GOLF Two Key Advantages To Right Side Bend In The Downswing 2019

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GOLF Two Key Advantages To Right Side Bend In The Downswing 2019

Hey guys in today's article we're going to talk about two key advantages to right side Bend hey guys Eric here at the Bethlehem golf club want to talk to you today about two key advantages to right side Bend during your downswing now before we dive into that I want to make sure you guys are aware of qug or no golf comm core no golf comm is our online community full of golfers like yourself and myself looking to improve it's where you can send me your swing articles it's where we can work together over the winter which is so critical to improve for next year as a member of Carano golf we get access to our Facebook group that's where you can post your swing articles up I will help you identify your main priorities give you drills to do and guide you through the process of improvement along with all of our other members you also get access to all of our master classes the practice section the quick fix section as well as the member library

I would love to work with you guys over the winter months check out Cornell golf comm I'll put a link in description down below alright so let's talk about two key advantages to right side Bend now hopefully right through the past couple of years you guys have been understanding with our articles or other articles that we want right side Bend during the downswing right side Bend being getting the right shoulder and right hip closer together without having the pelvis move excessively forward okay it's a key movement that great players do for lots of different reasons if you want to learn more about that particular part of right side Bend you can search my name and right side band you'll see previous articles so this isn't about why we went right side Bend macro it's about some micro pieces so during our downswing we want right side but now why do we want that and what are two key things and there are two key things the first thing that right side Bend does you from the down the line angle if I just kind of do some posing here for us if

I make a downswing let's do a downswing example where there's no right side Bend that means during my downswing I'm gonna do my turn but I'm not gonna get my right shoulder closer to my right hip and what I want you to key in on is what the shaft does here's me making a downswing with no right side Bend okay look at where that shaft is in space here's me making a downswing with right side Bend now what happened to that shaft I'll do that again no right side Bend with right side Bend so what happened the angle that the shaft was on change dramatically did it not no right side Bend makes the shaft go out and steep right side Bend in and of itself I didn't rotate at all makes this shaft go shallow so the first thing right side Bend does for you is it's a shallowing motion of the shaft now in the initial phases of your downswing really there's two Keith movements macro that you're gonna do you're gonna have some amount of body rotation right you're gonna turn some amount and you're gonna right side Bend now you don't do either one by itself you don't just turn and you don't just right side then you blend your turn and right side Bend together so as

I'm opening my left shoulder staying lower as I'm opening my right shoulder my right hip are getting closer together that's what shallows out the shaft so the initial part for those of you guys that get too steep early that's a key movement you want to check is hey am i do I have right side Bend if I'm someone who's too steep am I just turning in the shaft getting vertical and do I need to add some of that in and as we mentioned in other articles that you feeling your right shoulder and right hip getting closer together as you start opening your chest and turning us go ahead and just chip on here so you're feeling that right side Bend movement simultaneously as you're doing your turn component we'll do one more right hip and right shoulder closer together again this one's less about kind of drills to do or more about an understanding of what that feels like I feel like my right shoulders going down and my right hips going up as my belt buckle and shirt buttons start pointing towards the target let's go ahead and do one more so right side

Bend as you turn will be the starting point the key there is to shallow the shaft now there's one other key thing in terms of right side band this is how you can really tell whether you have it or not and I'll show you that in a second so how you really know whether you have right side Bend or not is from the face on angle and the easiest way to tell that is the head motion meaning let me show you those two examples again if I went up to the top of my swing and again we have two things we turn and we side then let's imagine I went up the top of my swing and I had no right side Bend during my downswing and I just turned read up is in my head where does it go it goes forward towards the target too much now as that's too far forward you'll see from down the line the shafts too steep now if I did it correctly I'm turning with the right side Bend my head stays where in the circle okay is gonna be a little bit of down in for but it stays pretty much centered and the shaft shallows that's the key the whole purpose of right side men you stay centered in the circle and still are able to show the shaft if

I had no right side Bend I'd be here if I had too much right side Bend my head goes back right so from face on no side Bend my head goes forward as I turn if I have too much side Bend my head goes back so on the contrary if you're reading yourself you draw the old circle around your head and you're hitting iron shots you're like whoa my head's working back to farm hitting fats and thins you have too much right side band you need to feel like you have no right side Bend if you read yourself from face on and your head goes too far for to the circle you've got no right side Bend you need to feel like you have a bunch of it so you're always just trying to find middle drawing a circle around your head and reading our articles if you search my name and centered head and why the pros hit their irons are good in irons vs. driver you'll see some articles we use of players and how with the irons if you draw the head around the circle they stay pretty much in it and then they go just slightly down and forward and recenter and that

Rees entering is that right side vent so again while you're feeling there's a little right side crunch as you begin your downswing along with the rotation add some takes them out as needed but that's really what you're seeing if your head starts moving forward the benefits of that are a more shallow shaft better contact shallower angle of approach ability to rotate better etc etc so just wanted to really explain some of the micro benefits of right side Bend if you guys have any questions on this as always leave a comment down below hey guys thanks for reading today's article if you liked the article do us a favor click the like button down below click the notification about also please subscribe thank you guys for reading.



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