Bray Wyatt Rumors Killer! Real Reason NXT Won WWE Survivor Series! Wrestling News 2019

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Bray Wyatt Rumors Killer! Real Reason NXT Won WWE Survivor Series! Wrestling News 2019

Support give us a subscribe thank you for your awesome support on patreon more Wonderwall Brian Gallagher hello and welcome to the wrestle talk hi I'm Luke Owen and why yes I am wearing a super lovely Olly Davis t-shirt and why yes it is available today and why yes there are more details coming up at it later in this news also be sure to give this WEBSITE a subscribe press the thumbs up button and leave a comment down below to tell us which of our lovely new t-shirts you're gonna be buying for Christmas support wrestle talk like this awesome person from aew dynamite this past Wednesday and that band was in attenders do not only get a whopping fifty cents of Chris Jericho's new t-shirts but also witness the announcement that Jericho has teamed with knocking point to launch a new sparkling white wine called Oh a little bit of the bubbly of course it cannot be called champagne as it wasn't made in the Champagne region of France in fact any champagne not made in that region is sparkling white wine despite everyone calling it champagne even though by its very definition it's not it's a bit like

Star Trek The Next Generation in many ways it's superior but it will never be as recognized as the original and it would appear that the announcement of little bit of the bubbly calm got a lot of people curious to know if it was a real website so many curious cats in fact that the website crashed in about ten minutes of going live knocking point which was co-founded by arrow star Stephen Amell who had a match at all in last year against Christopher Daniels tweeted that they've added a ton of new servers to cope with the bubbly demands and later noted the wine has not sold out just keep on trying add to basket along with the new Russell talk t-shirts speaking of nice treats and we've all had nice treats this year from the world of Firefly funhouse that segues sort of works it's wild to think that those teasers that came on the roars and smackdowns after WrestleMania let's have one of the creative eyes of 2019 prey what new character change to the children's entertainer mr. Rogers type figure with puppet friends who then wrestles as the super scary and terrify mean who walk to the ring with a severed head it was a gimmick that got so over with the crowd despite

WWE's best efforts and he's the current blue Universal champion on Smackdown and the biggest merchandise seller in the company and since the character reveals many fans have speculated on whether white would add new members to his group like he did with the Wyatt family something that might come to pass as it was announced earlier this week by WWE that a new Firefly funhouse member would debut on tonight's episode of SmackDown on Fox this led to some other speculation that it could be a new female sidekick with some even suggesting that it could be sister Abigail although I thought that was a bit off you know Bray himself this narrative was further pushed when contracted WWE costume designer Erica Gimbel tweeted a dress she'd supposedly worked on with the phrase let her in which she then deleted it also came around the same time that live Morgan who's been absent from TV for some time with a promise of a new character tweeted almost however there are works and there are works and it would appear we've all been worked brother after doing some digging around fight 'full and

Belle's Abell writer Kristen actually discovered that Erica Gimbel a verified account that was followed by several WWE wrestlers was not who she claimed to be Ashley discovered the Gimbel had purged all of her Twitter posts before April of this year she then did some reverse google image searches with a friends to discover that erica claims to wear a Givenchy dress for a Marine Corps ball but it was actually a Nicholas the label dress no not that Nicolas from addiction designer consignment boutique in a totally different state Erika also claimed to write an article about Mandy roses app for women's health as well as have a conversation with Saudi Arabia's vice president of education about the Natalya vs. Lacey Evans magic crown jewel for the Huffington Post Kristen Ashley notes that neither of these articles exists and with her Phoenix Wright super sleuthing skills Kristen actually discovered that Erica Gimbel was in fact an actor from the Bravo reality TV show Princesses Long Island has someone hacked her

Twitter accounts to create this new persona of someone who is a WWE costume designer Brian Saturn a Pro Wrestling sheet reposted this excellent journalist work saying in regards to that article last night that seemed to tease a female Firefly funhaus costume it would appear as though the woman who shared it is a fraud looks like she possibly hacked the account of someone who hadn't used theirs in years then changed the buyer so yeah we are gonna find out who the new member of the Firefly funhouse is tonight but it possibly isn't a female wrestling sidekick and you know it's really ashamed that all of Kristin's Twitter stuff happened in the same week where Batista and Dana Brooke are thirsty for each other's gyms I wish this would have been the best bit of Twitter all week I mean it's no whack at the Christy but it's still pretty good speaking of Ryan statin and the pro wrestling sheet writer was announced as one of the special correspondents for WWE backstage on fs1 a show that was originally designed to be an honest look about news coming out of WWE the UFC version of the show on the same

WEBSITE was brutally honest about the company and would cover topics like scandals contracts coming to an end and drug tests WWE backstage however has not been that show and is instead broadly be PR fluff to announce things like the Miz signing a new deal with the company they didn't touch WWE wrestlers being stuck in Saudi Arabia and all the news and rumors that came with that they didn't talk about ACH and his comments about racism in WWE and this week they didn't mention Corey graves his tweet that caused Maranello to miss Survivor Series and NXT and when asked by wrestling ink on why WWE backstage didn't cover these types of stories Ryan Saturn responded I don't think they want me there for opinions as they want me there to break news when it comes to negative stories I believe there will be times when I have to talk about negative things it's just worrying week two and nothing super negative has happened for me to discuss Ryan nothing super serious has happened in

WWE over the last couple of weeks apart from all those things I just listed 7 even contradicts himself saying that he suggested they talk about the Saudi Arabia controversy but claims the running order for the show was already in place and couldn't be altered when asked about ACH sat and replied when it comes to the ACH situation there's a lot of unknowns and I think they'd rather play it safe it's a case-by-case basis but while WWE might have dropped the ball with backstage they certainly didn't with their push of NXT at Survivor Series it was a surprising Survivor Series by most expectations when the black and gold friend winning the night overall with four compared to smackdowns two wins and Wars one team NXT one the women's five on five on five Roderick Strong pyncheons gained a Kimora Leo rush successfully defended his cruiserweight championship and Shayna Baszler won the main event overall Women's Champion Becky Lynch and Smackdown Women's Champion Bailey and of course don't you forget about key as he was one of the final two in the men's elimination match against top dog Roman reigns and as many suspected it's being reported that the reason for this big

NXT win was to put over the brand and help them in the Wednesday night war ratings war against a W as it had been on the losing side prior to their involvement in Survivor Series fake monster right in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter you can very clearly see the priority right now is trying to market the NXT brand as not being viewed as developmental or lesser and most importantly you Survivor Series to increase Wednesday night ratings from a strategic standpoint they couldn't have done better they also also notes that following Survivor Series we're unlikely to see Raw and Smackdown stars appear on NXT like they did in the bill to the pay-per-view with the idea being that viewers will tune in to see the people that beat the main roster talent and due to Thanksgiving we won't know if NXT beat aew in the ratings this week at least not at the time of this recording but it is expected to do so with a post pay-per-view bump even though Raw drew 2.1 billion viewers this week following Survivor Series which is the second lowest non-holiday rating for the show in 22 years the record low came just two weeks ago when it went head-to-head with a football game that drew 12.5 million viewers of the top post

NXT stars on the show like rear ripley matt riddle and doji it was Shane a baseless who's got the biggest win of the night when she tapped out Bayley before being laid out by Becky Lynch all of the bills of that match was centered around Becky and Baylor and it would appear that is set to continue into the new year I'm a poet than even know I was rhyming those words it happened anyway dave meltzer is reporting the idea of the match and really the entire angle was for BAE's 'la basically carries herself and talks like a badass bully the original plan was for her to be on the main roster in 2020 based on so much of the build and the match and post match it appears she is being groomed for Becky Lynch well that's all from me today but before I get out of here I did once a once again plug our brand new merchandise now a lot of you have asked about wrestle talk much and this is the third time we've tried to get it right so sorry about the other two times but hey this time we actually definitely for sure got it right and to tell you more here's housemate Simon now everyone in wrestling does merge sure but when wrestle talk came to me and said

Simon you look great today and I thought wow what a nice compliment but what did you want to talk about and they said we need some simple photos done of our new t-shirts you know nothing crazy and I thought I hear what you say so I looked for inspiration from some of our great creative visionaries Elon Musk Steve Jobs rest in peace and of course Javon Smith and it was actually Jayden who said to change something you need to shock it and that is exactly what I've done a new fraction debuted in aew and there's a new challenge ensue Adam : NXT check out the wrestle talk live reviews of NXT and aew by clicking the articles on screen right now thank you for reading and a special thank you to our patreon pledge hammers some of which you can see scrolling their way into my stomach - Luke Owen and that's where wrestling.



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