Extended Highlights | Camila Giorgi vs. Su-Wei Hsieh | 2019 Eastbourne First Round

Extended Highlights  Camila Giorgi vs. Su-Wei Hsieh  2019 Eastbourne First Round

Extended Highlights | Camila Giorgi vs. Su-Wei Hsieh | 2019 Eastbourne First Round

So it is first-round action here in Eastbourne a so when Camila Giorgi going head-to-head here on court to picking at the 3rd title of the season yesterday lovely play that from shusui way dictating the rally giving herself an early breakpoint in this first set it's brilliant from chef C right it's great job it's a good hold from Camila Giorgi yes brilliant from shake what a way to bring up breakpoint and there is the break she takes her chance this time that's nicely done by Georgie she has the chance now to respond straight away to break points and there it is this long from Hsieh su-wei and Camila Giorgi breaks back straight away certainly seems to be settling into her rhythm now I can got away from her and she hasn't been able to recapture her rhythm since then that's better nice forehand winner from the

Italian know how that is absolutely outstanding from shake touch is just wonderful shares a bit of a cushion now in this first set that was long as well from she should be disappointed with that service game nice to put away Shadid well to keep that point alive it's nicely finished off in the end and the double fold to finish a bit of a feature of George's game in that opening set 9 double faults in all and it's the ninth one that proves to be the most decisive at handshakes away the opening set six games to three and very good hold from shake it's very close just catching the light and just that a breach for shake it's never quite know where any shot is going to go that's great play from Georgie Sisu way was doing exactly what she does creating incredible angles on her shots and there it is practiced a lot of shows away beautifully put away by Georgie nicely done by

Georgie coming into the net putting that away it's a lovely shot a little helping hand just nicely put away it's nicely done faults will be a concern how nice to put away Oh brilliant from Georgie tremendous point it's good work again from Georgie and she caught the line and Shay sends it long and Camila Giorgi back in contention here you're standing from Shaykh unbelievable point really good hold from Camila Giorgi what an impressive turnaround this spin you notice Camila Georgie turns the second set on its head from a breakdown she claims it by six games to four wonderful shot that's a great surf that's an incredible point huge credit to Georgie beautifully put away just a casual lovely touch and that's slipping away by Georgia it's another very good hold three game points another fabulous shot from

Georgie from 40 left down just now applying the pressure no another brilliant rally and wonderfully finished off by Georgie that is just incredible what a point and she's got the breakthrough in the second set so Georgie deserve having got the advantage now some of the points they still played have been absolutely extraordinary just the casual end to the rally there from shake you know that's a wonderful shelf it's missed by Georgie and that is another break and we are level again just long from the Italian lastly don't picked it up well we're in plenty of time there Georgie and executed it brilliantly Georgie somehow finding a way to dig herself out of a very deep hole where that's really nicely done by Camila Giorgi what a hold from love-40 down well what a contest here on court -

Camila Giorgi making her return after a three-month absence with an injury and she fought right to the end again chase away and it's the 33 year-old who comes out on top in three sets two hours and 13 minutes to win 6-3 4-6 6-4.



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