First Take - Stephen A BACKLASH Lakers beat Bulls 118-112 LeBron proving he's "monster and alien"

First Take - Stephen A BACKLASH Lakers beat Bulls 118-112 LeBron proving he's "monster and alien"

First Take - Stephen A BACKLASH Lakers beat Bulls 118-112 LeBron proving he's "monster and alien"

Ron hit the basketball get another look at the defense market abroad yes a system abroad another assist is you said to away the triple double defraud the triple double LeBron James first ting presented by the United States Marine Corps what's going on everybody welcome to first take on a Wednesday thank you for hanging with us Steven a Smith Max Kellerman Molly Karen Rose has everybody feeling today what's going on y'all are y'all doing how's everything going good good okay hey max where the hell are you max where you happen where you I happen to be in Los Angeles this morning oh happy to be a lot to happen to be a Southern California sunshine huh happy to be in a Southern California sunshine I just want to see what it's like to be Steven a Smith for a day there we go there we go let's go Molly oh speaking la thank you so much Lake Show wins again now six and one their lone loss was opening night when they face

Kauai and the crew Steven I remembered that game la trailed by as many as 19 points but they pulled off the come back and beat the Bulls in the shy the Laker social media account all sorts of hype ducks writing this first Laker with three straight triple doubles in 32 years all hail the king LeBron retweeting it with the emoji like don't tell anybody keeping it under the radar in a crown adding washed King Max Kellerman yo is LeBron James proving he's the best player in the world nope Kawhi Leonard's got the throne LeBron has done nothing to knock him off they went head to head LeBron didn't want it Kawhi got it his team won and that's in spite of the facts LeBron James had ad and Kawhi didn't have Paul George look the fact of the matter is the Clippers are already load managing Kawhi Leonard right LeBron played every game Kawhi has not OC max so LeBrons been more valuable no let's all remember for a second even a what did

I as you would say religiously say in years past on this show when people were making arguments for James Harden and others as MVP I would sit here and say LeBron James is the MVP don't tell me in a sport where more than 50% of the teams make the playoffs then MVP comes from a non playoff team therefore what are we doing talking MVP before we see the way the playoff shake out right Wyatt let's forget about the letter of the law what are we really talking about we say the most valuable player in the game and the reason I was always saying it's LeBron is because once the playoffs started he showed everyone what's what he showed he was still a man playing with kids basically once the playoffs started but Stephen a in his 16th season his team missed the playoffs meanwhile Kawhi Leonard got traded and that team magically won the championship and he had one of the all-time great post seasons so if LeBron wants to take it from Kawhi in the words of Yoda he's talking to Luke

Skywalker Stephen a Vader you must confront Vader LeBron must confront Kawhi he had get no MVP so far when he's been playing with a D Kawhi hasn't been playing with Paul George when they went head to head Kawhi got him and LeBron didn't want it it's Kawhi Leonard until proven otherwise well listen I'm not about to sit up there and and go against you in terms of your point about what we saw from LeBron James opening night which was anemic to say the least I don't give a damn what anybody says but based off the way he's been playing the last five games along with my you know my prognosticating about what he was going to do this year I'm here to tell you right now he's right on course he continues to play this way the Lakers continue to win this way LeBron James gonna end up being the MVP of the league because unlike you I do believe the regular season matters I don't think that you tell an audience millions upon millions of fans that the 82 games that they pay to watch these players perform should mean absolutely nothing

I'm not of that mindset what you do in the regular season matters to me to a strong degree it doesn't mean you have to play every but I do believe what you do during the 82-game regular season there should be a separate award for that I don't have any problem with being a playoff MVP our Finals MVP and distinguishing and differentiating that from what you do in the regular season and I don't have any problem with you being recognized for what you're doing a regular season even if it highlights what you don't do in the postseason but when it comes to LeBron James gonna be 35 years of age next month he's averaging 26 8 and 11 right now he's leading the league in assists he's had three consecutive triple doubles two were against quality teams your dynamic duo in Dallas with dante and porzingis and then of course against the Spurs before going up against the Bulls last night when you see the way that he plays and you see the way that he's running this team and you see his efforts on the defensive end of the floor and you recognize the fact that for the first time in a decade he was home in

April watching the postseason because he got injured last year with the groin injury missed 17 consecutive games ultimately ended up missing 27 games overall in the season playing 55 having this were statistical year everybody talking about father Tom climbing in etc etc I'm the one that came on in here said yeah this brother is going to be a monster this year he is going to be on a mission he is going to sit up there and guide the Lakers from an abyss to playoff contention I believe that their move away from winning the chip I know the Clippers are a better team but I'm still picking the Lakers to win the chip because of LeBron and AD and I think right now with what we're seeing from LeBron he has not made me out to be a liar he's been a monster and I Got News for You max it's just getting started look I'm going to get even better as this season progresses LeBron has been a monster and I cannot state enough how that should not be taken for granted demands in his 17th season and it's not a normal 17 years it's

Olympics it's it's the globe-trotting in the offseason it's deep playoff runs as in to the finals almost every single year as an incredibly high usage player he is unbelievable LeBron that doesn't mean he's the best player in the game Stephen a just cuz he's doing that it doesn't mean is the best player in the game look he's played one more game than Kauai again with a superstar teammate that right now Hawai is lacking but look at the numbers okay twenty nine to twenty six seven to eight and really 11 to six you know what you're not seeing the two steals it's actually 2.3 steals and block per game from Kauai Steven a the P er which takes all of this into account it's largely an offensive statistic LeBron's around 30 Kai's around 35 now that's mainly an office miss t'k that's so offensively Kawhi is a more efficient player defensively Kauai is a better player than LeBron let me tell you where you throw that P er right out the window with that quote that that blasphemous quote that you just gave Kawhi

Leonard definitely might be more efficient offensively as a scorer at this particular juncture because he's insane from the free-throw line compared to LeBron who obviously struggled from the free-throw line but excuse me in terms of passing the ball getting other people involved get excuse me last time I checked that's offensive efficiency and we all know that LeBron is a better efficient as a more efficient player from that scope then Kawhi oolitic awhile then it might be more efficient at this particular moment putting the ball in the hole with a degree of accuracy whether it's him shooting either from the field or from the free-throw line but in terms of facilitating for others around him and getting those other players involved oh he's not better than LeBron look P er takes all that into account and does a weighted average but but you may be what the hell would be yeah right you may be saying look it's and by it's not a perfect stat there is no perfect stat and you may say well thank you or don't you bring it up because it's a good thumbnail sketch of what's going on so you may say

PE or is not capturing some of LeBrons value look at the passing for example and LeBron might be the best passer in basketball one of the greatest passes of all time and that's the one weakness and that's rise game until this season Kawhi is becoming an excellent passer and that's the only thing that was only you said be coming yeah that means he's enroute I'm sorry LeBron's already there it has been there for years hey how do we know this because Max Kellerman Max Kellerman has been on national television for years Oh change it are you ready for this max I'm in route to run at 5 miles a day guess what oh my goodness we got to leave it there guys Lakers currently 1st.



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