MLB's Ultimate Pitching Staff for 2019! - MLB Highlights

MLB's Ultimate Pitching Staff for 2019! - MLB Highlights Who is the best pitcher in 2019 What pitcher has the highest ERA Which team has the most strikeouts in 2019 Who has the most wins in baseball in 2019 What MLB prospects will play in 2019 What teams are in the World Series 2019 Where will the 2019 World Series be held Who won World Series 2019 2019 mlb playoff schedule mlb world series 2019 dates mlb 2019 schedule mlb standings mlb opening day 2019 how many games left in mlb season 2019 mlb opening day 2019 schedule mlb playoffs 2019

MLB's Ultimate Pitching Staff for 2019! - MLB Highlights

The birthday boy on the mound goal 11 and Oh in his last 17 starts and a swing and a Miss deep Gordon goes down trying to become the third pitcher to get to 300 for the Astros and blows away Oh Martin Amaya's on a one-two fastball his third strikeout to weigh in the second and he gets another one the IR Baez goes down that is eight strikeouts for Cole he's up to 274 on the year oh he shot some mom that's just almost unfair and he just sets a new career mark 277 strikeouts on the year for Gerrit Cole his 11th on the day strikeout number 14 Gerrit Cole for the third consecutive game has struck out 14 batters cold third strike 15 punched tickets on his 29th birthday he has dominated through eight innings phenomenal year for Gerrit Cole making his 33rd start of the season mm a guy who does not strike out much David Fletcher goes down on three pitches it's just not fair he's got that power slider to put hitters away called third strike bottom of his own swing at a

Miss that is number five for Gerrit Cole at least one every inning Garrard facing Cole Calhoun now and he strikes out Calhoun and he'd rather not get to three and two can always understand how much a strikeout means to a guy like vehicle when he ramps it up to 100 another one tried to hold up at 100 miles an hour he went around Cole wouldn't number 9 325 plumber has only been done a few times to guys no pitcher has ever made nine Street starts and struck out 10 or boy it looks like he's setting up up and in he got him Gerrit Cole sets a major league record nine consecutive starts ten strikeouts or more what a season for Cole 45 nine seasons with 10 or more strikeouts for nine starts with 10 or more strikeouts in 2019 all by himself atop foot strike that list a knee strikes Granderson to start his night to a fastball 5 at 97 and they're pretty good and Walker goes down on the breaking ball and he goes upstairs to get riddle at eleven hits last year he slugs one of the year too deep right field back goes

Herrera on the warning track at the walls by Vega Taher Jacob the ground goes deep on the first pitch he sees from Trevor Richards - - coming to Princeton struck him out got him with a changeup that's 13 a baker's dozen from the drop matching his career-high struck him out got him with a changeup career-high 14 strikeouts for Jacob degrom takes strike three call back to a slider got him looking Wilson Contreras is the starting catcher for the National League is degrom strikes on that one too struck him out I played with my kids all the time in the backyard Rocco strikes out one on one and two - Kingery swing my mother Center which isn't up the middle important defensive and that strikes out the side struck him out for sliders in a row and the glove has his 10th strikeout of the night doing a great job racking up strikeouts currently sitting at 243 on the season there's a swing and a Miss as he gets globish ed on the slider to start this game does get a called third strike swinging at a

Miss Verlander now with three strikeouts and he gets a foul tip strike out as Grichuk goes down that's now four of the first five outs for Verlander he's maybe trying to catch up to his teammate Gerrit Cole at four to strike down to his last arm swing and a Miss Verlander gets Bichette for the second time today and that is a called third strike Justin Verlander picks up yet another strike gets 250 strikeouts on the season swing and a Miss three pitch strikeout getting two legs to chase the fastball up bottom of the zone strike out Verlander has passed his teammate here at Cole now the most strikeouts in two major league total third strike 23 in a row sit down walk in the first inning Justin Verlander cruising along we are through eight there's that power slider he got him Reese McGuire goes down 14 strikeouts for Justin Verlander ground ball to third Torro is bad Thanks Justin Verlander another exclamation point in a Hall of Fame career his third career no-hitter swinging a Miss that's two strikeouts for Verlander that matches his career-high for a single season with 290 called third strike

Justin Verlander strikes out the side and sets a new career mark for strikeouts in a season swing and a Miss Paul gets away that's 3,000 strikeouts at Calhoun is going to reach Verlander reaches 3000 strikeouts and Calhoun reaches on a ball in the dirt Verlander the 18th pitcher in Major League history to reach 3,000 and everybody on the top step in the dugout hats off applauding and the fans at Angel Stadium all on their feet as well strikeout number 300 for Justin Verlander a dozen in the game another milestone in that Hall of Fame career for JV same batter three thousand and three hundred tonight even as catcher Chirinos applauding plenty of fans here around the ballpark we talked about the difference in the changeup in the numbers this year for its it 281 against Max's change versus 126 last year that was the 126 change that was filthy make it 5 on the high heater Barnhart gray and sends L all down and he got him looking Max Scherzer for the fourth time this year punches out double digits and his 86th career 10th strikeout game reward 95 what top right corner of the strike zone right on the black too good to take number 10 for max sir Sir he's got the reach-back fastball going on today strike out number 13 a season's best for

Max Scherzer pitch number 9 got him strikeout number 14 he wins the battle with sends a Lu fans for the third time today maybe Martinez's coming out that this could be interesting so strikeout number 14 and let's read this together this is must-see TV right here if he's gonna take him out he might want to do it now well no this this could be just to get him fired up read this he's not coming out it's game reades I told you and I'm thinking half of that trip was to get him fired up for this last down 15 strikeouts for Max Scherzer 97 on the black and follows out looking absolute dominance on he went on a pitch that was not a strike and he had of reaching on a ball cutting away at 96 strikeout number four Scherzer has a big lead and he's off and running he's going to steal second standing up Sparkman never paid him any attention all the things he's done this year he's most proud of this right now swing out of this number 8 at least one in every inning today swing and a Miss and there goes the bat strikes out the side in the

Senate it's the ER a fifth best in baseball to strikeout to walk ratio best in baseball history doors are down on strikes two away here in the first inning home of the no to going up with a fastball and getting soda to chase the finish off one two three first time 10 pitches first pitch from Ryu lifted to left back those Peterson to the warning track he's dead on 98 pitches hon Jin Ryu threw seven no-hit innings left to laugh Taylor's they're funny - - from Ryu and stories swings and misses a 2 2 pitch of baking morning McMahon Nozik stood there like a house by the side of the road gets him swinging to finish off to seven new pitcher for the Astros on in the 8th is Brian Presley facing Mitch Moreland Oh third-strike Presley dots up at 97 mile an hour fastball for a strike down a guy with a pretty good year in Mitch Moreland just took 97 on the outside corner hits a left field Brantley all the way back at the track and he'll Xander Bogaerts for the first time tonight is what allows it to dive underneath that tough play

Presley off-balance throw by Presley a tremendous defensive plane foul territory and tumbles over that extends his scoreless streaks at 38 what a defensive play they miraculous play up that first base line he didn't want to let that thing go he can do it all the longest scoreless scoreless streak Ryan Presley the longest scoreless streak in a decade as he has the longest streak since Brad Ziggler no wait as he passes pretty Kimbrel so now the asia will have the closer Liam Hendriks and he's gonna have to work for this safe as he'll face LeMahieu and after that judge he got it with the hard slider try to hold up the swing there could not and Liam Hendriks gets really would have preferred a double play ground ball he'll take the strikeout but a job by Liam Hendriks to preserve the to run lead so the Yankees strand a pair they had first and third one out right now he's looking for another out when two pitches to it by 99 miles an hour Sanchez missed it bouts to simony charges throws the person that's the ballgame so Liam Hendriks gets his 15 saves Mike fiers gets his 12th win and Bob Melvin it's his 1200 career win as manager we're pretty quiet since fourth inning and now the

Brewers trying to keep it that way and they have a pretty good guy to get that done as Josh hater is on the mound to strike pitch to created hides the ball look at he shows that back to the hitter and here comes the baseball and it's tough to pick up works ahead and account Vader brings in a strikeout number 2 tonight he throws hard and throw strikes worthy search dogs of points haters try to close this one out these types have nothing that Munoz nine pitches three punch-out that doesn't get much better than that he is right-hander Kirby Yates and he has had one heck of a season he enters his 20th game and the numbers speak for themselves Desmond strikes out back up there again the 93 mound on her fastball one down in the ninth swing a Miss and tall strikes out back-to-back case for Kirby Yates two down in the ninth they stuck it out the Padres when Kirby Yates makes quick work of the Rockies in the ninth inning strikes out the side in order Desmond doll and McMahon all down by way of the K as the Padres hold on and win this one four to three you.



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