Latest news on Strasburg - Red Sox - Chapman

Latest news on Strasburg - Red Sox - Chapman phillies manager 42 movie 42 movie pittsburgh mlb 42 first black baseball player shortstop with robinson 1946 dodgers manager 1947 brooklyn dodgers manager brooklyn dodgers shortstop

Latest news on Strasburg - Red Sox - Chapman

Let's talk about the opt-out situations around the game starting off with the man who did pitch in the World Series and was the MVP of the World Series and opted out shortly thereafter that would be Stephen Strasburg now no surprise he had four years 100 million dollars left on his contract with the Nationals he chose to pursue a free agent situation on the open market entirely possible that he goes back to the Nets in a similar situation to Aroldis Chapman where they add a year or two higher salaries and just keep him at a place where he's comfortable but free agency is a tempting mistress and it's also possible of course that he entertains offers from other teams more lucrative offers and ultimately ends up somewhere else maybe his native San Diego who knows so Strasburg is out there risk Gerrit Cole as the two top starting pitchers on the market we have another opt-out situation pending same agent Scott Boras different set of circumstances

JD Martinez his decision must be made today I believe by midnight now he is going to be 32 next season if he opts out he's gonna get hit with a qualifying offer and he would be walking away from three years sixty two point five million there are a number of reasons for him not to opt out I just gave some of them also his market would be half of what an average player would be because he is essentially a d H so the JV decision is critical for the Red Sox because it may influence some of what else they do this offseason if he stays do they get more aggressive in trading mookie betts will explore that in the second hour but this is a critical decision in his coming today the executives I have spoken with in the last couple of days they believe he is going to stay mm-hmm all right I have a couple reaction into that first on the Strasburg thing there's no doubt he was opting out he was an absolute beast in the post season a historic postseason World Series MVP and yeah that we all kind of saw that one coming he just moved his family to DC which

I know he can move his family back right that's not like it you can only move your family one time but the the the agent already has everything going his way because now he's got all this stuff going on in San Diego the Padre didn't want to bring Strasburg home right I've been multiple reports this morning I know there are multiple outlets reporting that the Padres are interested of course they were interested he's a San Diego kid he's the best pitcher on the planet right now that he and Gerrit Cole they're interested is that real or is that just agent bluster to move the money up in DC because I believe that the Nationals are gonna make every absolutely every every bit they can in an offer to keep them there they're not gonna let him walk the way they let others walk well I look at it this way from his perspective what else is there for him to prove in DC that's one two it's the last big contract he's gonna get so why would you not go west son go west I mean of course opt out that that will be the WEBSITE and every dollar the heartstrings

I get it to come back to Washington well what else he's supposed to do won a World Series is it on one pick field everything is supposed to do and now it's his turn to go get his money see but the Padres for me Kenny on this one couldn't you have maybe seen this one coming down the road a year or so ago up all these trucks and and put yourself in a position financially where you're tied to three players 475 million a year for the next four years and and three players that are wild good players haven't won there yet I just I don't know what the plan is in San Diago man if they want Strasburg I love that idea I just don't think there's enough doremi over there for it well we can talk about the Padres at length it's another point here's a team that is intent on contending and like the Mets are hiring a first-time manager it's a curious move alone in that regard as for the allocation of funds that you're talking about Matt you're absolutely right you could have seen this coming granted we didn't know Strasburg was going to maybe erupt like this but he was certainly capable of opting out we all knew that now

Harold's right the angels are a factor here potentially and there's one other thing I want to mention regarding Strasbourg and I don't know how teams will look at this or not but he had a Tommy John surgery in 2010 generally speaking there is an expiration date on Tommy John they only last so long before you need another one and he's probably passed that expiration date it's nine years later or at least it on the outer edges of it I don't know how that will influence teams not every guy who has one needs another one it's not always like that things are different for every player but he is a little bit older he does have the Tommy John in his past not that it's going to stop many team but it might influence his market or inhibited his market a little bit hey when was the last Boris guy to sign with the Angels NORAD Weaver and he did it on his own now that said they've had some draft pick sign they've had some others and party Moreno the owner clearly wants to change the tone of that franchise they hired Joe Maddon and they want

Mike Trout to finally go to the playoffs and maybe win a playoff game so they're going to be in the market for pitching boris has three of the best before if you want to count Dallas Keuchel its Gerrit Cole Strasburg hyun-jin Ryu and Keiko he's got the whole Marquess year man mama everybody everybody captain yeah angels have to win they have to get pitching of all the four guys you just mentioned and whatever else is out there said it last winter I'll say it again this winter they need healthy arms don't go get me that surgically repaired guy maybe Strasbourg's a little bit different than the other guys have thrown out there they need an ace and they need pitching aces you can't have a 500 million dollar player and now that pitching alright that's a fair point hey we have so much to get into here we're gonna talk about that particular agent and what this offseason means to all those players Scott Boras has so many high profile players this year it's like never before he controls the market like never before this year uh there's a is

Aroldis Chapman at a Boras guy he's not okay so he's he's back on a one-year extension what were the terms of that he is it was a one-year eighteen million dollar extension on top of the two years 30 million he had remaining so effectively it's three years 48 million for Aldous Chapman over the next three years as I said and for the Yankees this was a good move for Chapman this was a good move here's another guy he was gonna get hit with a qualifying offer we see and have seen what has happened to relievers who have gotten hit with qualifying offers before it Kimbrel being the outstanding example Chapman is the best he's the best of all of them even now at a little bit more of an advanced age but this was a wise move on his part and if you were calling I'll take a mayor cope on this in July I reported that a friend of his was saying he is a thousand percent opting out and at that point Chapman came out and said no I want to stay with the Yankees well he kept his word he did want to stay with the Yankees and signed back with the

Yankees for the additional one year at 18 million was that you was that you that will you're the friend of his they told Kenda no but he did opt out and they got some money no he didn't never have made - he had the leverage but let me ask you this Ken we've said this a couple times already with JT Martinez and now here explain the qualifying offer because this thing's continued to move all over the place the last couple of years right well Harold a free agent who is with his own team and his own team has the right to make him a qualifying offer to retain him for one year and I believe the number 1775 yes 17 so for instance in JD Martinez this case let's look at it from that perspective he opts out he's a free agent but the Red Sox because he is their player have the right to retain him or at least offer him that one-year seventeen point eight million dollar deal he can reject it and become a free agent but then he has draft pick compensation attached and while that compensation is less than it used to be under this newer

CBA it's still in the eyes of some clubs onerous and something that they want to stay away from and it's hurt the value of certain free agents over the last couple of years even under the new CBA.



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