Big WWE Plans Rumored for 2020 - New Shield

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Big WWE Plans Rumored for 2020 - New Shield

20:19 had many big surprising moments that fans are still talking about to this day but in 2020 WWE is planning even bigger and better things that will definitely shocked fans such a day I count down 10 big WB we plans rumored for 2020 a Monday Night Raw recently Seth Rollins wrestled Kevin Owens and during the match the AOP interfered and attacked Kevin Owens but ALP did not attack Seth Rollins Seth Rollins then hit Kevin Owens with two curb stomps Seth Rollins has clearly turned heel and it looks like he will be aligning himself with AOP but this new faction will be using an old name there are rumors that Seth Rollins an AOP will call themselves the shield Seth Rollins will be the leader of the new shield an AOP will be at ringside during all of Seth Rollins as matches going forward which will lead to Seth Rollins going on a winning streak the reason why w/e officials want to use the shield name is because they want fans to be angry as Seth Rollins for using the name of the faction that many fans have fond memories of

WWE fans were shocked when the rock returned on the Smackdown debut on Fox the rock obviously did not wrestle but he did get physical during his appearance where he put over Becky Lynch and attacked King Baron Corbin rumors are now going around that the rock will return in 2020 but this time it will be to team up with his real-life cousin Roman reigns at WrestleMania 36 where the rock and Roman reigns will face whoever the Smackdown tag-team champions are at that point and this will lead to Roman reigns in the rock winning the smackdown tag team titles but this will be a short title reign and the rock and Roman reigns will lose the tag team titles not too soon after WrestleMania 36 because the rock will not be around to defend the SmackDown tag team titles when Rey Mysterio won the US title from ages dials on an episode of Raw it was in part thanks to Randy Orton interfering in the match and hitting the RKO on AJ Styles while the referee was unconscious as Randy went from being booed to getting cheered but the real reasons for

Randy's actions during the match have now come to light according to a new rumor in 2020 rey mysterio will be good friends with randy orton on television but then randy will betray the US Champion Rey Mysterio and hit him with the RKO as it's revealed that Randy pretended to be friends with Rey so he could then turn on him and beat him in a match for the US title and Rey will learn a very hard lesson that you never trust the Viper King Baron Corbin is doing everything he can to make fun of the big dawg Roman reigns including having his Big Dawg logo barked like a little dog instead of a big dog as well as bringing out a mascot called the big dog as Baroness made the mascot too embarrassing and humiliating things to try and get under Roman reigns his skin but now there is a backstage rumor that Baron Corbin's effort to bury Roman reigns will backfire according to the rumor during an episode of Friday Night SmackDown Baron will bring out the big dog mascot and make a fool out of him that is until the mascot spears Baron Corbin and as Baron is laid out on the mat the mascot will take off his mask to reveal that it's Roman reigns and the true

Big Dawg will stand tall smiling in the middle of the ring as Baron Corbin now knows whose yard it truly is Tyson Fury was able to get over with wrestling fans using his remarkable talking skills and wit Astrakhan Velasquez he needed to lean on Rey Mysterio to get over and Kane let ray do most of the talking and now according to a leaked backstage rumor this will have Tyson wrestle in a match in 2020 but this time it will be an even tougher opponent then braun strowman because tyson will take Brock Lesnar for the WNBA s'en Fury's performance during the few with Brock Lesnar then there is a good chance that Vince will sign Tyson to a contract and have him wrestle several times a year at big pay-per-views on Monday Night Raw recently Matt Hardy made a surprise return to double w e Matt Hardy ended up losing to buddy Murphy which upset many fans but Matt Hardy lost because there are actually big plans that are rumored for Matt Hardy in 2020 that'll excite Matt Hardy's longtime fans in 2020 Matt Hardy will go on a losing streak which will lead to the return of

Matt Hardy's impact wrestling gimmick broken Matt Hardy NXT won the night at the Survivor Series 2019 pay-per-view after winning four matches at the show the reason why NXT has been featured so heavily on TV and pay-per-views recently is because visit man wants to help NXT defeat aw in the TV ratings and so far it has helped NXT immensely in the ratings misuk man so desperately wants NXT to defeat aw that in 2020 he will bring back the wild-card rule in 2020 but this new wild-card rule will be different than the past one the new version of the wild-card rule will only focus on NXT which means that wrestlers from R on Smackdown can appear on NXT anytime they want and NXT wrestlers can appear on Raw Smackdown as well this look managed Triple H hope that using the wild-card rule for NXT will be the best way to win the ratings battle against aw double W we will soon be bringing back an old pay-per-view there are rumors going around that in 2020 that WWE will be using the name of an old

ECW pay-per-view names cyber slam the current plan for the cyber slam pay-per-view is the feature online fan voting which will be similar to the past w/e pay-per-views taboo Tuesday in Cyber Sunday the pay-per-view will allow fan to pick stipulations of matches and even pick who will challenge the champions in title matches one of the reasons why WB Wii is doing this is because physical man got upset when he found out that aw we'll be doing special episodes of aw dynamite using old WCW pay-per-view names like bash of the beach so this is trying to get revenge an aw by showing that he can use old pay-per-view names as well at SummerSlam in 1994 it was the Undertaker vs. the Undertaker and now WB weed has plans to have a very similar match in 2020 which will involve Bray Wyatt's split personalities facing off against each other as the Firefly funhouse Bray Wyatt takes on the fiend Bray Wyatt and a match that is sure to garner huge attention from fans and the loser of the match will cease to exist as the feud and the match will have paranormal in supernatural overtones

Bray Wyatt will continue to portray both the funhouse version and the fiend version but when they actually wrestle a different wrestler with a similar build and hairstyle as braid will betray the fiend and viscid man hopes as some fans will believe that Bray Wyatt is actually wrestling himself and because the fiend wears a mask it'll be much easier to do that The Undertaker versus Undertaker match because back then it was obvious who the real Undertaker was but with the fiend wearing a mask he'll be much easier this time around to full fans and the wrestler who will portray the theme in the match will get temporary tattoos that are exactly like the real Bray White's tattoos and the winner of the match will most likely be the fiend and fans say goodbye to the Firefly funhouse version of Bray Wyatt forever some fans were shocked the Shayna Baszler defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch at Survivor Series in a triple threat match but after the match ended when Shana was celebrating Becky attacked Shana and beat her down and showed her who the true champion was some fans were confused as to why Shana was beat down after she won because having

Becky beat her down hurts Sheamus win and made her look weak there was speculation that the beatdown occurred because visit man wanted Becky to remain strong in defeat and it was Bailey who tapped out to Shana and not Becky but now it seems that the real reason why all of this happened was to build to a match in 2020 between Becky and Shana which is rumored to take place at WrestleMania 36 and will be title for title as Becky puts her raw Women's Championship on the line and Shana will put her NXT Women's Championship on the line and Becky hopes to once again be known as Becky two belts actually becomes the very first woman to hold both the raw Women's Championship and NXT Women's Championship at the same time what are your WWE predictions for 2020 leave a comment and give me your predictions and don't forget to subscribe for more wrestling news and rumors.



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