Black Friday 2019 | Best gifts for the world's best golfers | Morning Drive

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Black Friday 2019 | Best gifts for the world's best golfers | Morning Drive

Hello everyone good to see you again welcome inside studio aap for another edition of morning drive on TargetPo hopefully you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and now that we've all eaten plenty of Turkey it is Black Friday time to do some shopping and save some cash so our crew they've been narrowing down a list some things that they think some well-known PGA Tour Pros big names could use and have under the tree come the holidays as we turn it on over to Anna white Liana let the spending begin let the spending begin well what do you get the men in this vault who've already got everything so Jordan speith Paige Mackenzie you were buying for him what are you getting I'm gonna start with some noise canceling headphones very popular item for the this time of year as well as a theme park ticket yes we are here in Orlando so that makes sense for us and then of course who doesn't need more golf shirts but let me explain hmm noise cancelling headphones there's been a lot of noise around

Jordan speith over the last couple of years a lot of critics put those headphones on and just ignore it to me that's what this is all about and then as far as the theme park ticket goes there's a little bit of rollercoaster in his rounds over the last couple of years and seasons he's had been great ball-striking years just a couple of years ago great putting year last year see if we can jump off that roller coaster and just go ride the roller coasters and then finally jordan Spieth you look good in blue but you wear it a lot a variety in 2020 the splash of coming up that but here's my question for you what if the noise for jordan Spieth is in between those noise Canada I like that what's your favorite purchase of pages I like the theme park tickets yeah I'm going there universals my favorite spot is it one of them very nice well my living room is pretty much fun yeah what the theme parts are fun as well my friend Katka what are you buying him well for Brooks kept a you can obviously afford whatever he wants he says he drives a

Brinks truck to work apparently so a few things a knee brace okay this is the obvious one his knees hurting I don't want anything to stand in the way of our opportunity to see more Rory versus Brooks in 2020 I don't want there need to be an excuse for something to not go well I just want to see him play well and I want to see Rory play well and I want to see him keep throwing jabs at Rory Rory pretending to ignore them but going at it so the knee is is very important to that and also this is a really good one because I think this is gonna be something he's gonna need for several more years extra shelving for the trophy case he's gonna win more tournaments yes he's got four majors yes he's got one World Golf Championship but he's only got two regular tour bits I think we're gonna see more of the regular tour events once the knee brace kick once the knee brace kicks in more regular tortoise gets enlarged it's called building suspense why in the world would Brooks camp again need larger underwear well it's not so much a present for him as for the rest of us because he's prone to wearing a little tiny underwear showing his buttocks off on a social media his and his girlfriends with swim wear underwear

I don't know what it was but less butt cheeks more big bloomers Brooks just for our sake please play well get the knee fixed cover your backside thank you very much okay well there's a strong message there I'm very strong baby and thank you probably from all of our house that we serve yeah okay taking you it's too early the morning drive it's okay so well I have gone shopping for Rory McIlroy and I will tell you what I am buying him I'm buying him a mannequin I'm buying him a foam finger and I'm buying him a book entitled ten tips for toppling rivals so number one why am i buying him a mannequin well so he can display his green jacket I really believe that he will clay what August the National come 2020 and what better way to display it in the window of your own home on a mannequin so and then I'm buying him a foam finger why number one baby I'm I think big on very much next year clearly so I think he's gonna come home to his lovely wife with a foam finger securely on his hand when he goes back to world number one and finally the book entitled ten tips for toppling rivals you touched on it there

Robert Damron but he needs to learn how to put Brits Ketki back in his box I ruined sons ooh yeah maybe tank was right write it but I think Britta has come out fighting when it comes to trash talk saying that he's not looking in his rearview mirror Rory hasn't won a major since he's been on tour so I think Rory just needs to kind of take a step back and think how am I gonna topple this man put him in his place ten tips to toppling right okay Janelle you are buying for Tiger Woods what are you gonna get him yeah well he's got a boat that we know he calls privacy I'm gonna get him a bunch of fuel for that boat I'll explain why I'm gonna get him a souped-up communication system mmm and then I'm gonna get him a whole case or two maybe three cases of champagne but the Presidents Cup you know focus here captain Tiger Woods I think should load that team up on that boat and thing you know pedal that thing down to Melbourne Australia good team bonding opportunity and experience there as Captain Tiger Woods makes his way down to

Australia that souped-up comm system is what he's going to need when he's out there playing and also trying to figure out pairings for next you know groupings and that situation gonna need to be able to stay in touch with his vice captain that's very true yeah and then obviously the champagne is for the celebration in the end I think I think captain tiger as a plane captain is going to have some sweet success are they gonna take the boat back that's gonna be a long they gonna end up yeah have you seen that boat it's not gonna take that long it's a quick boat you buying a whole bunch of mums or it's actual good champagne for that what Tiger we know he's a little I think it's probably gonna be either be mom I'm gonna buy him but good stuff good because he's probably been drinking the cheap stuff I guess well these chaps are in for one lucky Christmas if they get all this bought for them on Black Friday I really enjoyed that LT can I add something to the list for all of us can we get an invite to that yacht party because that would be pretty sweet in studio AP and all of you joining and thanks for joining us morning drive on

TargetPo we'll see you next time leave those comments in the comment section let us know who you're shopping for those PGA Tour's what you think they need under the tree come the holidays we'll see you next time everyone.



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