David Pollack (HEATED) Barry Odom fired as Head Football Coach at Missouri (BREAKING NEWS)

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David Pollack (HEATED) Barry Odom fired as Head Football Coach at Missouri (BREAKING NEWS)

Zuri multiple reports are saying decided to move on from Barry Odom Odom four seasons at Mizzou difficult situation he inherited Tigers fell off during this year to finish six and six to give o to May 25 and 25 record in his career multiple reports and now confirmed by espn's adam rittenberg that Barry Odom has been fired as the head coach at Missouri got to find that right guy and I'm not sure that there's any doubt that you know a lot of state certainly found the right guy both at head coach and and quarterback to see Justin fields coach zero sugar counting us down to kickoff it'll kick off about five minutes afternoon in the big house to get ready for Ohio State and Michigan his Michigan tries to turn this thing around and maybe WEBSITE and what happened 50 years ago oh you thought that Ohio State was on its way Don Moorhead kept it for a touchdown and Tom charges kicks it off and it seals the win for

Michigan sort of spoiling a year for Ohio State 1993 Todd Collins looking for mercury hey nice incredible catch yes and how about Collin throwing deep the Derrick Alexander there's some history of Michigan rec you think boy Ohio State no tie log this is sports pic of the king hey really beat down look at that we're gonna have to get some turnovers with them they're gonna beat the book I have to tell you that 28-nothing 1995 show Mugabe Jakob Atoka went for 3 1-3 beocca Mutulu became a first rounder in this game one of those days George was on that team Ohio State loaded and like you said there's so much history when the team that's expected to win runs into some challenges emotionally what look this is the case in all of these you see the numbers were silent all of these Ohio State expected to win Michigan there to get it done the Wolverines with another big upset in 1996 ty streets take that game and you get Shawn brings you know a lot of people it's a boy I've shown a lot of ku para highlights here though the Hail Mary that tail is showing miss highlights I can't believe

I said hail hail to Michigan with that particular picture right want you to think about this Albert II Herrnstein he didn't make it to Owen five in the game rich rod wasn't given the opportunity to make it Owen for no coach in the history of the Ohio State Michigan game has ever lost his first five tries Cooper truck tied his fifth try and then lost to next year if Jim Harbaugh can't find a way to win he would be the first coach to go oh - five in this rivalry now Harbaugh's got a lot of similarities to Cooper you know he's one went away from his fourth ten win season while at Michigan one went away sort of the defining phrase for The Hardball era so far while st. did women to the six here Samuel turns out their archrival I've been a part of some really close ones lately we are reading a Michigan in float I'm pissed off like I'm really pissed off something we've been thinking about you know for a whole 12 months now you know just being able to hide that all season you know bond here we have the chest you know attack this week now we live this year-round and that our guys understand what it means to play in this rivalry you can have a great season go undefeated and lose the team north it's bad season it's the biggest game of the year looking forward to every possible thing about it

I think this team's more tested than any other kuna ID on't think there's anything that can really favor this anymore our last time at the big house with one of the best games in college football and be able to put our name in history well that's 15 years against Ohio State Michigan has lost 14 of them nine by at least 11 they've been dominated in terms of being out game the turnover margin has been terrible Michigan last year got blown out when it was expected to win Harbaugh had t-shirts made that said Cole Big Ten East champions and had the score of the game plastered on it is there anything that makes you believe they get over the hump today and knock off Ohio State yeah there is I there's hope for if I'm a Michigan fan I've seen a lot of things over the last several weeks that I really really like first of all Don Brown has evolved and changed from a year ago last year they were man to man and you know what make no bones about it we're playing man-to-man consistently and we're gonna do it better than you do at Kirk and they and they got beat up because every 96 and 6-3 96 and 62 points yeah that stings okay so I think when you've readed him against Notre Dame this season gets

Penn State this season they do a better job of staying with two safeties they do a better job of disguising and bringing the safety down after the snap I think they'll be more ready for Ohio State's attack by the way we talk a lot about chase young and we should talk about chase young Josh you che there you go it's a man-child if you read him number six rush the passer he's one of the best in the country maybe second best in the country so read for number six today against Ohio State 6 and 18 quit IPE and they do a good job of kind of using games upfront twists they don't always have to blitz now they're just getting pressured with therefore Hutchison he's been really coming on I can't wait to see Dom Ryan against Ryan Day the way it went last year but if I'm a Michigan fan you got to be looking at Shea Patterson he's been different these last four and a half games playing with a lot of confidence stretching defenses horizontally with a lot of the quick throws to the receivers Ronnie Bell getting in space mixing in the run game and then taking shots to Nikko Collins and Donovan P traditions we go back to the battle for Paul Bunyan's act of 2003 I remember sitting in the studio and reading the

Englishman priesthood he didn't even wait to read it the balls in the air that he was breathing-- to the Addison President was taught to control that act after that until last year Minnesota that long droughts history soit moment Demetrius Douglas going the other way sometimes I got do a split the middle and he hit the side last great return for him excellent play Alex Hornibrook pronto they picked him up three times and a bum game yeah and then Bryce Williams 15 long years oh they out with constant Wisconsin controlling the line of scrimmage both sides you know there have been time to get that act you run to the goalposts act like you're gonna chop it down one year here the minnesota players got around and said not here yet get a little testy this is what's at stake this time minnesota can win consecutive game scores the Big Ten championship game spots on the line first team hunt first time undefeated at home for Minnesota if they win since 1954 the heyday of their power and when you look at this Tanner Morgan has had a sensational season month of November you know qbr Desmond what's that oh wait Joe Burrell has been better than Tanner Morgan in the final month I tell you what well half the reason is because he has some great elite receivers a throw to when you talk about

Rashad Bateman and Tyler Johnson these guys are the best in the conference one in two in receiving yards let me show you what to look for in this afternoon's game when they take the field against Wisconsin these guys they like to play with this little rough Tyler Johnson right here he's about four yards with top of numbers normally that would indicate he's going to run either an out route or come back but he loves to run go trot go rounds now read the defender he's kind of bump and run right that's Tyler comes off the ball he's gonna eat his cushion about five yards up the field right here and stop it and now the DP doesn't know is that we're gonna do that puts Josh in a great position for a goal route great hands extra concentration read TV to safety like I can't believe that happen in the next play but Johnson's a slant route unless we're having technical difficulties ding you will not see the slant right he was so fast they're so excited about the game they gave you these receivers they're very elite they're going up against a badger secondary there's only given up 13 passing touchdowns this season I love Minnesota's wildlife stuff but these conditions yeah it might be a little heavy

I love you could tell at home but it was real it was leading about a couple of minutes ago yeah and now it's gone it's it'll be back it's just crazy when you talk about this can you think about this game coming into this season to come up at this point if you want to go quarterback you check Minnesota box you want to go playmakers you check Minnesota box I mean that's just yeah the PGA Flex done an amazing job the line of scrimmage is good too but just finding guys on the outside that can consistently make plays and Tanner Morgan he's not a game manager you read the throws he makes consistently it is tight window throws great throws big time edge to play making in quarterback with Minnesota over Wisconsin I think Jimmy Leonard the defensive coordinator from Wisconsin he played in this he understands it defensive coordinator the last three years his team the first eight games only allowed 139 yards a game through the air last three that's not been the case averaged at 251 they've been giving up some big plays and now they have this task that Dez and David just talked about trying to defend this RPO game Tanner Morgan they got to get pressure bond and or these two linebackers who can't get after the quarterback they both got to play well

I heard or early in the show saying he was coming to get the axe back we'll see if Wisconsin's defense and step up to its level of play from earlier in the season more on this game coming but this is the Saturday every year when we start to have news about coaching changes Missouri multiple rooms of the Big Ten championship game a head coach to the Gophers PJ Fleck is with Maria that's right recent a wintry mix is the perfect time to actually roll areal boat we got one out here for you coach that's perfect that's good right yeah absolutely I got a question for you are you having an elite day I have an elite time could you not with all of our fans here the power of the state of Minnesota this is tremendous you know it's extraordinary coach does.



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