College Football Playoff Scenarios - Alabama vs. Auburn - OSU Football - LSU Football | CFB Mailbag

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College Football Playoff Scenarios - Alabama vs. Auburn - OSU Football - LSU Football | CFB Mailbag

Time now for our college football mailbag I am Tom Downey that is Harrison Grant most of you guys know the drill by now use that hashtag CFP Matthew about the culture will play off but use that hashtag makes it much easier for producer Alicia I first up from Tyler Aven does this chat have SEC bias for unreasonably supporting LSU or is it only biased when it supports Alabama I'm confused thank you saying just in general as SEC bias only apply to Alabama or is it now apply to other schools well I think that's what he's trying to say the problem is in recent years is Bama was the only reason to have SEC bias right everybody's like oh the SEC has been the best league while they've been riding Alabama's coattails for a decade so this year LSU is the team host yes you see obviously they're very good that offensive this was digs at the other commenters by the way all right Troy Daniels long time reader thank you again now with Oregon losing do you feel Utah needs to win out to go to the

Rose Bowl or would the Utes go to the CFP well they do need to win the pac-12 title game to go to the Rose Bowl yeah but or they get upgraded they can get into the college football playoff as well so what would happen there is if they made the playoffs or agon would get the nod even with three losses they would go to the Rose Bowl out of the pac-12 that is kind of the scenario there look if you're looking at you toss pass to the playoff I still think they're in really good shape I believe they are winning in and less Georgia beat LSU that's what I believe or maybe Minnesota beating Ohio State but I feel like that's much more who that actually that actually hurt Utah yeah I'm saying yeah that would hurt them as well they'd feel better if Bama loss to Auburn but unless Bama just went huge I still think in the end after that 13th game the conference title that would give Utah the edge in the end they just can't have an upset in the SEC or Big Ten title all right Josh Smith wants to know how the hell you would you put a house a it over LSU with whom LSU is beaten thank you for using whom Josh people don't realize this it's actually always him but that's extra work that's typing an extra character um what I would say is their resumes are very similar in Ohio State's been more dominant I think LSU's three wins are better in Mid Ohio states but they haven't been as impressive in terms of margin of victory

I mean you look at them side-by-side they're the margin of victory heavily favors Ohio State in that scenario and look you can't go wrong either way right like 50 I bet half the committee was on LSU side I think it was probably pretty even they're rewarding Ohio State for beating Penn State over the weekend it was a top ten do you know what hurts LSU is Texas not being good oh definitely that look like the best win in college football then all the sudden it's not it's a marginal win okay and that's what's tricky right because if you're all shoot we're like we schedule Texas what do you want us to do well Texas didn't turn out to be good you're still gonna get any phone as you went out there so every one of the comments type me if the media or the college football playoff hates our team I ain't typing in my me I don't see where Miami of Ohio is ranked and it's disrespectful what are they six and five seven and four eight I may be a fake fan Tom down he doesn't even know what his alma mater is record I checked out the second they won the Mac East cuz I've already achieved my dreams there's seven and four but it's gonna be acres are gonna be Ball State because Ball State's terrible eight wins gonna win the Mackey's this year all right Dayton right now that LSU is number two do they fall out of the top four with a loss to George I still don't think so because they're playing a top four team now if you were to bulldoze them maybe like I don't know like 42 to 17 which I don't see that happening a Georgia's offense isn't good enough and B LSU's offense is too good to only score 17 but

I think they're in if they beat I think I think for LSU it's not that there isn't much of notes between one and two it's one and twos up here and then he got kind of three four five six everyone else so that that difference doesn't run impacts I think it's 1 2 3 4 5 2 V like that's kind of what it is so I think LSU is in a really good spot you beat Texas A&M; this week now if you're a fan of your favorite college football team because of course you are don't be a fake fan like me apparently Harrison sorry III try to cut account view house table sorry chat sports comm / NCAA gear get yourself some college football gear favorite team everything's on the jerseys choose shirts if they got hoodies got some hats hoodies hats as well up to 50% off chat sports comm / NCAA year go check it out the promo codes change all the time but we'll keep that link updated for you guys chat sport's calm / NCAA kheer all kinds of stuff on sale just for you guys alright JC Hennessy Ohio State has ruined their chances in recent years I think that was more of an exclamation more than a question mark how confident are you that they go 13 I know this season well usually the loss happens before 11 or November I don't think they've ruined their chances in November quite frankly if you lose to Michigan it then beat Wisconsin or Minnesota I still think you're in because you're gonna be a 12 in 1 Big Ten Champion if we're saying Minnesota gets in if they went out that applies if Ohio State's 1 loss chance well so they could go 12 and 1 but

I think they're gonna go 13 and no they've been very dominant they have the most talent by far the Big Ten I feel pretty alright John Wayne where does George's strength of schedule rank producer Alisha when he says they've played a good schedule this year and it's gotten better as the season has gone on they were kind of hovering in the 50s or 60s but their schedules more back-loaded went through that stretch with Florida and Auburn yep just beat Texas A&M; who's in the top 40 worked out pretty well there for Georgia they do control their own destiny with a game pending against LSU and the title game winner of that game punches their tape if they need their office to get back on track playing three wins Georgia Tech isn't a bad way to do it that's a little play this week and then obviously a big matchup gonna take gonna take tech wah to get back going they got nice win over NC State over the weekend look any conference wins switching for the triple option to the spread gonna be a long go for them Clifton wants to know what ranked Oklahoma is we'll get you guys the top 25 and where Oklahoma ranks here in just a second but they did move up this weekend and maybe bail or moving up was the best thing for them actually yeah Baylor's rise sets of Sooners for a higher quality win yeah help the problem is for ou you I think is that if your best two wins are over the same team that's tricky I I think yeah absolutely because you know we already saw them beat Baylor on the road so is beating them on a neutral field it'll launch their resume up

I'm not sure it is obviously getting Baylor into the top ten helps I still think the big 12 is in trouble keeping Utah ahead of oh you is significant I think from the committee standpoint and if they were to be organ in the PAC's whole title game of course if they'd be Colorado this week I think they would have the advantage of big 12 that's the top 10 they're Penn State BAE looks like that big jump Minnesota as now usurp Penn State again like they should have been last week but whatever see how things turn out so keep me to that hashtag CFP for the live Q&A; they got bow Culberson Georgia has the best defense question through the top five I mean I think Ohio State's with Chris Young is the best defense in the country Georgia has been very good though they've carried kind of a struggling offense all year long I think those two teams come to mind a Penn State has a really good deep end so that they were pretty impressive against a lot of safer Alabama's not what it usually is LSU is not what it usually is those are two or three teams hi Suzy wants to know if we think all burn will be Alabama they've got a shot they're playing at home they're playing a backup quarterback their defense is good Albarn speaking of good defenses they're another good defense it's a good match of Iron Bowl obviously Mack Jones I think it's the unknown right I still think Bama has enough around Jones that they should win this game the question is and they got potentially down the road at some point for first round received yeah

I mean seriously in nagi harrassing ain't too bad either but uh Alabama I just think has too much offensive firepower even with Jones I think the game players I mean just they just flip back to what they were before to arrived oh you just they just have a game manager just spreads the ball around don't make mistakes I will say balancing trying to blow out our burn while just winning the game as well might be tricky because again we went over earlier you got to win bit you can't sneak by if you're out you've got to win big so if you try too hard to hit too many big plays maybe you turn it over some Auburn could be in line to win this I don't know how much I trust Bo NYX Frank that I think this is still a little bit young still a little bit raw needs to be a better passer but let us know you guys got type 1 for Bama and 2 for Auburn I'm going Bama in this one even on the road we know how rivalry games go it'll probably be close I'll say Bama for like 10 to 14 points I think it'll be a defensive type of game I think like 31 to 20 might be the type of score there I think I'll be on wins but I don't think it's enough to ball them into the top four I think they would need some help from other teams Zach Dustin he wants to know why isn't anyone talking about Georgia has the worst loss and fairly beat people I'll just I guess I'll defend or jet the South Carolina loss was a disaster they should not have lost that game but the committee is also valuing beating good teams Georgia this year has beaten a top 16 a top 16 team in

Notre Dame a top 15 team in Florida all burn inside the top 16 as well maybe a.m. which is in the top of the phone list but I think top 40 look our burn is not Oranje is not gonna blow people away with they're not a prove anything I had the offense they play things close to the vest they think they can wear you down running the football and stop you consistently defensively and they've proven that even against South Carolina they came up twenty points I mean it's not like they got blown out and that came in overtime yeah that's the most air from throw four picks in that crop still they had a pick six and they're normally clutch kicker missed and look I'm not defending him law so that's a bad loss at home but they've beaten three top 25 teams top 16 teams so I mean the committee saying look their metrics are extremely impressive and if we dress you you deserve to be in that's rather you win close against good against good teams then wind against bad that's what that's that's the Utah versus Georgia yeah an Aquarius Walker if South Carolina beats Clemson can't believe producer Lee she brought this one up like they beat Georgia do think Clemson will get in if not who I don't think Clemson can lose I mean obviously if three other teams lose they could still get in but I think it's very simple for closing went out you're probably the third seed in the playoffs you know that maybe you get into the top two if Ohio State or LSU slips up in their conference title game but they don't have any top 25 wins they might get one in the

ACC title game but the loser of that game likely drop which I don't think they should they should stay right there playing an extra game don't don't charge theirs I agree with that but at most you're gonna have one top 25 win you don't have any right now they've been dominant but to me I don't think they can lose with their metrics the tough part is this like if you look at the eye test only which is the thing the community uses Clemson is one of your four best teams oh no no but that's on paper it's if they have a debate before to it if they lose a game and still get in over teams that are more deserving because the Clemson would not be the foremost serving teams barring some true chaos then really what's the point of playing the game well cuz they still mad that's the point right but these are long-term the best teams and I'm putting this in air quotes as I say it in terms of the most talent or pretty much the five same teams every year Ohio State Clemson Georgia Alabama Oklahoma and I think LSU is probably that 16 those are the teams with the most talent year in and year out for about what seven or eight years now I mean that's what it's been so it it goes back to that's what's wrong with that idea of thinking is why even play the games if you just want to put the best talent in there put a combination of those four teams and go play with that said Clemson's gonna win out so it's not gonna matter alright JC Hennessy LSU and AM was a wild multiple overtime game last year is there any chance of seeing another upset this I don't believe so

I actually thought a.m. had a puncher's chance against Georgia and that proved to be right they had the ball down six with a couple of minutes ago yeah they really couldn't move yeah couldn't couldn't move the ball well enough they'll have better opportunities to score against LSU's defense but choke burrows gonna put up 40 plus he's done that every week the difference between last and this year it's simple Joe Brady the passing attack of LSU has taking ten steps forward from what it was last year yeah I don't they a.m. keep up offense so you see your chopsticks there at the bottom but who will be the top four let us know in the comment section which four teams you think will make the college football playoff you got Harrison we have to make changes I think Clemson I said this four weeks they're the easiest log they're not gonna sketch it's not there LSU is gonna be a em so I think they're and regardless what happens necesitar game I'll say they beat Georgia at Georgia is not in Ohio State wins out I think those are like the top three it would be surprising that's right I mean I'll rail on the same page here yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna go Utah I hope the committee proves me right if they went out I would just give me something different don't put Alabama man that would that would be so disappointing I'm gonna go Utah I think they went out and and they beat Oregon in the pac-12 Tyler I'll go Oklahoma instead of used to be different you guys can bet on the college football playoff into all college football games on

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