Kentucky vs Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 2019

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Kentucky vs Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 2019

Welcome to the State Farm champions classic part of an ESPN sonic blockbuster MSG is sold out Duke has already defeated Kansas in the first game and now he got Michigan State and Kentucky number one and number two in the second game and if you heard that cackle they could get away from Jones here we go Kentucky and white Michigan State in green we are ready for the tip I'll our sonic blockbuster they did get away from jokes too much of 28 turtleman's Wow another chance the wind that's the unbelievable storm serioga suis Larry's Carano and Joe Lindsey are the officials here tonight in Game two rocket watch backdoor and a quick bucket for Cassius Winston really nice play without the basketball he's such such a high basketball IQ would soon as I said to the puppet show the real Whitney number two one of the freshmen at Port Kentucky and keep an eye on the guy with the ball right now Emmanuel quickly probably the most improved player coming back for the Wildcats well

I think he'd be like PJ Washington he came back the second year and benefitted from now starting with Charlotte quickly forces it up and he gets a foul call on Winston sideline with it here he is right now oh there's my god of the hania as the contact right there no doubt about it once again the Zebras are right did you when you were coaching at UD if you call Noah now he's in the right there the smile is and quickly makes all three of them you know everybody's goodbye to create space to a guy like Winston yeah you got to be able to play him really tough so it opens up the lanes Savior tilman nice patience and he lays it in to the left hand prove these footwork it is a demonstration of the right there and a low post and a nice look inside each who didn't see you tonight it means Kiev Brooks this is Whitney with a ball right now guarded by rocket watts a couple of very talented freshmen agents with three on the clock loader yes and a foul now last year I was to the bird he didn't convert he said he's doing a heck of a lot better job well here's an example of her right there the little floated in the lane here's a kid if he develops a jump shot his stock goes to another level his his defensive prowess is both to join blessed to gaze it's good workout the showman is going to physically battle you

Nick Richards is taller but he's got his hands full matome doing a good job and he forced a turnover the lil Whitney off-balance draws the foul listen a Euro step that's awesome at this point of coaching that that's where the coach and actually that's coachable so we got to rock it on one side and a quickly on the other they are quick on a perimeter Kentucky I'll tell you that Megan's deep in the dribble alive pulls up for the jumper how about the confidence for Hagen so we'll go with the basketball in here we made a great dish Higgins done up the balls the right place get here to brown in the corner and Gabe brown knocks down the three in the game right now well what's the metter score with Higgins out of a lineup Brown one for to make it to four three Hagen's back on the floor the big shots of pigs a lot of the liabilities one possesses michigan state seems set at the point obviously with the winston on the wing you attains with Henry and in the middle with Tillman it's the two spot and the four spot my coach

I wanted the cupcakes best of the Big East in future kids Powell to flat-out score that will not be cupcake City when they played him English the Hans Senate Lufthansa finds his son yeah finds it was some kind of player at the golden dome agents and a foul is called on Emily Hall and played well in the NCAA tournament two years ago I get had a lottery selection 12 straight years and this year it doesn't look like they'll be won but I remember you and I did some today i SPECT woke up you know he came off the bench yeah give us a venture became a lottery selection so it's too early to hurt than that and yet another whistle boy it has been a bowel fest in the early going here didn't say terrific and from the Edmonds yep these guns come on campus he's gone from 611 195 both teams really kind of disjointed offensively so far here tonight there's an air ball from the corner by penguin you know first kick nobody bonus situation wanted one and quickly not in the arena in downtown Anchorage we're heads tomorrow morning my man you're going to Sarasota we're going to anchor it yeah

I'll think about Johnson walk the beach in Little India nineties have not been back to the last you since that are really looking for way kidding right now I was like I was so sure the other shoulder Winston stops on a dime and buries the free woman until look right here mr. Winston and step back squares his body outstanding gone but they'll never ever ever be a guard well in the uniform of his Bingham really an outside shooter 611 a guy but comfortable on the perimeter goes inside for the law look at a play just to make that pass it's just the consummate point guard right the leader out there absolutely leader winner tenacious Maxie look at this burst of speed hot pan in star flat he's gonna be a star for Big Blue Nation a lot of people thinking that he is destined to be the leading scorer on this team this year this team ain't helping out on Winston forced it up and it'll go see where he gets he kept spring bounce try to adjust to the speed and the physicality of the college game especially the booth

Derek's helmet up top Bingham no basket I think they got Tillman for the 23 that's the Pasco there were this I could see why I made the call I don't know make that come I could see why he made and here comes quickly with a full head of steam like this we were quickly Lexi's deep one fir maxi 3-4 feet behind them with Wiggins Cowan Smith thinking marked urchins comes up a heck of a basketball team quickly off to maxi look at the speed going a baseline tried to reverse and a foul call will go against Julius marble this freshman class I think come on a play barrier girl with you and we pay you the right way I think they're doing a great job and put a price road but there is some magic happening in Washington DC the Washington Mystics WNBA champs the national the world chin up how cool is it right now to be in BC then is a dovish thing ever man to see them the Mississippi they ever game policy no one can tell you what it's like what you have to do to get to the NBA and they could relate to the pressures you feel trying to play on his biggest stage as being a Kentucky basketball player is

I think also tell you how to handle your money to fight axis because they're all men Winston knocks down the front end of a 29 first-round picks believe with 20 once I decided to kick it out look at his cut by arns but the pass is taken away Kentucky in transition Montgomery when the court really well when you play Higgins trying to get away from Winston cloaks it up no good gets it back so that was a little example of last year attack get in but not be able to convert and now Montgomery shake it up you know you look at the SEC the shirts a good match Scalia leading the nation Arriba one of the one of the things can check it's one of the points of emphasis there been some rule changes as well they continue in terms of points of emphasis they want to make the game Oh flow a little bit more less contact more freedom of movement on a contract three-punch since neither show Derby to post everyone who knows you could shoot the three and now ahead of you unfenced there's no doubt about it contact the wooded play defensive lead pushing the ball this guys names water job keeping them in front of them quickly has to force it up and it goes down with a shot clock running out great block out by

Hall upp to and I was going to tell you so I - okay test block did you don't see that in college basketball head it's a loss to come on what jump that meeting you know fly right man have a real good game and five or six guys in double figures I think I'm just showing your intelligence that IQ you possess oh wow my visual wasn't Happy's that Java Brown look at me getting delayed again see he gets in that late often he's got to convert you to convert wouldn't get that late but this guy will largest Michigan State with 23 something that they didn't expect you Maxie and fouled on the drive boy we can envision him get her as a team before school and they get it all some a magic he dentist that's personality just had everybody and but he's gonna be a great player no question Winston back into the game for the final seconds of the first half and is fouled that's not a good foul right there five seconds on the Kleins of open angles convince them to penetrate basketball we get that voted with the NCAA about likeness and believe it when

I see it I think the NCAA was forced on us to make that decision because of what happened to California and all over Maxie gets it off can hit and bring the first half to a close with Kentucky up by ten two-man game Winston and Tillman but again Kentucky recovering very quickly nothing easy for Michigan State they really are moving well as a team I'm a good team defense is communication of guys helping one of them I was one heck of a Drive right there got a crazy if you think about it absolutely and a Kentucky turnover here comes Winston I had Henry nice job avoiding the defender delaying it is cool addition he wants to get to the NBA and make things easier on his family just I mean my heart's just so full of joy right now to see Andrew Jones achieving that after all he's been through that's great stuff Holly thank you and drives Holly Rowe to right there she's just absolutely what she went through is incredible Henry to get much more involved in making his presence felt here early in the second half of the Spartans as Hagen's fouls

Winston they don't kick the agreement above his teammate back up court bet dad kept here he keeps blessing looser buzz a little bounce to their stuff right now but she could stay feel it rising Henry Tillman whose sole poured his teeth nearly stolen away by Higgins what a pest he is Winston just keeps on going and it was who's growing John Calipari that's rights right and mr. pearl upset them when they were number one in the country probably the loudest college basketball game I've ever been in it was really special a little state this supposed to be the food a little bit good at Boise State right yeah no 302 DS in the second I've had three opportunities look at that quickness you can get down the floor Sistina got knocked down but it's good if he goes right he is quick not ask witness John Wall was Tom Warren what's up if you're his third I stroke at the line now nine for the ship of the struttin 2030 what the ship little storage Winston can't get it over the rim but we have a foul call bit of a late whistle he possesses he's been so good for Kentucky they goes on

Maxine it's his third these are so it's powered the crowd reacting probably the fact that whistle was a little heavy you know show something whose ability here look at this wide open wide open nobody back it'll appear deep one for Maxie and he'll knocked it down his second deep three of the game Ravis until hero and Johnson those are for really good players well hey let's do the double play happen Hagen's to Nick Richards touch transition was the last few days without his injury yeah rolled his ankle in their first exhibition game I've been addicted play her tonight Winston to brown in the corner and it goes into the resist for Cassius Winston Richard's can't finish but we got a foul on gentlemen but of course it's going to be a Cassius Winston assist there were this right there this is the rock he drives he draws he dishes the raw Hobbit that's his play that's okay yeah how can you summary but out of the one soul everything you dig again life's been great patience by Henry in the lane goodie Michigan State and they want to run whenever they can whoa good challenge by

Sistina and the ball is still alive Winston and Sistina down with a nade Sistina he's look tough guys man he really is got some toughness quickly is fouled on a three-point attempt by Cassius Winston Tucker's mine gets going too fast coach calipari said I needed oh he's done it he said you know what I get up every morning I read my back there's some a lot of experience along with a freshman class and the sophomore group that they've got I really believe at the end of the year you're gonna make it taste the best poor man a game of basketball rebound for Sistina he's really a rolling threat right now shooting the three oh wow look at that stroke for the big guy he could really knock it down good time I won dinner it's an I know run for Kentucky boys either run real quickly via beckons game Kentucky's defense has been breaks in us it really has lots of stuff Wow nice spin move there by Tillman Tillman calling for got a Richards on him kick back out orange for three he can do that horns coming up again Bob Upton had a great save by

Winston Henry and he banks it home and it's a six-point game that's the both guys both guys coach like they're trying to prove they can't coach someone should tell him he ran a Hall of Fame and a foul away from the ball on at Michigan State we got 757 while as he misses the free some tough time shooting the three actually with the burst of speed top baseline or honor and he could play for the any day the week that guy's and wouldn't get great super quickness and the beautiful Drive in dish to kit here okay once the penetration creates the opening particular and there's the foul to craft from the back sophomore from Clarkston Michigan and he'll knock it down it'll go just a five-point game onto the drive a one quick pass breathe takes over just a terrific one and they get a bucket with Winston on the bench but then Maxie gets it right beside five minutes to go all that pass right there bad pass Maxie ahead to Hagen's to be that is good that's look bigger none of their real wings are in the game right now Henry for three boy did they need that one itches some for the back that's a big difference movement a lot of college kids

Maxie trying to get inside again and scores again for the freshman in his debut 381 has 62 these all four teams tonight may 1970 Richards reaches around and commits a foul some of the junior from Grand Rapids is at the free-throw line and knocks down the well if you're the kind of guy who rolls over heals two guys to the brink at Kentucky it's not about getting in the corner it's not about you know always Twitter than 120 and many birds in the Magic Man the Magic Man used to give it a laid for the Spartans a lovely bread counselor just heat up steam at what the national title but a beaten I referred the legend Manistee 866 and a Winston to make sure the College on battery with us tonight near New York a good job by Henry not give it a maxi any room at all look at these line of defensive stats Oh what he has store them alone Tyreese look how far behind the line he was shot clock was starting to run down still at 5:00 when he put it up Hetal and no surprise it's Hagen's on Winston now a switch which shipped up more will with his sense Ahrens gets a clean look and

Maxie with a rebound why not he's done at all yeah the kid has got along I think we gonna give a gold trophy out tonight for the MVP he has to be absolutely the winner horse farms to see those several breaths and come on I'm not sure even the positive energy of time V better than I pull a lot about Maxie I'm gonna love accident yours big guy Twitter to Angie's Shubin yeah I'm no Dickie be inside kick your lays it in shot clock turned off only 24 seconds to go and they're gonna have to foul and hope if Kentucky misses a lot of free throws and Kentucky's getting you muscleman from Nevada to Arkansas so saw the win he knows that a win and the immediate missed it the doors still a little bit open here for Michigan State tough catch by Winston but out of bounds when he came down with it it speed Hagen's running off some seconds - Tina and there's your exclamation point Richard yourself is the sustain it's over Siddalee counts at the end of the year

Tilman for three and that is going to do it Kentucky defeats Michigan steel 69-62 Tyrese Maxie make it a name.



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