Bray Wyatt Getting FEMALE Character? CM Punk WWE Plans REVEALED! | Wrestling News 2019

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Bray Wyatt Getting FEMALE Character? CM Punk WWE Plans REVEALED! | Wrestling News  2019

Support give us a subscribe thank you for your support on patreon look was on a train when he came up with this named Eric a Ala sorry about your patreon name as well CM Punk plans in WWE revealed Bray Wyatt getting a new female friend in the Firefly funhouse in ain't Joe Joe controversy and an update on the Mauro Ranallo situation from yesterday oh the old time codes in the article description down below to jump to any of those stories right now hello and welcome to the wrestle talk trustworthy news I'm elf fake Adele Laurie Blake aka Blakey two times as I am the two time to time two-time winner of the wrestle league predictions competition and therefore the best guesser in all of the land so much so that I'll predict the Royal Rumble winner for you right now it's gonna be Keith Lee we'll come back to that at Rumble time and you can say Wow Laurie you were so right speaking of Rumble winners Becky Lynch just became the longest reigning raw Women's Champion yesterday her run reached 232 days besting

Ronda Rousey's 231 day tall with title Becky was obviously chuffed to pieces tweeting I've just become the longest reigning raw mins champion so I'm thrilled to be in the tank division right now it's kind of done when you say out loud but this does mean that she could be Becky to belts if that could booty warriors match happens at TLC or she could end up green I'm with sort of reddish hair so she basically kimura through why is Gamora - where is CM Punk and what are the plans for him somebody tell me because the best in the world was having a rest in the world last night rather than appearing on dubby dubby backstage on fs1 this week when asked why he wasn't on the show by a fan he told them that he wasn't booked through the medium of a meme cage sightings reporting that his no-show was nothing to do with Triple H appearing on the show either where I guess they could have had that conversation they both keep saying that they're open to but seemingly haven't had get it together guys one conversation that apparently is happening though is for a legit WWE booking for

Punk yes Pete every insider a reporting that the company keen to feature Punk on more WWE Network programming which kind of makes you think if a pipe bomb goes off in the woods and no one's around to hear it does does it make a sound but this is good content for the w/e network because insider are saying that Steve Austin wants to interview Punk for the broken skull session series it is said that there's been lots of talk backstage about making the interview happen although it's currently unknown if anyone is actually contacted Punk well people just talk to Punk now one person unafraid to openly chat Punk - Punk in public is AE w's this Sean P on Chris Jericho who spoke - with spandex and ended up on the topic of CM Punk we knew there would be a motley crew reunion and we knew CM Punk would come back to wrestling it was just a matter of time I think he came back with more of a sigh than a scream it seems kind of funny that he came back on a show that drew 150,000 viewers where it could have been 5 million viewers but if it's part of the process to slowly wean him into the wrestling business then good he's back for the first time in five years and no one really cares but

I'm sure it will lead to more I don't see how it can't I mean no one really cares well Atlas returned to WWE near my turn all he cares his lady partner less somebody else who cares about Punk's return is Vince McMahon who according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer radio was furious at Seth Rollins for responding to the CM Punk chants on Raw this week because Vince doesn't want to be building to a match that isn't in the plans because you know what if these things happen people get over matches happen organically it's a disaster isn't it just look at Daniel Bryan look at Becky Lynch absolute King train wrecks now this could also obviously all be one big work - to put the CM Punk match out of your mind so that when he shows up in the rumble and is eliminated by Keithley we're all like wow that was the greatest thing I have ever scene caitli is amazing Laurie was so right all of those months ago because also to add to the it's all a work way of thinking you would think knowing your boss is cagey about mentioning see who shall not be named or calling guys out for matches when they're not supposed to be on the cards would make you think twice about doing it but here

Seth is all over social media with it he mentions it on Roth and he even said it in an interview with 103.5 kiss-fm that he's ready for a match which probably is something you shouldn't do if your boss doesn't want you to do it unless of course your boss is in on it anyway Seth said yeah we interacted we had a singles match that was six years ago we're in different places now and a match would look a lot different we'll see he says never say never I say when will I say Street and you can say profits he also revealed that his aim all along was to get the CM Punk chance going on Raw he said let him know you want to see him on Raw let him know you want to see him in a ring let him know you don't want to see him behind a desk hiding in Los Angeles now this interview was all conducted pre slow he'll turn on Raw which is something that actually only makes me want to read the match between the two more a returning hugely over CM Punk versus a guy who thinks he's still the babyface in the company at mania yes please side order of Keithley thank you sir I'll take that now someone else who was pleased with Seth's shift to the dark side was Bray Wyatt who had been pushing

Rollins to deeper and darker places during their ill-fated feud leading up to Hell in a Cell and the fiend eventually winning the universal title at crown jewel but seemingly the darkest place of Seth Rollins and the most pleasing for Bray Wyatt the misappropriation of blame I know you had a new Seth tweeted Wyatt post Rawlings tenon off roar for being rubbish at Survivor Series which they all were him included but interestingly this is also a little fan theory that's going around at the moment and potentially a sub gimmick for the feint whichever side of the face he'll line you go into the feud on you come out as the opposite something we might also see happen with Daniel Bryan and something that happened with Finn Balor who went in as a face and ended up as a heel on NXT and the fiend related drama is set to continue on Smackdown this week as Bray has teased that a new ace will debut on Firefly funhouse this Friday now some assume that this would be a new puppet whilst some reckon it might be sister Abigail in some for adding some credence to this rumor is WWE wardrobe designer Erica Gimbel who posted a article of her drawing this sort of ghostly

Victoria nice style dress but the funhouse theme playing over the top saying let her in Bray Wyatt this certainly seems like a sort of sister Abigail style character though I'm kind of sure that that was the point of a be the witch so maybe this is just like a a thin debt just a female character joining the cast in general and I mean the rumor going around of the minute is that Liv Morgan who's been conspicuously absent from WWE TV and had a blacked-out profile on Twitter for ages might be the candidate or it could just be brave wearing a dress again Oh Harper what's he been up to these days and just how big is Erika making Matt dress speak in a Harper weirdly kind of gets me into thinking about WWE contract to Limbo entirely sure wine and a pair have been doing the negotiation dance with WWE backstage for the last few months all rusev and Lana front-of-house Lana has been doing the tango in the night with Bobby Lashley and rusev has been dancing with himself a five-fingered waltz now that courtship dance with Lana seems to have paid off as WWE announced yesterday that is signed a new multi-year deal with the star according to

Pro Wrestling sheet a five-year deal has been inked that also includes the ability for Lana to take time off for non WWE projects however they also noted that rusev has not signed a new WWE contract as that saucy sex addict is apparently right in the middle of ongoing contract talks for the company that probably goes something along the lines of if I stay will you give me my wife back but enough about Monday night cut fest because the red brand got a cutting of their own at Survivor Series where the crew in yellow and black came out on top and made NXT that a brand in WWE and with that big win under their belts you'd imagine NXT was about to hit the big time but apparently things are staying pretty much as is on weekly TV through to March next year because according to PW insider WWE remains contraction locked into regular Wednesday night shows at Full Sail University until the end of March 2020 and obviously there's been plenty of speculation of WWE tanking NXT on the road to bigger venues outside of Florida in the future god forbid which seems to fit with the sort of trial run of featuring pay-per-views on Sunday nights that they're doing starting with

NXT takeover Blackpool - and the Portland event in February kind of making NXT stand on its own away from the rest of the domain w/e umbrella but one man whose status with NXT appears to be a bit up in the air is Mauro Ranallo who as you probably know deleted his Twitter account following comments from Corey graves on Twitter during takeover wargames and then was notably absent from the commentary team during Survivor Series now at the time it was reported that he would be back for NXT regular programming on Wednesday this week but now according to John Pollock of post wrestling that is not going to be the case he reports that Morrow won't be on hand to call the show tonight and it's currently unknown where the NXT will use a 2-man booth I have someone fill in for Mauro like Michel coltd on Sunday it's Keith's time if this does turn out to be true it means that the situation is worse than previously thought one because we might be getting Michael Cole on NXT and like I said in yesterday's article I'm really hoping that

Mara gets back to feeling healthy and happy and returns to our screens when he's ready because we love Him thank you for reading if you liked the article give us a thumbs up as it really helps us out and why not subscribe if you aren't already because it's the only way to stay up-to-date on all of wrestle talks completely biased coverage of WWE aw and the world of wrestling I've been our fake adore and that was Luke sure.



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