DM'ING 100 (NBA) PLAYERS TO PLAY 1 VS 1 (Basketball)

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DM'ING 100 (NBA) PLAYERS TO PLAY 1 VS 1 (Basketball)

Hello geser here welcome back to a brand new article today we're gonna be DMing a hundred NBA players asking to play one on one I need a friend though Mitchell has arrived in the building I have 640 1000 followers and the way Instagram works if you DM someone and you have a lot of followers you go to the top of their inbox some of these NBA players are gonna see it and before we get into it I want to shout out my own game dare to play we have a Kickstarter for it it's a daring trivia game it's super fun you're interested in car games check the link in the description now there are a couple NBA players who do follow me you know what let's go to James Harden I have played harden one on one once so I'm gonna ask him for the rematch we have some history he bullied me I was at this event where I was meant to play one-on-one it was his event I got invited to play one-on-one Hardin comes an hour late sees me playing one-on-one cuz I get his white boy off of course threw me off got some Street ball player to play I cried

I need some revenge pardon are your new pants is not hardened to get past 1v1 that's a beautiful DM Russell Westbrook one time I was a foot away from Russell Westbrook I was so intimidated I was gonna say something and nothing came out of my mouth nothing King Westbrook I seen your game I'm 12 years old you tried to fly we'll start off with the all-star Durant is definitely checking these DMS variants the homie never met them you like Durant only responds if you kind of me disrespectfully true fan look yeah I know you'd be low-key reading my articles today crybaby would be wood or sure or shit aza 1v1 but don't hurt ya you know we got a dream on dream on play me one-on-one don't want this work I got a roast in the lumen I'll just guess I would slap you I'm rude if you remember this you said we would play 101 Josh heart that's your Josh follows me Josh get back to Cali we need this one-on-one for the culture that's respect yeah yeah not for tonight DeAndre Jordan 1v1 me or I'll trap him in my house you can't just come into a DM saying I'm gonna kidnap one view of Edo fast yeah I'm sure it shook you wanna play one-on-one big fella

I'm just good you know we gotta keep some of them simple Jew holiday I made a article with Drew holiday he's always been nice to me so I have to come off in a nice way this offseason let's make some more finger articles get this 1v1 Luca you are my body inspo where did you learn body ins V 1 V 1 I talked to Trey young in high school he readed the articles so there's a chance he'll see this tray on cheap killing it like if we ever played one-on-one I would be killing you rondae hollis-jefferson my opinion the funniest NBA player he got kind of mad at me boy I was kind of dodging this for night reckless but not on purpose no I think I walked into your room one time and you were playing a fortnight together for fun we kind of stopped playing and I was like yo you try to play if yous like a big brother play you've been done to make this offseason basketball for my house in this article I was gonna damn all 100 and then wait a couple days to see if they responded but we already have a response Josh Hart reply with the laughing emojis he said I don't know we their Sunday but it's back to back so

I'm in and out get it this offseason you know no NBA players trying to play one-on-one during the season and I personally would not want to play any of them one-on-one because if any it's like history happens it's my fault Chris Paul he has 9 million on the ground nobody's gonna reply 1v1 me bowling this offseason for the kids so as follows like a certified Pro Bowl okay once we Bowl that I'm like on the court Chris you stand there chances really lure him in with the bowling obviously LeBron we have the same trader yeah rich Johnson who trades me he trades LeBron so therefore I have the same skills as you yeah get this one-on-one for the kids winner gets tacos hopefully LeBron replies okay so i'ma send LeBron a picture feed him you know we go way back Austin Rivers one time was that the Clippers facility when he was there I was playing 2k you know I think he do I talk in my articles I look up he's glaring at me 1v1 basketball I've been training to play you for you Dwight Howard you are a king I gotta make him you know be like I gotta boost my host em up 1v1 I must say for the kids

NBA players love doing things for the kids Shaq the people want to see you on the court again 1v1 basketball let's just keep saying for the kids people love doing things for the kids Carmelo great to see you back on the court right to see you back on the court let's get this one V one basketball or a article one day for the kids I was the first person lamella like really dunked on it went viral ever since you dumped on me at the 24 my life hasn't been the same get this 1v1 back to the States Marcus Morris yes 300k he's gonna see this one on one for the TargetPos you know and you might be like okay you twos I might wait you baby he wants to make a TargetPo champ Frank if you beat me in a 2k tournament once you beat me in a 2k tournament play me 101 hey what about that baby what I want Patrick Beverley I must say you dog all right I said I want to go play be what I was gonna call your bio says zero worries more like you would have a hundred worries if you played me one-on-one what is happening in that long do you want Booker Drake once said wet like I'm Jess sir one time I was in a designer store

I turned around buddy Shields was right there let's play one-on-one one day we got a message please just say you're the goat but if you want to die on get well soon my G also bias I've made a article with him he was a nice guy let's get this one v1 also I have you on fantasy and I appreciate you let's just do bow bond real quick I'd be reading the refs be hating on you I feel like they be hating on bow bond because of his size you need this 1v1 rematch hashtag be nice to bow bond all right bear let's message Jared Jackson jr. you know he actually came to the to live house next time you come to the house get this 1v1 word Jordan pool I'm just gonna put 1v1 question mark Oh yogi are Yogi's really short 1v1 basketball no post up question mark we have a message Steph Curry praying for a speedy recovery we I feel like since he's injured we can't just be like 1v1 so we're just gonna write that now this curry Seth Curry will ask him for a one-on-one I'm hopping in your next workout we getting this one be one of D'Angelo Russell 1v1 mean do you think he knows I'm talking about basketball I don't know mark he's Chris we're DM and him my guy let's make this one V one half unless you're scared unless your sugar

Kelly Oubre jr. 1v1 me winner is crowd sexiest human alive he's known as the sexy guy are you trying to convince me what do you think I just wanna know what you think look at it 1v1 on the court likes a white business totally chosen it changes the vibe Derrick Jones jr. this guy can jump so high so I'm just saying dunk on me and then when he responds he's gonna be like I got you and we're like in a 1v1 Derrick Favors do me a favor claim me 1v1 for a article we do jail around alright we're just gonna keep it simple get this work 1v1 jaelyn young game-changer all right Marcus smart you gotta change your name to middle age game-changer I'm the new young game-changer 1v1 BAM what i'ma beat saying when I dunk on you if we played one-on-one aron baynes i think i've d had too many people no I'm gonna wait a couple of days to give them time to respond see the messages but some of them already replied right away for anything a look at that blow bond replied Blake reply you're the go I love it thanks my guy how you doing Blake is so awesome I made a article with him once I met him at all-star weekend broke also a weekend all the players are leaving

Blake sees me walks back damps me and Chris stuff like how you guys doing he's like the nicest guy all right I'm gonna say that he does like some stand-up you just feel like a comedy roast Blake is funny Ronde replied I said Rhonda shit saucy sit one-on-one for my hot city said deal I'll be training then I gotta put the white fish yeah buddy Shields replied you said facts bro soon I'm getting the clads ready for the WEBSITE Tobias Harris responded to roll get it the next day I'm now unblocked from sending DMS I sent some off-camera so we have about 20 left and then we'll see who responds zach lavine just hit a crazy buzzer beater this offseason get this 1v1 for the kids of TargetPo all right Wendell Carter jr. I see you be ballin 1v1 one day please marketing does write whatever you want imma leave a mark 1v1 unless you're nervous well I think we did Radley meal this offseason we need a 1v1 Wendell already reply I gotta follow Wendell I just hit it with the best get it that was crazy search one day we will have our cook-off one day we will have our one-on-one Java rant crazy rookie year my G keep killing it 1v1 for the

TargetPos Brandon Clark of the Grizzlies are I'm gonna say word on the street you're scared of me on the court 1v1 oh we have a message Jonas remember when you taught me the Euro step I have bastard the move I am ready to beat you one-on-one Kostas he has a TargetPo it's time for the TargetPo collab we need this one be won and that's a powerful that's a power play that could happen Lonzo I need my rematch from our horse game 1v1 this time I wish I had your hair let's just say that's a colby white he might reply that JaVale Jame I'll come back to the two I pass so we can get this one-on-one we made it to I article with him so maybe he'll come back oh do we message Kuzma no what did you have some more people want to let's media me and the next clip we'll just cut through everyone who responded in a couple of days it is one day later obviously not all of them replied I'm just gonna go through all the replies you don't really get any replies today so I'm just gonna go through everyone who did reply you know Kuzma didn't read it Wendell Carter jr. replied he said definitely will and that's use a pop and rookie so that's a dope one collab this summer maybe

Blake responded again why you said appreciate that my guy keep killing so now we going for the 1v1 if you're ever bored this offseason let's make a big article where the kids Jared Jackson jr. applied and he said it on slime this offseason I'm gonna destroy Jared Jackson in some basketball we're just preparing all the collabs so that's really cool everyone who responded like I've had encounters with so I make sense except for Wendell Wendell is the only person that responded that I haven't had like an encounter interaction Lee Bo Vaughn replied with the check yes the thumbs up and the arms I'm just gonna heart it he got a send of a article of me doing this this what does that mean I don't fully know I'm a white kid but it's like slime I don't know it's happy you slime so literally just like this dude we're gonna just do rondae hollis-jefferson he likes that I'd be training so we're just gonna leave it at that Tobias Harris we replied to him he said let's do it I said this awesome offseason my G let's make it happen to buddy let's play one-on-one facts bro soon this offseason Josh Hart also replied we saw that earlier so that was everyone who replied I'm honestly happy how this turned out

I was a good amount of people replying yeah like that was like five honestly I didn't expect people to reply at all like I did I was hoping maybe one or two people but and Blake replied that's super cool he's like one of my favorite players I hope you guys enjoyed this article drop a like if you want me to try this with more NBA player as much I got Mitchell's WEBSITE you're sitting into a rapper one or something yeah SoundCloud rapper's SoundCloud wrasses for features so that's gonna be double check out his WEBSITE down below hit the subscribe button right here right now and the other two articles have been popping up I'll see you guys later peace.



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