My Take on the Babcock-Marner Story, Could a Goalie go Top 5 in 2020?

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My Take on the Babcock-Marner Story, Could a Goalie go Top 5 in 2020?

Hey let's do some news of the day kind of stuff as it's Monday so there's gonna be a lot of stuff that sort of going on around the National Hockey League now we're gonna start off talking a little bit about the draft so there's been a lot of talk about there being four or five really good draft picks that could all be excellent players and everybody's kind of excited about the 2020 draft that being said Craig button on his draft list he has Yaroslav asked her off as the best goaltender entering the draft since Gary price he ranks him at number four now I'm wearing Red Wings cuz I'm looking for teams that might be willing to take a shot at a goaltender at the number four spot if they draft there in Detroit if they drafted four stranger things have happened need I remind people of more eats cider who was expected to go later in the drafting but now take them now so we'll see how it turns out but it's interesting because hockey prospect calm has some rank tat number three now other websites have him rated ten or lower however though most of those ratings were done on

Halloween earlier so it's quite possible that over the last month his stock has been rising dramatically and a goaltender going that early in the draft that would be very unusual my guess is that when the draft actually happens he probably falls to lower in the top ten but the fact that we're talking about a goaltender being potentially drafted that early is very interesting and there are some teams in the league that could definitely stand to have a starting goaltender but if you're gonna draft a goaltender early you'd better already have that top prospect forward and defenseman because there's going to be some really good forwards and defense but it's still available that's part of the reason why goaltender's drop roll tenders also normally not ready for the NHL quite as quickly as defenseman and forwards will see because again if he's gonna be drafted that early he may very well be ready earlier than others Dominic Purcell has been sent to the American Hockey League by Vancouver for a conditioning stent he will be back up soon to play for the Canucks and then we get into the hole roulette with the lineup and trying to figure out how to get everything under the cap and and put the best team on the ice for

Vancouver it's it's crunch time and we'll see how things shake out and who ends up on what line MIT smarter and Trevor more we're skating before practice for the Toronto Maple Leafs so that's an encouraging sign that they're both skating they're not at practice wearing contact jerseys yet but you know baby steps Victor Arvidsson I've mentioned this in articles I wanted this officially in a news article as well he's out for four to six weeks for the Nashville Predators in 22 games this year six goals nine assists for him the six goals is a little bit low that projects to just over 21 20 goals last year had what 34 and he projected for like 50 so Arvidsson hasn't really had the goal scoring season that one might have expected but he was still putting up points and somebody's going to have to make up for that somewhere in the Nashville lineup as Nashville continues to go what they go through Goss to spare will be a healthy scratch tonight for the Philadelphia Flyers against the Vancouver Canucks it's an interesting one if if ghost is on the outs with Feli if V nose decide he doesn't really like ghost scheme

I would think somebody would would come knocking and and and ask about his availability because again the offensive side is there it's just you wonder if if he's peaked and if we're seeing him kind of on the downside right now because when he's been in the lineup he hasn't been scoring either so we'll see what happens with ghosts in in Philly and again James van Riemsdyk stands out as a guy who hasn't been scoring either and his ice times dropping if you end up in the doghouse with V know it can be really tough to dig your way out of that it really really can also on Detroit Redwings news technically Detroit Redwing news since I can't claim since I can't prove that the Red Wings are gonna draft a highly thought of goaltender in the first round I can't say Philip sadena if you thought he looked tired last night or didn't look great yeah that was the third game in three nights he played in plane for Grand Rapids Grand Rapids on Friday and Saturday and he played for the Red Wings last night so if he seemed a little bit out of sorts I would imagine your third game in three days will do that to a person and kudos to him for saying yep no

I'll go in the lineup so for the Red Wings again you know he's not going to make up for the loss of Mantha while he's out but it is nice to see him at the NHL level at least getting that experience not all prospects come in and just take over the league sometimes it takes a while to figure it out now the the news that's been making the rounds a lot over the last day or so I guess it was reported I believe it's the Toronto Sun that Mike Babcock goes to Mitch murder not happy with your work right now so what I want you I got homework for you I want you to make a list of who you think is the hardest-working Maple Leaf and work it right down to who you think's the least hard-working and who needs to work harder and I want you to give me that list so Mitch martyr being a rookie at the time this was a 2016 2017 season it's going alright well fine I can do that and he made a list and he had Kadri and Bozak towards the bottom of that list meaning they don't work as hard as other guys and Babcock got this list from marner and then shared that information with his teammates which infuriated the Toronto Maple Leafs with Babcock and this coming this coming out from a couple years ago

I'm wondering what else is going to come out and honestly that's a horrible thing to do to a kid it's a horrible thing to do to a rookie to say hey can you I cannot imagine any job I've had somebody saying hey can you rank which one of your coworkers is the hardest-working and then which one's the laziest and if you actually come up with a list then then sharing it with your coworkers yeah good luck working with them it's it's a horrible thing to do and I'm not even sure what that accomplishes I don't understand giving a professional hockey player homework like that the homework should be you know practice work on work on your ads work we notice that your compete levels a little bit off lately so we want you to work in the corners here's here's the strength and conditioning coach we're gonna get to work with him that's the kind of homework you want for kids that's the kind of homework that that may police players shouldn't do not not making lists of who's lazy I don't know coach you're the guy in charge you tell me that's what that's what he could have wrote on the piece paper irony you're the genius so

I think there's going to a lot of stories coming out from Toronto there's been stories about things he did when he was in Detroit and we all know that Mike Commodore has a lot of stories I've heard 90% of the Leafs were happy to see him go I've heard 95% of leaves were happy to see him go and I think at the end of the day John Tavares there was there was article that came out of him after the win in Arizona that this is the start of a new the whole new start for us and it'll be interesting to see how far it goes will be interesting to see just how how many they can win because Toronto is coming off of three straight pretty darn good seasons and honestly they've just been in a complete and total funk so far until Keith took something took over so we'll see whether or not more comes out of the Babcock coaching rain that we didn't know about and the thing I'm wondering is now if you if you're Kyle dubis and you know the Babcock did this or if you're Lula Morello at the time and you knew that that Babcock did this why was he still there I and I'm saying that because that's the kind of thing a coach can do that

I could see that losing the locker room where the locker rooms like are a well we'll all talk to get it forget coach you know what screw him see what he did to Mitch just screw him no we're not talking to the coach we'll just talk amongst ourselves and you'll end up with situations where that the locker room really just doesn't want the coach having anything to do with any of it and it is quite possible that that was part of it and there are rumors that he had in Detroit somebody make a list along that exact same line and and then leaked those results to the teammates just what he why do you do that why do you go to Nazem Kadri and say hey so marker says you're lazy what are you doing hey Bozak marner says you're lazy why and and not only that but you're you're making this kid make a list and it may just have been whatever like for me and again I'm just speaking for myself I I would not because of the fact that you put your your name on that or you you do that you turn that in yeah that can get used against you I wouldn't do it but again I'm not I'm not professional hockey player in their first year trying to stay with the

Toronto Maple ease he may have looked at this situation gone here's a coach who's making money for the next years he's here for good if I make him angry I can end up somewhere else I could end up back in juniors I could end up being traded I could end up being out he could go to the general manager and next thing you know I'm the one that's the troublemaker so it really left murder in a really really bad position what a terrible thing to do if this is accurate apparently happened to during the the fathers trip so all the talk during the summer about mitts murders dad and all this and all the Leafs got robbed maybe part of marner's contract negotiation was if I have to work for this prick you guys are paying me if this guy's gonna stick around I don't really like working for him you guys are paying me through the nose it is possible think about it that some of these guys that didn't give Toronto a discount it was because well look who's behind the bench yeah I'm not giving you guys a discount to play play for him I'm not gonna make him look smarter by leaving a whole bunch of cap room and you know

I don't I don't really want to be there because again when we talk about players wanting to play in certain places weather and climate is part of it I know that's weird I know people in Winnipeg don't like it but it seems to be part of it that not just taxes but the go you know it's really nice in California it's really nice in Florida and ice lived there and you do have taxes that come into it and I I do think that management the direction of the team and the coach I think all of these things come into and into the whole mindset for a player when they're a free agent or when they're gonna sign a contract extension do I want to play for this coach do I want to be here which is why dubrovsky and Columbus should have been traded before the deadline when you think back to it and the fact that clearly there was a disconnect between Bobrov ski and Tortorella anyways what else will surface let me know what you guys think and then the last thing I want to talk about is Brad Marchand I can't win with Brad Marchand here's why Brad Marchand does something stupid against Minnesota yep should he been suspended probably does he get suspended regularly he also gets a lot of penalties and marShon does stupid things usually when

Toronto went or when Boston is losing so if Boston's behind in a game keep an eye on them if Boston's melting down in a game keep an eye on him but I can't win because right away people go well Shannon's a Bruins fan so if if he makes an argument that a plays not really bad ah well he's a Bruins fan so what does he know and then if I make an argument that oh that play was terrible people will go he's just overcompensating he doesn't believe that because he's a Bruins fan I thought people asked how can you share for the Bruins where they have marShon I I don't know how do people cheer for teams with mix early on them it happened there have been players I didn't like in Vancouver I still cheered for the Canucks even while they had players I didn't like Marchand is the most frustrating player in the National Hockey League because he is one of the most offensively gifted players in the NHL he is also one of the most gifted at being offensive and that's that's the problem those are two completely different things offenses in both one of them means scoring on the ice and the other one means taking people off off the ice and sometimes with your actions on the ice and you know

I can't speak to NHL player safety I know that he has been suspended for incidence in the past I know there's other things he hasn't been suspended for and yeah I can't win that's why I don't really report on it and I try to stay out of it because I can't win he's a fantastically talented player he is one of the best point producers in the National Hockey League he is also one of the most divisive players in the National Hockey League and his conduct is is ridiculous it really is to the point where I've seen other Boston Bruins players go up to him and tell him to knock it off I've seen Chara do it I've seen Bergeron do it I've seen posture knock do it where it's like hey no I've seen coaches go over to him settle down knock it off so the fact that his own teammates rather than coming to his defense will go to him and say listen you need to cut it out that says a lot about just how over the line he can go and it can be a distraction and a cause the team games and it has cost the team games I've readed it happen where they're winning or they're in a tie situation and he does something stupid and it's like what are you doing and the next thing you know they've lost the game because he distracted them as much as he distracts the opposition but again

I know I'm in a can't win situation because people know I cheer for the Boston Bruins and that's just that's something that until the day he retires and according to his current points production and his age that's gonna be many years to come until he until he retires or until the Bruins trade him which again with his points production that's not gonna happen it's it's something that I'm I'm gonna be dealing with for four years but it's alright it's not a big deal thank you guys so much for supporting me along the way getting me here almost 128 thousand subscribers very very close today very very close I think we were twenty a the last time I looked and we'll we'll see how much further things can grow keep in mind that we do have two trips planned one to Anaheim slash Disneyland and then we are going to be going to Vegas again in March and I'm already looking ahead to next year and looking at all those empty seats in Florida I had the thought last night of next year should be Florida we could totally do a trip to Florida and I could see a couple of home games for the Panthers that would probably be pretty fun

I've definitely got the jerseys for it and that would probably be a fun trip so just just throw that out there thank you guys so much for all your support do hit like and subscribe if you're browsing your way through you just happen upon this article I will talk to you again soon.



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