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Guys did you see it yesterday drum drum was left hanging by the Washington Nationals they visited the White House yesterday for winning the World Series and then with Stephen Strasburg their star pitcher went up to the podium he left drum and look at this let's watch this article to celebrate finally thank you Oh bird bird oh my god burn hahahaha burn left him hanging left him hanging Oh burn hashtag fake news I guess I'm a dumbass I'm Tyler's ed welcome his education yesterday the Twittersphere had a meltdown absolute meltdown over the Washington Nationals visit to the White House clearly they were doctoring photos and articles to make Trump look bad and then when one of the players Kurt Suzuki he put on a mega hat all hell broke loose here's the clip including an amazing three-run homer by Kurt Suzuki where's Kurt come in say a couple words come on I love you all I

love you all thank you so he put on a mega hat went to the microphone and said I love you all that's it that's all he did and then Trump hugged him it was kind of funny looking like the Titanic Twitter had an absolute meltdown people freaked out over Kurt Suzuki putting on a mega hat and accepting praise from Donald Trump and here are the best of the best meltdowns from Twitter yesterday putting on a mega head as a form of racist hate speech and an implicit threat of violence Kurt Suzuki should be banned from baseball if you don't like this tweet you this is one thing about Twitter how did this guy get a blue checkmark if you thought Kathy Griffin was bad level-10 Kathy Griffin TDs this guy takes the cake it is it's unbelievable so this guy has a blue checkmark how does somebody like Dave Portnoy not have a blue checkmark if Portnoy if you ever see this I want to work for El Presidente Kurt Suzuki what though I would like to get to both generation japanese-american Kurt Suzuki's take on

Trump's internment camps all the internment camps the border I just the horror it's awful so Kurt Suzuki is a suspected white supremacist that guesses Kurt Suzuki is a white supremacist I missing something here here's Kurt Suzuki putting on a mega hat and getting felt up by trouble hey Kurt Suzuki who just won the World Series now what are you going to do I'm going to make a gesture that'll guarantee that 63 percent of the country loathes me even before they know who to hit I am 63 percent of the country sorry to tell you buddy but yeah you know you need a lot more than 37 percent of the country to win the presidency I think your numbers are a little bit off blue checkmark another blue checkmark how are the hours Twitter at Kennedy's out this is insane oh my gosh no it's Kurt Suzuki a white nationalist danik Kurt Suzuki us twins fans were so happy for you to win a ring and you had to go and ruin all that goodwill so quickly a huge twins fan here and this guy you whoever you are

James Greco you living in the twin cities bubble this that little two County area you definitely don't speak for myself and thousands of other Twins fans Kurt Suzuki is a piece of short and so are all the other Nats players current Suzuki should be ashamed of himself Kurt Suzuki is a oh no Kurt Suzuki oh man I just lost all respect for Kurt Suzuki Kurt Suzuki putting on a mega head makes me want to drop my phone in the toilet please please drop your phone in the toilet then we don't have to see these stupid tweets anymore krysta zouk and Ryan's gonna make you kiss my ass I will be burning all my magic and finding a new team your teeth just won the World Series they just won the World Series you understand how rare that is you might never see them win a World Series again in your lifetime it could be once-in-a-century thing and you are going to throw away your team and disavow them because one of the players supports the president the United States Oh unbelievable so many DC sports events triggered to discover that non-college white men are big

Trump demographic wealthy nod college white men buddy Gary Republicans as at Ed's so mm uh both Ryan Zimmerman and Kurt Suzuki went to college Kurt Suzuki is Japanese American prejudice much round of applause just round of applause for all these idiots on Twitter round of applause for letting them expose themselves as dip shits I love it love it there were thousands more tweets like this and there were also thousands in support of Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman and Strasberg and all the other Nationals players and I also wanted to share with you guys another hypocrisy that we have seen quite a bit over the last three years before I show you these headlines from 2012 ask yourself what happens in the media and all these personalities on Twitter when athletes refuse to visit the White House they don't get disowned they get praised remember Megan Rapinoe the soccer team all of these athletes Golden State Warriors they get praised by a lot of people when they say I'm not gonna visit the

White House because I dreamt but let's flashback to 2012 when the goalie for the Boston Bruins refused to visit the White House these are just a couple of the headlines from sports outlets who just disowned him from Bleacher Report Tim Thomas the ugly truth behind his refusal to meet the president ugly ugly truth Tim Thomas disgusting you didn't visit the White House disgusting from Sports Illustrated why Tim Thomas's White House snub was wrong so back then in 2012 not visiting the White House it was wrong how dare you how dare you not visit the White House it's tradition you don't snub the president and you flash forward to tales 19 and we have a totally different sentiment now it's okay now it's okay to to snub the president did not visit the

White House and break tradition if you were sick of the hypocrisy and you're sick of these idiots on Twitter that meltdown over someone supporting the president please like this article please help me get it recommend to others please help me share the hysteria the level of hysteria that we have reached in our country people losing their minds abandoning all reason abandoning all logic in the name of just hating somebody they're preaching anti hate and hating it's unbelievable and before I go if you didn't watch my article yesterday please head over to my new website my second website and check out the articles that I'm going to be posting on there hopefully once a week please subscribe to that website and click the bell for notifications when new articles are uploaded until tomorrow

I'm Tyler Zed and this is Education.



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