(Five-pointed star) flag lands basketball association in trouble | News | 26.Nov.2019

(Five-pointed star) flag lands basketball association in trouble  News  26.Nov.2019

(Five-pointed star) flag lands basketball association in trouble | News | 26.Nov.2019

Good evening IRISA Michael and you're reading key news Pico infighting appears to be getting out of control now even spilling into the Malacca State Legislative Assembly a melaka government motion to nominate a peeker leader aligned to party President Anwar Ibrahim as a senator was defeated after Topeka assembly persons aligned to party deputy moment Osman Ali left just before the vote beaker communications chief farmy Fuzzle said the party will be getting in touch with the assembly persons for an explanation but in this matter I believe that we will get some additional information before we comment further I believe we will we will make the request for them to explain action I think because the Malacca Dorn is still in session probably we will expedite the matter so perhaps initial perhaps a report by China Press said the pocket on harp and that state government barely had the necessary numbers to push through a motion to nominate

Malacca picker chief Hallam budget as a senator however the motion was defeated by one vote after PTR's Jeanne Lim and Muhammad Jelani Camus left the assembly chambers just prior to voting for me isn't the only one who's looking to have a word with the two State Assembly persons PKR president and whatever appears eager to describing their move as unacceptable unacceptable that is the word that Anwar Ibrahim used to describe the action of two PKR assembly persons which led to a melaka government motion being defeated by a single vote I am in touch with them I mean I'm supposed to meet them today or even communicate with them that is of course not acceptable because they have to respect the decision of the state and our position is a must support ministers motion when asked about whether their actions had anything to do with infighting in PKR this is what an hour had to say in a fighting or not the decision of the state and the party must be respected when we think about being delivered chicken is usually done by one of those popular food delivery services but that wasn't the case for peak our youth chief at mal

Nasser this morning the service center of peak our youth chief Akmal Nasser was splashed with red paint early this morning and to add insult to injury the perpetrators also threw a chicken carcass at the entrance but incidentally that black movement happy for me it's not being achma said he was informed by a staff member who arrived at work at 7:20 a.m. of the incident at Malou is also johor bahru MP confirmed that a police report has been lodged and he would leave it to the police to conduct an investigation this comes as the pker youth wing prepares to hold its Congress on December 5th picker deputy youth chief Hillman Adama insisted on maintaining the tradition of having party deputy president Osman Ali officially wings Congress however Ahmed Nasser has invited peak hour advisor dr. one Aziza one is smile instead of husband to officiate the Congress Herman is widely considered to be aligned with husband while Ahmed is on the side of party

President Anwar Ibrahim have a question for viewers do you know what malaysian flag looks like i know this may seem like a silly question to you you're probably thinking of course who wouldn't know that what about the folks at the Malaysian Basketball Association the Malaysian Basketball Association or ma ba has accepted full responsibility and apologized for displaying a wrong malaysian flag during the opening ceremony of a basketball match last night the flag with a five pointed star and eleven red and white stripes was shown on the stadium TV screen as the national anthem was played together with the west part malaysia logo the gel or gamelon has a 14 pointed star and 14 red and white stripes that represent the nation's 13 states and the federal territories in a Facebook posting last night mama wrote quote to all our fellow Malaysians and basketball friends tonight was the opening ceremony of the 28th ma ba Milo lumen Chuck Cup 2019 meanwhile foreign minister Saud and Abdullah has ordered an investigation into the gaffe Qing Feng has returned well not quite because he died six years ago but his ashes have been brought to

Malaysia from Thailand former communist party of Malaya or CPM Secretary General Chin Peng was not allowed to return to Malaysia when he was alive now six years after his death his ashes have been in from Thailand to Malaysia according to chicken folk the coordinator of a group which handled his remains a memorial ceremony was held on the same day the ashes arrived in ipoh perak on the 16th of September this year Chin Peng was born in setiawan para in 1924 following the disbanding of the CPM he had lived in exile in Thailand chai said that the ashes were scattered at sea near Lumet as well as in the jungles of the titiwangsa mountain range there are no monuments to commemorate these sites sure drinking alcohol in public places be made a crime one group think so the Malaysian Muslim consumers Association ppim chief activist not Sam Jones said the government and local authorities need to sit down enact a special law to ban people from drinking liquor or alcoholic beverages in public places he said the law was necessary to address the recent spike of social problems associated with alcohol use he was commenting on a recent statement by

Deputy Health Minister dr. Lebon chai that his ministry had no authority to prohibit the public from drinking alcohol in certain places as the ban was under the purview of the local authorities that Sam also urged the public to continue to lodge complaints to the local authorities to take decisive action if it was found that individuals were drinking alcohol in public places and serve the designated premises as it involves issues of racial and religious sensitivity coming up next Kerala may now be Hong Kong's most unpopular post-colonial leader Tesla's cyber truck is a massive hit all schools may finally be a thing of the past thousand more after this Kerala may have cemented a position as Hong Kong's most unpopular post-colonial leader and she appears to know that to Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam acknowledged on Tuesday that the record turnout in local elections won by opposition pro-democracy candidates highlighted a dissatisfaction with her administration while appealing for an end to violent protests appearing tired and drawn Lam spoke a day after results showed that

Democratic candidates secured almost 90% of 452 District Council seats in Sunday's elections a landslide victory in polls that were widely seen as a barometer of the opposition against the Beijing backed leader including deficiencies in governments including unhappiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment and of course to end violence so I said that we will seriously reflect on these views expressed to us and improve governance in the future of our work the elections brought a record turnout after six months of protests and upset wins for Democrats against heavyweight pro-beijing opponents greeted in some voting centers by chance of liberate hong kong and revolution now Democratic party chair person would CY describes the election as the first step on the way to full democracy tesla's first pickup truck the cyber truck had an embarrassing debut last week the glass of the supposedly bulletproof vehicle cracked in a smashing test that was broadcasted live however that didn't stop hundreds and thousands of people from making bookings maybe that was a little too hard this was the embarrassing moment for tests last launch of its first pickup truck the cyber truck however test last

CEO Elon Musk said on Sunday that the company had already received 200,000 orders for the new more the cyber truck comes with a futuristic angular body that resembled an armored vehicle and is made from ultra hot stainless steel and armored glass which mask claimed was bulletproof a single stripe of white lights wrap around the trucks front replacing headlamps the 4-door six seated trucks sharp geometric body was set atop massive tires starting from 39,000 and my hammer US dollar it is less expensive compared to the other Tesla versions the design of the truck which can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 2.9 seconds was partly influenced by the Lotus Esprit sports car that double as a submarine in the 1970s James Bond film The Spy Who Loved me as well as the movie Blade Runner to Colombian sisters have developed a product to safely clean up oil spills let's have a look Tianna Solano an industrial engineer teamed up with her sister Natalia a chemical biologist a few years ago to find a possible solution to clean oil from water they came up with a plant-based product that was safe at the environment quick to act and could be made locally the end product is an all natural oil concoction made from vegetable extracts and minerals that break up

The petroleum ok this product when it comes into contact with hydrocarbons turns them into nanoparticles so that to the naked eye it appears to have disappeared but what has happened is that it has turned into a nanoparticle that doesn't affect the environment the sister said that while other oil spill cleanups can take years or even decades to reverse damages their production gorel does the job in days and at most a month since entering the market in 2016 god oil has helped to recover 126 hectares of land and water including two nature reserves in Colombia and here are several of the news highlights from today and that is all for me today for more stories curricula tv.com you can also follow us on Instagram Twitter TargetPo and Facebook for the latest news updates from Brassard thank you for reading but before we go we leave you with stunning highlights of the Dubai Airshow 2019 from the Al Maktoum International Airport you.



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