Hardest Mini Golf Course We Have Ever Played! 2019

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Hardest Mini Golf Course We Have Ever Played! 2019

What is going on beige fee today we're out here Renaissance fun park in Louisville Kentucky in today's article we're out the red course so place your bets think I'm gonna win you think Alisha is gonna win if you're new around here go ahead and subscribe click the belt or notifications let's get started our hole number one so we're starting off with two humps you got to bring her under the left and there's a basically a drop off and it goes in there you're gonna have to take a drop because yeah somebody already got so upset they this is just a hit and hope that I up you hopped it one time well we'll see if I have similar luck you know what I cannot believe I made it past that well Alicia I guess that stroke too don't you come back home maybe we're going back in there oh my gosh I want to hit too hard if I had it too hard it's going in the water oh my I knew it when I hit that for and I made it past the water after all that we both got afford all right well after having water has our whole one so whole two goes okay well there's a little bit of no-man's land those rocks over there but no water this time so I get around the hump

I guess hit it hope you know what I'm not in no-man's land if I'd go in the rocks you almost went you almost did I couldn't tell how much that curved if I didn't you yeah I'll play in a safe alright hole number three so do I have anything else I can go into if the hole ends right here and I think it does yes you can't launch it out so it can't go flying all the way out you got to give it a lot to get it all the way around there oh well you're back in so you don't take a stroke for it I guess I guess I'm probably gonna be in a similar spot in a minute I guess that's a can't ask for anything better ya know know how you're supposed to do this well hey Brooks hello I'm gonna have to like just drag it because there's no that's fine here to make this fair we can both put it hey put yours on top on the very top like yeah right there that's what this will be stroke two for both of us but we're not gonna be hit it out of that that's how we'll do it okay you are not in no-man's land you're actually in a good spot I'll take it I feel I'm going in oh okay all right that's a good three I think there's gonna be good here no well well we'll see Oh No oh really right in Oh oh

I thought you were gonna hit it now let's stay up here oh wow what Oh Oh No huh oh there's two holes I just noticed that so I guess we'll do the hole whoever gets it in first that's one we're going for type of situation well here's stroke two darn it I swear it rolls back down I quit you're safe at least you can go ahead because technically I'm one stroke ahead of you we'll go for that one come on please I need it that was a good stroke no no I was playing safe anyone fell down the hill like yours did I got the first five all right Lisa bring it all the way around Oh ah gee this is not an easy course you made it farther man around yay bring it on around girl that's where we'll make it you know that's not a bad spot though that's a good recovery oh well that little nut right there saved me a few inches three I got three again both got threes all right hole six so we're really where are you it's back there hell I have no idea I don't know it was a curve it on this but there's no way even up speed okay the thing is if you miss and I come to where you are it's impossible to get it across on the next stroke this is gonna go circle and it's uphill so you try to get enough speed to get to sit somewhere up there just don't get it it's going on the back isn't around you bounce off my feet otherwise you would have probably ended up in that so we'll allow it okay we're just rolling with it already

I don't know what to do I might be able to get to bounce onto the bridge yeah really awkward angle and it's going up a hill no really it had to clip the corner you want to go ahead yeah might as well the thing is I can still barely clear this at least you made it I am on the bridge I'm on stroke for now but I'm at least on the bridge you are safe - you can go ahead cuz you're on stroke three make it hard for the ball to go straight yeah I'm back on the 5:00 train at least I hope I'm on the 5:00 train five yeah 5 with me yay okay the whole 7 we start here we go into the cave around the corner Wow well there's give me ash whack it for you huh I'm tracking so you might wanna read out okay I'll back up just let me know when you're heading this way and I'll move okay okay whoa oh you made it told you I was tracking I don't know if the camera could see all that because it's bright but I think her ball almost shot up to the ceiling yeah I had a lot of air yeah I don't know how you did that but here I come you made it out that make it out yep I know it got air time but I didn't know where it was gonna go that little piece of mulch assisted you that's a good three playing it safe I ain't risking anything anymore alright well we have four whole eight so we got no man's land bowl right there got a crater sends it around the hallway is the hole

I think there's two holes oh there's one in the green it looks like yes there's one in the lip and then one up there most likely we'll end up in this one bowl see I want to get it down there and not get stuck up here oh oh made it jump over it I know all it could even roll back down well anyone bring it down yeah you might actually Wow right on the edge well I guess it's safe to say that's the hole that we're gonna go for you want to tap it in for that Wow I couldn't gotten any closer maybe I'll get lucky and it'll catch it why did I think I'll get lucky to catch it we know that I'm destined to be on the 3:00 train this game whip it around whoo did I make it yeah you're going down go Thank You brick Wow that is a great spot am I getting to you might do it can I get lucky like that to make it down there please please keep going catch of the hill it was so close to catching it not my ball the way I will try my best not to you like gravity roll it cuz I might actually hit yours closer you've got it too I'm still destined for threes and fours I guess I could see that a whole 10 start here no-man's land in the middle holes all way around the corner going for the bounces oh yeah sorry I should give me a heads up on that one that is the closest

I've gotten to the whole this whole game oh dang you flat it hey least you didn't go into no-man's land not a bad bounce I still can't get a to that's what I know what it feels like Oh there we go the whole lovin she can go straight across the bridge for somebody to take the tiny path the tiny path will curve you better because the hole is way back there well I feel like that's a safer shot going straight like it's just gonna bounce and I'm gonna yeah it's gonna kind of plink around or either end up in the swampy water so I don't know okay yeah I have no idea how you're supposed to hit this I just hit and hope for the best oh I made it around yeah cool welcome to the party oh so close I did I got a two-hole 12 steep hill bunch of homes holes over there actually I'm gonna I have an idea that was not my idea actually but if you almost - got it that was nowhere near where I was trying to do I'll gonna try to get it to come up and ride the wall but bouncing off that brick works yeah that was initially what I was trying to do I'm overhearing all the poops you all about to say can I get another one you don't want it to have me that much hmm our whole 13 so the match right here you have the option to jump it or to go across the bridge just because of how skinny of a hill that is and how big of a gap with bricks we're gonna play it safe and go this way it's been a tough course we need this alright 13 did we write what is

Lisa's lucky number not bad I really don't know what to do so let's do the exact same thing you did yeah basically oh it does not want to give us twos no I still can't do it again three train all right so hold 14 we're gonna figure this out because you guys sitting around the holes right here but a brick is missing right there so if it falls out dying in a stroke penalty where's putting it back right there it goes on the rock it will be not because of that though seriously really just get a better bounce that means all I can say that works you'll realize that when you stand over here going that rock but the whole thing back there is slain towards the rock the whole is leaning towards me um I'm gonna end up on the rocks I already know I am I'll see if I can just play it light and see if grab oh wait hold up nevermind oh wow look I have no idea that was all luck thanks Labbit now read it I'll end up in the rocks I have no idea seriously I worked so hard for that poor again oh you didn't go out of bounds we both get Boers it goes around that way but I'm not doing that yeah I wouldn't do that either cuz the hole is way up here on the hill tracking do it oh wow you got so lucky that in bounce out I like your strategy I can't I'm just not destined to get near the hole on the first stroke am I go go go yeah my gosh is it too much to ask see

I'm just not destined to get it threes all right so hold 16 you can go left you can go right I don't know how right either way yeah cuz you can't go no I'm going left I have no idea where that's going to end up that's the motto of this whole game basically if I can just get up there and not all no way I didn't even see the hole when I hit so I'm very happy with that well she make it he's when I bring the rest away yeah well I got close yeah then I got far away yeah can we get this can we get my second to this game playing safe my whole 17 this is why the most straightforward hole we've had all game drop it down the hill there's a brick missing back there so that goes out of bounds like I said 9 extra stroke I was gonna balance great bounce I'm going for a bounce like you did it kind of bounced back and hopped we just did the impossible we got a 2 on this course again oh he's gotta start getting upset early and it might change its Mullin on you kids like ha tricked you ok so something's going on here it's got three hole oh I think I see it's down at the bottom so three pipes right here unless one of them just ends no they all go somewhere so middle one goes straight that one goes to the right that one goes way to the left hole is inside that down there so

I guess go for the middle one let's see how this goes gravity it's gonna go too fast no matter what so right down the middle this would be one of the times where I wish the brick was missing down the back close I still think the middle was the one to go for so why couldn't that be the end I could have gotten another two and still not right at it let's see me it could be worse I got a three on it oh that's weird there we go that was difficult that was hard are you ready for the scores and that's the easy slide yeah really if you ever seen this article first the other sides harder apparently so there's that and that articles gonna be coming soon to pull your weight for those scores yeah so you got 61 I got 59 it's a close game but wow that was hard well guys hopefully enjoyed reading a struggle this was a tough course again here subscribe click the ball turn up occasion because the green course is even harder apparently so we're gonna see how that goes be the way thanks for reading guys have a great Daniel it's all very soon in the next article goodbye.



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