Batista Is (Thirsty) For WWE Superstar! The Fiend Theory! | AEW Low Attendance In Chicago!

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Batista Is (Thirsty) For WWE Superstar! The Fiend Theory! | AEW Low Attendance In Chicago!

What is going on guys it is WrestleMania here back with another news article now there's no rest for the wicked or for Wrestlemania so join us now as we bring you the wildest wrestling news and rumors you need to know including WWE's backstages non Punk ratings plunge how the Viking raiders got their name back to outrageous wrestling items available for purchase Kevin Owens reveals how we got to use this stunner aew dynamite Chicago shows stumbles an interesting theory on the fiend new aew tag teams identity revealed and Batista is thirsty on Twitter be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more articles like this less waste no further time and get straight into the first story as we look at the punk Las plunge but for those who wondering how backstage did without CM Punk on Tuesday night the answer is poorly compared to the week that he was on P W insiders mike johnson noted the 26th november episode of

WWE backstage on fs1 broaden 121,000 viewers down from last week's 180,000 so without CM Punk they lost a piece of the audience yeah and that's a big chunk to as this week's audience is 66 percent of last week's viewership which is obviously much more than a piece of the audience next up Chris Jericho launches his own champagne looks like a loo champion Chris Jericho's catchphrase a little bit of the bubbly has become so successful that apparently the a EE World Heavyweight Champion felt obligated to release his own signature liners champagne available at little bit of the bubbly calm we absolutely love that URL by the way the official aew press release revealed Chris Jericho the world champion of aw and Stephen Amell Stara the CW superhero series arrow and founder of knocking point wines have teamed up to create a little bit of the bubbly the new official sparkling wine of aw the inspiration was sparked by Chris Jericho's one-man backstage celebration after the first a

EE World Champion title on September 1st 2019 when he revealed a bottle of sparkling wine subsequently his Oh a little bit of the bubbly catchphrase became an instant viral sensation resulting in countless memes and millions of views worldwide according to ringside news the demand was apparently great so much in fact that champagne connoisseurs couldn't get to it as soon as Jericho announced that little bit of the bubbly calm is now active and selling y2 J's own brand of bubbly this drew a ton of attention in fact so many fans logged in that it completely crashed the site the website for Chris Jericho's bubbly immediately crashed for the next 30 minutes as of this writing we still can't get it to come up it seems to be legit and made by knocking point wines but we just can't seem to pull up the website well as soon as our website is fully up and running and there's some stock Russell Lamia will be putting his order in perhaps we'll open up a bottle when we get to 1 million subscribers

I will be kind of disappointed if it tastes like Canadian moose piss though or regardless or whatever it tastes like it could be a good gift for fans and there are some other great gifts just in time for the holidays now wrestling fans can be notoriously difficult to buy for come the holidays but now the WWE has a must-have item for any fan of the fiend Shop section is now selling the fiend Bray Wyatt replica entrance lanterns affordably priced at $99.99 the item is described as follows modeled after the lantern that the fiend brave why ominously carries to the ring this LED lamp replica is a must-have for superfans cosplayers and collectors this item should make for some great table conversation as the family gathers to celebrate the holiday season we can't wait to see TargetPo articles of fans showing off their lanterns for Grandma and Grandpa they might be shocked as to what wrestling has become next up aw dynamite Chicago shows stumbles well-loved champions champagne sails seem to be taking off it looks like aw dynamite

Chicago show had trouble filling the seeds according to a report at ringside news as you can see from the picture below aw dynamite had a majority of the hog cameras I bear obviously they moved people around to make sure that there were fans on camera now we bet you most people in the comments will say this is still a new company and yes it is there might be others that suggest that this picture was taken an hour before the show well that could be true as there's no time stamp on there nor is the time been verified on Twitter but it's gotta be towards the beginning of the show as you can see the champions celebration going on in the ring it also didn't help that WWE held four events in Chicago earlier this week perhaps fans are just burnt out from wrestling there next up how Erica Navarre conquered mr. McMahon fans were dismayed when NXT swore Raiders became the Viking experience following their debut on Raw the story of how Eric and Ivar persuaded mr. McMahon to let them drop the name is a fascinating look into the inner workings of the WWE during an experience on

Corey graves podcast Eric revealed we're ringside ivar comes out a graphic comes out on the screen and there's a cartoon Viking guy and it says Viking experience at first it said berserkers then we were the war raiders and then Viking experience we readed the screen changed to this and we looked at Hunter and said are they messing with us he just shook his head and told us to go see Vince we went and spoke to Vince at this point because it's so late in the day we weren't even going to approach the subject of Ivar and Eric we needed to tackle the Viking experience name we caught Vince as he was going somewhere else and we pleaded our case about the name it sounded like a Disney name and there were 10 names we gave him the last one we gave him was Viking raiders and he kind of paused on that one he said they would introduces as Viking experience and if they didn't feel it they would rename us to something else but he also put over how much he loves the television show Vikings and he loves Vikings in general and I'm mentioning our wrestling gear our armor and Viking details from history so we felt confident that he liked us in our work we were happy too hopefully in the weeks to come to that tag team name change

I wonder what would have happened if we landed on time and maybe we could have had more imp thank God the next week came and we were the Viking raiders the Viking raiders is the original name we pitched when we were coming into NXT funny enough the idea of mr. McMahon reading the History WEBSITE's Vikings is mind-boggling as Vinnie Mac is notorious for spending little time doing anything outside the WWE next up an interesting theory on the fiend the fiend is arguably the most popular wrestler in wrestling today Bray Wyatt's transformation into the ungodly persona the fiend has captured the WWE Universe his attention ever since he debuted at SummerSlam defeating Finn Balor but one fan has a theory though when it involves everyone that been disputed with ever since he debuted since arriving in WWE the fiend has faced Finn Seth and Brian Finn turned heel Seth is turning heel and Daniel Bryan is going from heel to face whoever he touches seems to have a switch in personality it may be a coincidence but maybe not just a thought this could coincide with the words hurtin heel pictured on his gloves he's hurt

Rollins in balla but healed Daniel Bryan what do you guys think of the theory do you think whoever the fiend is gonna be feuding with next will turn as well next up when stone cold allowed ko to use the stunner Steve Austin Stone Cold Stunner is an iconic move in wrestling when protected largely for Austin's use and once some fans thought they'd never see another wrestler use so just how did Kevin Owens gain the Texas rattlesnakes blessing for using the finisher during an appearance on after the bell owens revealed I had a conversation with him I want to save 2016 this is the thing people were doing the stunner you have someone do it in a random matches something they were doing in that seeing nobody was using it as a trademark I had seen guys do it here and there but not to the extent that I felt it should be used the stunner in my head was something that could be a great way for me to try and be polarizing so I went to Steven asked him if I could use it and he was very happy that I asked him more than anything he was happy that someone asked him because he was like I want to use it as a finisher I said yes and then he went yeah it's about time I can't believe no one's tried this

I can't believe no one has come and asked about using this dinner it's a great finish he then went on and said some people used it and it meant nothing and then tried to go through other WEBSITEs and it was shut down so I wasn't able to start using it at that point even though I snuck it into one of my matches with Roman reigns which led to our funny interaction between me and Steve on his podcast later on when he tried how to use this stunner properly because I couldn't beat Roman with it I've had Steve's blessing for a long time and I was waiting for the right time this year felt like the time to use it some people love it some people really hate it I'm fine with it I love doing it next up a new aw tag teams identity has been revealed now we are a little bit puzzled on why aw chose to do this as they had a random tag team that attacked Cody on last night's dynamite but who were they according to PW inside his Mike Johnson the butcher in the blade who debuted tonight on a W dynamite attacking Cody a former Impact Wrestling star Braxton's Sutter and Andy Williams the lead singer hardcore punk band every time

I die they have been teaming for some time on the independent since Sutter exited impact the woman who joined the duo Ally the bunny is married to Sutter and a final story but Easter is getting thirsty on Twitter are he and Brooke hooking up no we're not talking about a romance between the animal and Brooke Hogan the Hollywood star date Batista and WWE star Dana Brooke that two appeared to be flooding on Twitter with Big Dave saying hi then telling Brooke I see you getting those squats in Brooke replied I mean I do work out you know a good gym WrestleMania is in Tampa the other helpful Batista informed Dana I actually do just so happens that I have my own gym hashtag lion's den to squat racks here it is it also has an upstairs with occasion mats as well evident any jujitsu pulse that really sounds like a plug-in for his gym both Batista and Brooke are single and Dana seems to like Twitter for getting a hooker I'm all for a good dating game Twitter equals tinder for me I guess let's take this on air maybe a little

Skype or FaceTime date she saying the two will hook up let's know in the comments down below what do you think of these other stories again subscribe if you haven't already follow us on Instagram and Twitter check out Russell game yo if you have some time and I'll see you next time with some more wrestling content.



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