Bears vs. Lions Week 13 (Highlights) NFL 2019

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Bears vs. Lions Week 13 (Highlights) NFL 2019

Deja vu all over again take a knee Cordero plays now he's going to return it big return worth the effort these other guys around him the running game the offensive line they they need to give him some help second down and five and two completions to start his Thanksgivings but a lot of adjustments made along that offensive line and that's contributed to some of the struggle three for three Robinson out on the edge gets nothing a little something out of the running nail also and off to Montgomery in the rookie able to bounce it and takes it to the 10 averaging just over two and a half yards per carry in the month of November his Montgomery pass is caught what a start touchdown Chicago Allen Robinson gets his fifth of the season and true Biscay was perfect on that opening possession of protection can this offensive line do that for him on third down and ten good protection here that's got lit day wanna start for Blau touchdown

Detroit there are no flags seventy-five yards for the score and Wow and you see right right there that's what gets him to jump and it's a bit of a post and then go on third down pass is caught like Cohen long way to go and it's three an out Jared Davis again play action from Blau good protection the Pass wide open and caught by Marvin Jones throws has a man that's gala day again and Kenny Gala day pass is caught touchdown Jones far in a 7-point game this is a live ball and the Lions get it yeah and it looks like that was by design they missed kick I mean he just drills this thing but based on the angles of the right side of that of the kick you can see in the red hot David Blau get it right back and they blow this one dead for a false start the last preseason game Lyon saw something they like made a trade for they're down in ten in the pass is incomplete with the target Marvin jump over twentieth last year against Ohio State he and the Boilermakers beat the Buckeyes well they'll need that kind of performance out of their quarterback for chin yeah those hits should never be missed

I mean the referee is looking at the quarterback he's there to protect the quarterback but like you said Joe heat heat through Biscay throws to the sideline and pass is caught by winds he's missing some of those things that you wouldn't expect true Biscay throws back to Montgomery who makes the catch makes a move avoids a tackle and turns it into a gain of about nine on first down this drive started at Chicago's 9 yard line they've got four first downs along the way good move by Montgomery that's six back offense number 83 can they hit one of them handoff to Cohen not as much of a factor again personal foul grabbing the facemask offense number 69 give him a shot at a three-point try we're down in 17 true Biscay over the middle pass is caught and they will get that try as the completion to pass it about a 50-yard field goal try for now and they do snap it flag is down the pass is incomplete fans here in town and he really fans all over the world with certain league Lions fans and it's such a treat to be able to enjoy this atmosphere to a player at a high level so congratulations to him second down and five

Wow airs it out God has got Barry Sanders clap it in the booth wrong guy they meant 19 because Jones didn't look like he did anything third down and 15 again and Blau just throws it out of bounds and a flag comes down go that's not better try to duplicate your minutes second down and going out passes off the hands this season you know and but I love the way two guys are playing today and you know but I'm one of those traditionalist they've been trying to get one the struggle has looked good the last few games absolutely Chicago's won the last three but behind David pulao Lions leave here today by 10:00 Patterson has some room cuts back in his across the 35 third down and six for Biscay wide open pass is caught by Miller play-action from true Biscay good protection he's got all day and now out to his left pass is caught on the grab by Anthony Miller able to avoid it and get a nice gain office pass is caught by winds down inside the 20 I think he's got to be thinking real hard about four down territory we're down in for two this ski will and laterally and not get the first down it looked to me

Jo like he could have had probably should have picked it up on third down 30 yard try by Panero for Biscay throws pass wins with a catch as a player and would make some dangerous miss kee keeps throws passes packed by sleigh Jarius sleigh steps in front of Robinson and the take away by the Lions defense early second half it should have been an easy completion goes down as an interception here's and a completion for a loss of yarded second down and eight so this gay flag is down in the secondary in the pass is caught along the sideline by Alan Robinson through this gate down the middle passes caught that's Miller with a first down there's been nothing down the field to get them to back off third down and ten and the pass is caught for a first down by Robinson Biscay on first down floats passes juggled and caught for the touchdown horse dead returning but what a great job by him he's able to get his step and it's yeah he shows off some of his wipers here we go Wow get some of that magic back passes over the middle and that's a completion to

Amendola been great here over the last quarter and a half you've got to make the most of your time and I think that he's had a nice audition there's a great grab throw first down by McKissack now one he loves seeing it's all in last week against the giant fat strip sack here's Scarborough on second down and nine more minutes 44 seconds plane number nine of the drive block keeps out to his right to the sidelines is caught for a first down Wow throws pass is there and it's caught by Amendola and off mckissick tackle made by Kyle fuller saved a touchdown strong tackle out so sure they don't go for it if it had been an incomplete pass on fourth down grater drills it third down and seven tur Biscay is set play made by Trey flowers second down and six Scarborough right side what a nice move Scarborough the black in the back offense number 19 because of the block that gala day right there in the back 23 they live call brings up second and 14 after the penalty Pass broken up good play made by haha Clinton dick down in five for man roster Biscay airs it out

Miller and the catch for a big first down near midfield working against Coleman on this play of the game when it matters the most for the Chicago Bears under five to go Montgomery still running hard and got ten he cannot lose yardage on this play passed down the sideline for Miller it is therefore the catch what a throw what a strong catch Thanksgiving game felt to the winning team in this game which side wind passes caught for the touchdown Montgomery and maybe it will be Chicago bass is Claude holiday you had the big first half rear high for gala day 158 yards on four catches has a touchdown Wow throws pass like Witkowski he's expected oh yeah it looks like it's going to be incomplete risk when the first meet is an incomplete pass Jackson were singled up outside we set up a screen we haven't seen that much today it's the wookie ty Johnson out of bounds for the first down and then a flag for second down and eight Pass is high and juggled dropped by Amendola with a record of three seven and one overall Wow in trouble takes the sack back near the 40 ruck Juan Smith and it was

Khalil Mac who is showing it is coming with pressure and here's one aired out downfield and picked off taking a seat Eddie Jackson and with that the Chicago Bears are going to move to 500 on the year.



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