head goes out the Buffalo Club comes in so it's the opposite movements what the club head does once you've done a couple of those I would then get you to actually just add a little bit of speed and try and clip the peg that's in the ground so we set here we rehearse it a couple of times and then we go ahead and click the

T so you can see that the T peg has been clicked or rotating my body and I've got myself into this nice full finished position it's a fantastic drill to get you to really recognize how the movements of the club sorry the grip of the club affects the movement of the club head I really Center on doing that drill that the movement of the grip end is what's delivering the speed out into the club head I'm not really any point focusing on the way to the club not thinking about the club head I'm not trying to get the club head to the tee I'm trying to move my reference points from this golf ball to this golf ball and let the club head swing through to its full position so as you can imagine this is something I would have you do at home in the guard and no golf ball maybe at the range so in your practice area really trying to get a sense of what should happen through impact now nothing wrong with me popping a golf ball down there and actually just letting those two things collide and just having a little swing that would go and propel the ball a short distance but

I don't really need to do that it's more of a sensation and then when I go ahead and hit a shot for real I can try and create those same sort of sensation so I've actually got a 4-iron here so when I get myself to this delivery position I've got there's a reference point and then as I rotate and deliver the club I've got this as a reference point put those things together and that's gonna go past the deer that you can see in there so we no need to worry about those but that's a great little exercise for me to really work on my delivery because that's going to add speed and it's gonna square the club face up more efficiently and generally speaking there aren't many golfers out there who couldn't benefit from club head which traveling faster and a club face which is been controlled better through the impact area so tea in the glove a couple of golf balls down on the ground give yourself a practice station work on that release I really think that gonna help you hit straighter shots and also a little bit more distance too because we're going to put some more speed into that club head thanks very much for reading

I really hope there was an information that article which should help you and also share this article with a friend if you think that could help them as well but usual stuff is down below the comments box down there there's a like button also drop me a comment on this article we'd love to hear your thoughts on this style of article and content you'd like me to film going forward so thank you very much reading I hope you'll say back here again soon.



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