David Ortiz Destroyed the League on His Retirement Tour - Baseball Bits

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David Ortiz Destroyed the League on His Retirement Tour - Baseball Bits

This article was brought to you by the athletic the best place for baseball coverage online you can use my link at the athletic comm slash foolish baseball for a 30-day free trial and 50% off your annual subscription fee let's see here 40 things to do when you turn 40 number 35 make a retirement plan man that seems like a decent idea alright here's a take actually like baseball's retirement tours sure they're corny and I don't have that much interest in the gift-giving contest that occurs when the retiring legend visits an opponent for the last time put there have been some good ones like the twins presenting Mariano Rivera with a rocking chair made out of bats shattered by his cutter that was cool in recent years we have also seen Chipper Jones and Derek Jeter going huge retirement tours of their own but apart from the weird politics of who gets this special treatment and the one-upsmanship and gift-giving

I like retirement tours because they give us an opportunity that we're not always afforded in sports or in life and that's the opportunity to appreciate someone while they're still here and the privilege to say goodbye before it's too late on November 18 2015 David Ortiz used his 40th birthday to announce that the upcoming MLB season would be his last but this final season was going to be special it wasn't just to collect gifts and photo opportunities although there were still plenty of those this was a final season defined by the results Ortiz achieved on the field the year was 2016 an old man Big Papi was going to tear the league apart one last time expectations for Papi's final season were pretty high although he was a bit past his prime he was still a very productive hitter for Boston when he announced that 2016 would be his final campaign in the previous three seasons he ranked seventh and o-p-s and sixth in homeruns across all major league baseball and the hope was that he'd be able to maintain this level of play despite his advanced stage to play

Professional baseball at the age of forty is an accomplishment in itself but it's not in common for legends of the game to put a pedestrian numbers in their twilight years 42 year old Willie Mays and 40 year old Derek Jeter just to name a couple basically played until they couldn't play anymore and their final season stats reflect that but Ortiz was never one to follow the typical aging curve although he is remembered almost exclusively for his time in Boston David Ortiz started his big-league career as a Minnesota to win a combination of injuries and questionable performance prevented Ortiz from ever getting consistent playing time so after six partial seasons in Minnesota it wasn't really clear if he was actually that good at playing baseball before the 2003 season the twins cut David Ortiz to save a little cash and free up a roster spot for rule 5 draft pick pose a more bun who of course went on tap a brilliant Hall of Fame career wait no no sorry he hit 141 and 61 career games the

Red Sox scooped up the Dominican designated hitter and of course the rest is history he became one of the many late bloomers at the d-h position like Edgar Martinez but this isn't a article about his full career this is a article about what the 40 year old papi did in 2016 it's time to start the season the leek should have known what they were in for from the get-go on April 15th known speed demon David Ortiz stole a base and he's just look at him go that guy means business on May 14th he had a walk-off double against the Astros it was the 23rd and final walk off of Papi's career then a day later he tripled because well he had no speed demon Ortiz had a huge Bay batting 347 and clobbering nine home runs that month the longest was this 436 foot bomb to the deep part of Fenway a huge accomplishment for any player but especially impressive for a 40 year-old in his final season at the end of may Ortiz was leading all of major league baseball in both on-base plus slugging better known as o-p-s as well as WRC Plus and

Aaron Park adjusted hitting stat where 100 is league average so for that two-month stretch to start the season David Ortiz wasn't just good he was the best hitter in Major League Baseball in June the twins which reminds you were both a Ortiz's former ballclub and be the team that gifted Mariano Rivera the cool rocking-chair presented David Ortiz with a jar of Skippy peanut butter apparently this was a callback to a clubhouse incident in which then teammate Corey koski had speared peanut butter on Ortiz's underwear during spring training ah the old peanut butter in the underwear a classic that's a classic bit right there on June 19th he collected his final stolen base against Seattle but those 40 year old legs that did something far more interesting than steal a couple bases I'll get to that later mmm 40 things to do when you turn 40 number 8 start walking stupid well I put the stupid it just said start walking

David Ortiz took that advice to heart drawing a walk in the all-star game that year he was pinch ran for and received a standing ovation it's not uncommon for a beloved player to reach the all-star game in his final season as voting frequently turns into a popularity contest not more teases case at the all-star break he was putting up astounding numbers hitting 332 with 22 home runs and the astonishing 1100 o-p-s his inclusion was well-deserved number 17 do that thing you used to love on August 6th on the road and in a National League Park the Red Sox decided to give David Ortiz the start at first base which had become more and more infrequent as he got older it was the last time he ever played the field but he did make a couple nice snags if you want to play the gift-giving game we should give props to the Tampa Bay Rays who presented Ortiz with a painting of his 500th home run which was hit at Tropicana Field a year prior that wasn't even the best gift he received from a division rival as the Orioles bequeathed upon

David Ortiz the visitors dugout phone he destroyed in 2013 consistency was key as a d-h he was able to focus all his energy into the art of hitting in his final season Big Papi outright refused to have even just a single bad month to prove my point I created this 2016 calendar featuring pictures of former journeyman reliever Bob Wickman because he's an Adonis of a man as I flipped through the calendar you'll notice that David Ortiz never had no PS below 900 for any month wait who put this picture of Bartolo Cologne and my Bob Wickman calendar with Ortiz powering their lineup the Red Sox made the playoffs in 2016 but were ultimately swept by the Indians in three games in the final game of that series Ortiz drew a walk and was eventually pinch ran for exiting to cheers of his iconic nickname there's definitely worse ways to go out from breaking the curse to proclaiming Boston as their freaking City I have to say freaking because the monetization is the thing Ortiz had gone from

Minnesota castaway to one of Boston's most celebrated sports heroes it would have been a great final season just for the memories but Ortiz provided the Red Sox with much much more than fuzzy feelings in 2016 let's talk about the crazy numbers he put up here's all the pertinent stats on screen at once just chucking them up there let it soak in for a second are you the type of person that's drawn to traditional stats that 315 batting average 38 home runs and 127 RBI must be really eye-catching for me it's more about breaking the 400 OPP and thousand o-p-s marks as well as 163 WR C+ but to each their own in this case it was an elite hitting season no matter how you slice it those 127 RBI tied him with Edwin Encarnacion for the American League lead and that 1021 o-p-s was the highest in all of Major League Baseball yeah he had the leaked IOPS at age 40 at the season's conclusion Ortiz finished sixth in MVP voting it was the seventh top-10 finish of his career if you compare 2016 to

Ortiz's other eleven qualified seasons at the plate his final season comes out quite favorably as well it was the second highest batting average third highest on-base third highest slugging fourth most homeruns fourth most RBI and fourth most hits of his career he really turned back the clock we've seen a lot of on-base plus slugging in this article so hold more won't hurt right among players in their last season with at least 300 plate appearances Ortiz ranks fourth behind Ted Williams Barry Bonds and Shoeless Joe Jackson those players all had very different exits from the game than Ortiz shoeless joe was of course banned from major league baseball in the wake of the 1919 Black Sox scandal despite the fact that he had an excellent World Series that year Bonds was still incredible at the end of his career rocking a 4a do BP you don't think there was an American League team that could have used a 480 OPP designated hitter the truth is Barnes was effectively blackballed from the game in the wake of his steroid scandal and ensuing perjury case and finally there's

Ted Williams who announced after the 1960 season that he was bored of hitting it no longer challenged or interested him in terms of Wins Above Replacement also known as war it's a similar story the guys ahead of Ortiz are the mentioned Shoeless Joe Jackson and happy felch both of whom were banned in the wake of the White Sox scandal this graphic also reminds us of the tragic passing of Roberto Clemente who still had plenty left to offer and even in Jackie Robinson's final season he had already begun to suffer from the diabetes that eventually ended his life at the young age of 53 this is all to say that Ortiz is the only person on this list that exited the game on his own terms he was blessed 40 things to do when you turn 40 number 10 lift weights Ortiz was a complete hitter but his power is probably what he was best known for among players in their final seasons he dominates the leaderboard both in terms of home runs and slugging percentage it's an impressive case of what I like to call old man strength so

I wanted to have one last question answered 2016 Ortiz clearly stands out among players in their final seasons but where does he rank among players in their 40s so David Ortiz hit the most homers in an age forty season or older it's got to be worth something right still that's not the most interesting thing to me then there's runs batted in which he leads as well you know if you averaged want Soto's age twenty season and David Ortiz's age forty season you'd have a really good baseball player who is at a reasonable age to be doing excellent things still that's not the most interesting thing happening here no when I was alluding to his stolen bases you might recall me saying Ortiz did something even more impressive with those 40-year old legs see what freaks me out the most is how many doubles he hit which is 48 he hit forty eight doubles forty-eight seriously no one his age has even managed more than 35 doubles in a season yet David Ortiz hit 48 doubles as a 40 year old senior golfers often try to shoot their age well

David Ortiz hit a double for every year he had been alive and then hit eight more for good measure now Fenway Park is basically doubles paradise in fact according to Baseball Prospectus left-handed hitters in Fenway have the highest double factor in the entire league but forty-eight doubles is still a crazy feed one thing about this season being so recent is that it was played in the age of statcast Ortiz feels like a bygone from another era but he played long enough to have those juicy exit velocities launch angles and barrels tracked and when you look at all those he actually comes pretty close to replicating a modern young masher like Joey Gallo albeit with a little less emphasis on longe ankle forty years old by the way so to sum things up old man David Ortiz spent his 2016 traveling from stadium to stadium receiving tributes from his opponents and then promptly dashing the hopes and dreams of sin opponents it's a pretty baller way to spend the final season this past year he gave baseball fans a huge scare when he was shot and wounded in a cartel assassination wrong as he wasn't even the intended victim of the attack still in

David Ortiz fashion he bounced back to throw a first pitch at Fenway Park just a couple months later and with that came the reminder that even though David Ortiz had played his last bit of professional baseball he'll still be a part of the game for many years to come number 18 sponsor a child donkeys move this episode of baseball bits was brought to you by the athletic the athletic provides its readers with the best baseball coverage and storytelling available they employ a world-class team of writers they cover all your favorite organizations at the local level as well as at the league level and that goes for almost any sport you can imagine on top of this the website and app are completely ad free so no more annoying pop-ups you can use my link at the athletic comm slash foolish baseball for 50% off your yearly subscription as well as a 30-day free trial once again thank you to the athletic for sponsoring this episode of baseball pits.



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