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And the current state of smackdown is pathetic all I see are a bunch of misfits and cowards as WWE heads towards their TLC pay-per-view here's all the pro wrestling news for today Chris Jericho has never shied away from controversy via coming to WWE from WCW going to New Japan from WWE or being the first big star nae w he has always been the one heading the line on a recent episode of talk is Jericho he spoke to Donald Trump jr. about a variety of political matters the backlash she got was enormous as fans protested wondering how he could have invited such a divisive figure Jericho did not take the criticism to heart for him it was the same when he was criticized for bringing flat earthers on the podcast he went on to say he would offer a platform to people from different backgrounds he went on to say that he was not a political person and doing political shows were not his aim finally it bothers him when he gets lumped together with other wrestling podcasts as he wanted his podcast to be more than a wrestling podcast which is why there is a variety in guests Dakota Kai has given a reason for assaulting

Teigen knocks after the tag knocks provided an update saying she was beaten up but ok and would return despite the shock of having her best friend turn on her chi replied posting a picture from the moment Teigen had originally been selected for Team NXT while really left to Kota Chi out and told her she was not good enough to be included she said that Knox had been silent then and now Chi could remain silent as well or I could just stay silent like you did things are not going well for WWE as it appears two superstars are out of action ec3 is currently out after picking up a concussion he was concussed at the end of September and had his last match on main event that month he teamed with Eric Young and lost to Lin Tsai Dorado and grandma to leap over the past year that's been a lot of controversy it's been difficult it's been a lot of speculation a lot of confusion about not only the past what lies ahead for the future now I've heard everything you've had to say I've read everything you've written the rumors the innuendo of a hippo so I didn't think I'd be here but when I started this journey it was a it was a dream it was a quest it was gold it was aspirations was a dying need for a sense of purpose in this past year

I just it's past you got taken I have to do what's right and then make the right decision somebody on something I prayed up after careful consideration my colleagues my friends and my family I've I made the following conclusion Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself the other Android superstar is NXT UK's Draganov the last showing he had was with alexander wolf in a no DQ match there's no word on when he'll be back but he is expected to continue his feud with Imperium Alexander wolf unless the storyline has moved on former UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar is currently trying his luck at pro wrestling something more and more UFC fighters are doing as inflate he made an appearance for Impact Wrestling where he stepped inside the ring with moose he was recently on the wrestling Inc podcast revealing his previous life to be over as he is now the American Psycho even though he suffered injuries and was currently dealing with a torn pectoral muscle and a broken wrist he could not care less I laugh at injuries I have a broken wrist and a torn PEC and I couldn't give a damn despite beginning late in the game he felt he was only getting started when talking about possibly joining WWE he did not seem too interested as the reason for his change in career is freedom and

WWE might not offer that are you kidding me I got fired from the UFC I'm doing this for the freedom my goal isn't more Fame it's freedom if I can't do whatever I want this it's gonna be pretty hard to do it honestly I'd get fired pretty quick from the WWE so I don't have my hope set on that while he has nothing against aew he is not going to sign an exclusive deal with anyone he enjoys independent wrestling and wants to learn and develop more the rock recently talked about who he would put on the Mount Rushmore pressing he named Ric Flair Hulk Hogan Steve Austin and gorgeous Georgia Bruno Sammartino former Debbie w/e superstar Cameron was one half of the funkadactyls she was released and never received a reason she has previously spoken about the unfair treatment certain stars have received she felt that agreeing with Rybak about the treatment he had been receiving from WWE was a reason for her release they never gave me a reason I can kind of put my finger on why you know when the whole Rybak thing happened I also wasn't doing anything you know a perfect moment when you're not doing something and you make a little bit of controversy it's an easy way for them to go oh it's time to let you go she was not angry about being let go yet she gave up her spot on the main roster and went down to

NXT she also had only trained for about three months when she was called up to go on the road she felt that was unfair not really giving her much of a chance to perfect her craft currently she is working on a TV project as well as a music single Chris Van Vleet recently spoke to Enzo amore about his recent appearance on the g1 super card and aew Enzo compared himself showing up at the g1 super card with WWE invading WCW he saw it was the first non WWE run wrestling show in Madison Square Garden in some time and decided to take the opportunity if WWE can show up in tanks to a WCW pay-per-view not a pay-per-view of Monday nitro and then air it on their program I'm one man but I'm a brand make no mistake about it with a million followers and an opportunity to make money outside of the confines of a corporation I'm my own brand if I show up in invade sorry this is pro wrestling he also touched on aew and said he always tried to stay on top of what was going on he tuned in to Wrestlemania and readed Brock Lesnar Finn Balor because they were his friends he also readed the matches between Kenny Omega and Pat Cody and RB Allen and Cody and Goldust saying those matches were really good finally he hinted at showing up at a wrestling show soon saying that he had a foot in the wrestling business and that he had some plans the ratings for a

EWN NXT in Smackdown are said to be delayed thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday season the NXT aew ratings are going to be released on Monday while Smackdown ratings will be coming out on Tuesday Steve Austin talked about CM Punk and WWE backstage on the state of combat podcast and shared his views on NXT and aew speaking about Punk's job with Fox he admitted to not being sure if this would lead Punk to an in-ring return although he was happy the punk was back he said that he knew Punk and the company split up on the worst of terms and the fact that they were back made him happy he called Punk an excellent wrestler who could deliver incredible promos and said the punk was like a breath of fresh air because he brings something different to the game Austin said there was a lot going on with aew doing what they were doing in W a power also putting on great shows and NXT on the USA Network and not just being on WWE's Network he said the wrestlers were the biggest winners as a few people were definitely getting paid a lot more than they had been a few years back they have their head-to-head thing going on which is cool ATW is doing their thing and

WWE is doing their thing and when you see kind of when the business was down a few years ago and to see where it is right now with so many different shows and Tuesday's show on Fox and the Friday Night Smackdown on Fox I just think more guys and gals in the business getting paid than a few years ago so the fact that everybody is making money I love it aw could be facing consequences because of the match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega for breaking rules of the State Athletic Commission Chris Cruz got in touch with the Maryland s AC regarding the rules of bleeding and excessive bleeding during their showcase he said he wanted to know if the Commission had a doctor president ringside and wanted to know if the wrestlers would have been allowed to continue if they ended up bleeding heavily no matter what the cause the Commission said no bleeding was conducted during the match and they prohibit talent from cutting themselves or their opponents as the talent are not allowed to introduce human or animal blood during the matches they said though there was a doctor present they would be conducting an investigation into the match it was previously reported that Vince McMahon was not happy with me match between Bailey Becky Lynch and

Shayna Baszler at their most recent pay-per-view Vince was furious wildly match was going on with some odd spots during the bout things were worse due to the fact that crowd was quite dead there were a few awkward spots surprising since the bout was heavily worked on in practice it got so bad that Vince was really mad about it as it was going on there was a story going around Vince was so mad he was telling the ref high spots for them to do as the match was going on but those in the company have only said McMahon was mad saying he had every right to be but said he was not sending high spots to the referee while the match was going on CM Punk revealed that his favorite wrestler growing up was rowdy roddy piper which resulted in the interviewer asking why not Hulk Hogan and this is what he had to say I was never a Hogan guy I've met him and liked him even less now sharing is caring and if I have one I think it's only fair that he has one too and this was your wrestling news update for the 29th of November I hope you're all having a great day thank you so much for reading and I'll see you later in the next article.



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