Bills vs. Cowboys Week 13 (Highlights) NFL 2019

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Bills vs. Cowboys Week 13 (Highlights)  NFL 2019

Why do the right Prescott's gonna fire it and hit it there's Cooper plans each week and they disguise poachers as well as Sentinel even keep her back on the field for second and eight and stream pass there goes out it taxed and look at the cargo truck it took quite two very good teams on third down pass for the first at the 15 and built a team second and goal busca finds the target it's Ricky for the touchdown jason witten has another Thanksgiving Day touchdown Cowboys are similar a lot of movement a lot of hustle you're gonna send five guys a lot today Allen is sacked back at that's running almost twisted his way out of it Cowboys are great in these situations they get a lot of pressures you can have time though you get people open stepping up and running Allen can a sly at about three yards short of the first Eliott slipped through a tackle he's got a first down usually it just gets a little bless this to Thursday game so it's very soon right after still and breaking tackles that take it the

Buffalo 40 find this going to be his longest run in weeks buying time and knocked round knocked down up with the five into buffalo territory moving at 52 yards Chris Jones putts bounces at the five beautifully Allen what a pass on the run out to the 30-yard line Colby's look third and 14 time in the pocket and just able to dump it off for a short gain saw the veteran Kurt Coleman has come in for hide pressure oh he reaches out where was the need believable outside your own 20 I know you want to be aggressive Prescott with the force of the line behind them I'm officially scared I'll warm you up here's a second of seven and the completion for the first sounds way out Zeke chips and then they take the beat shot so column or the offensive coordinator in his first year what does he sent in Bill's are not gonna allow them to get near the Central Valley here to support their guy and here is flinging it for a first step one on one outside Singletary take it off collides with his own teammate and a cowboy defender and he tie you to the host football he's fun to talk to and he's passionate his teammates love gets it to his tight end who who drafted it's such a special day especially as

We read him here on first and ten avoiding the sack and picking up good yardage a runner to really take off and it makes the game shoulder for your office on the run is it again it's Beasley back to tellus with a touchdown in his old building so it's one of those lines where you get a chance to appreciate it you get the chance to come back and read this Cowboys team here do their thing oh my god say it isn't so juggled and then picked up Sam by the bells stood in the dirt you see even the officials - and they aren't sure if he was down or not they're summoning has he made the picket the 30 is he touched here he hates touch very similar structure wise in a lot of ways that can be the difference sometimes here's Hammond but the flag out is knocked down been playing very up and down neither your favorite football if you will as you can tell right now we just turned the ball over on our on outside the football field and and other things are starting to happen so kick your though you can get a turnover to give up no points doesn't come back he missed it he missed it it's getting to him early in the diamond that seats big rough oh the boss he can drown out of his hands by the

Buffalo defense Murphy comes up with it it was ad all over the second and 20 standing still in the pocket again calm in the pocket and short yardage try it again I think yeah fourth than a foot and on this handle on the staff Allen picks it up and he's still going look at Josh Allen Oh honestly this is why his teammates love him though he is a football player through and through it number 17 recovered to recover the ball and gain a first down oh boy 28 little trickery and a pass to boot why Singletary with the Buffalo touchdown John Brown what's happened over the last four or five minutes extra point Hauschka no good all of a sudden the drive ends I think you have to have a guy like that if you know gonna compete with doubts second and ten and a new set of downs at the 40 he comes the Blitz and they get to Prescott and it is Oliver this D line they got a motor they got a lot of guys second and 18 complete to gallop keep the clock running so I you have to fight us receiver to get you wait go back downfield another blitz coming after Prescott able to complete it to Cooper still have three timeouts 25 seconds to go in

Eliott Wiggles past one - are on the staff Jones his wide of the mark it was deflected here's a third and four pocket and hitting Beasley on the go try to strip them they actually stripped the helmet off but don't take the football away and that's gonna generate a flag let's see if your play was over personal foul face mask defense number 25 15-yard penalty automatic first down for good kid yeah you guys had great chemistry out there on the field here's the first intent complete to courts amazing in singing carries getting a lesson in a master class he's gotta get the ball at one taken down by Lewis is from fifty today and mr. P 80 and this kick hits the upright and is good Wow right now the differences the bills aren't beating themselves the Cowboys have a few times this needs to be where they go right here Jim well they go for 1276 you know so they got to stick with him Prescott stepping up then launching target with a marker down it's gallop with the catch combination of five now back with all of them the starters just as soon as you say that the bills come crashing in with Shaq and that kick sales rights really good football teams at the top 34

Allen in the pocket fires it incomplete for the first 20 year-old just stop there having fun yeah good catch a run-up to a speech Mackenzie was never touched have not had a single snap in the redzone and the rough 16 to 7 they will on the next play first half inside the 20 for the touchdown he's got yet another game with a touchdown pass and a touchdown run Brian Galvin like Arnold all the crew completion third and ten down 16 Prescott in truffle great job getting away taking off turn in the corner challenges right oh he does something oh and a Flags down to hugely pretty foul unnecessary roughness he bent over fifty club and take on the Buffalo defense that's Hugh almost got him for the sack got to his feet and he get flagged at the end of this I mean the upper taxes came there I mean turn to Willis team that was those big here's his throw down to the ten and inside the ten has but you gotta get some Garcia you can bash it through all grab stuff grow up here looking to the end zone pass was the end they say yes that was a great effort by

Gallup but you got to get that left foot just tap the ground right there while we were away or as we expected incomplete after the touchdown was reviewed and the cowboy offense is out here Tony here we go this is everything right now the Prescott looking for Eliot the pass isn't there and the bills were converging anyway and Buffalo takes over on downs I'm so NAND as everyone's just waiting on the side and the throws not obviously morgue says you don't get to Mike look take a five yard penalty kick the field goal to 111 Singletary breaks one Jaylon Smith comes this balls going to teaser quickly - Singletary needs poor for a first protect it complete set third and four down the field ago and incomplete legs out interference defense number 23 but foul automatic first down sets him up first and goal from 10 yards out with a bootleg action the setback for throws it incomplete got hushka the Sun hit his 12th year in the league that was neat five for a first has to come out of your hand you don't just get time to stand back there and Dec did a good job there but that's one area

McDermott Seneca Java today on target team readed the tape you can see it more going forward and third and ten and taking off can they keep it alive from behind and get him ball was knocked out of his hands by Murphy and the bills are taken over no matter who recovers a lot of timeouts second and two there's a good throw and a good catch buddy like you know Minnesota another team that's in the mix with everyone else I mean those games - these New England's just have to adapt as the season continues go along from the 15 to the end zone and it is caught for a touchdown my - Brian keep you on a face see he gets it how about Witten for the two onside kick my errors kick is recover.



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