Nate Burleson | Jason Garrett’s Hot Seat Burning A Hole In His Pants

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Nate Burleson | Jason Garrett’s Hot Seat Burning A Hole In His Pants

You know a week in the NFL DJ is gonna be good when it's Friday and it's already been a really solid week some really good storylines some interesting results we haven't hit Sunday yet Nate Burleson of good morning football and CBS Sports is joining us and on the one hand Nate I wanted to bring you on and again give you our eternal thanks because it is tough to bring some of our friends from south of the border on during Thanksgiving weekend as as one can understand but then the other side of me realized you're never not working you are on the clock basically 24/7 so I'm not surprised that you've been kind enough with your time but honestly on behalf of everyone here and all the viewers at home thanks again for joining us this week man we appreciate it of course I love it and I love the feedback so for everybody listening here in the States and of course in Canada I appreciate you guys tweeting after the show and after our segments it really warms my heart that we we have such a connection and then people get to this basically play flies on the wall of us talking about sports that we love and that's why people eat it up and that's why they love and we are thankful and this

American Thanksgiving week that you continue to join us so thanks again for doing that let's let's get to it yeah can we stop with the pleasantries okay let's get to Jerry Jones the gb1 hunted did you think Jason Garrett did you think in your inbox today one at one of the sources at NFL Network or somebody else was gonna have a Jason Garrett has just been fired notification on your phone while I was reading that game there are a few shots that I liked of course I love the sideline of the Buffalo Bills because they were having a good time kicking but I'm also I like the Jerry Jones shots you know of him in the suite because he wears all of his emotions on his face but then I also like two shots Jason Garrett and there were a couple times where it looked like he had the Jason Garrett just got fired face because with what was going on how that offense was just struggling it almost seemed like he wasn't gonna make it out of the game I remember checking Twitter around halftime and it was hashtag fire Jason Garrett uh now listen Jerry came on my show this past week and he said that if anybody has earned the right to call him his guy is me so basically I'm gonna stick behind Jason Garrett I do feel like he's gonna make it out of the season but if this trends in the opposite direction he'll be fired as soon as the season ends if they lose the division title if zach regresses towards the end of the year and in ZQ Elliot doesn't seem to get going yeah he won't make it out of the season but

I know we got to keep in mind though the Cowboys are still undefeated within the division I know we're all panicky there's the first place their first dice your first place so we can't panic too much let's just see how the season ends and then what they do if they get into the postseason but Nate they have gourmet talent and they have takeout results they are first place in a division but they've yet to beat a team with a winning record so forget if he should be fired because we could have had this conversation at this time last year or the year before the year before but he is Jerry's boy should he be fired you know it's tough man it's hard for me to call for individuals jobs that's one thing I don't like doing I will say this collectively the voice around the league is that Jason Garrett's hot seat is burning a hole in his pants oh yeah people want to see him gone because of all of the talent that he has on the field and the lack of results it's also the offense though and we all thought it was gonna be corrected when they fired Scott Linehan last year and then Kellen Moore took over and ironically Kellen Moore played under Scott Linehan in Detroit so there are some similarities between the two and how they call games what was frustrating yesterday and I think a lot of the Cowboys fans were echoing this as well is that you see the

Buffalo Bills right and they're almost like the 90s Utah Jazz you know they're that's the most exciting team they get us gotta respect them cuz they're winning yeah um but then yesterday we saw the trickeration and out that's like that's like the Utah Jazz in the 90s coming out and doing the Harlem Trotter's and and all of a sudden is spicing it up so I'm looking at them pulled the trick play off in John Brown double reversed roles at the Singletary in the end zone and I'm just waiting I'm waiting I'm like alright man come on Cowboys like pull something out of your PlayBook and they did it I think that is the most frustrating thing and I was talking to Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason who I work with on Sundays and absent so is it just Kelly lore or does Jason Garrett the former quarterback call plays as well and Phil Simms said no I don't think that he call plays now might listen man if the ship is going down wouldn't you want to like take control of it if things weren't that happen in the way that you anticipated them to happen what if you snatched a playbook for Kellen Moore who's in his first year as all this coordinators say let me get this thing figured out and because of that

I think that's gonna be either the one thing that keeps him around but what it looks like it could be the one thing that gets him fired let's stay with those Buffalo Bills there are a lot of Bills fans here in Canada and I didn't understand why the Cowboys were favored going into that game because the Bills of the team with a winning record and playing good football going into that game is this Buffalo Bills team for real yeah no doubt about it man I have to apologize on the network and I said you know I'm not gonna bet against the bills I've been waiting every single week for them to have this you know enormous collapse and almost so I can validate not believing it I'm as much as you know the bills mafia does they are for real they got a quarterback who's taking care of the ball I believe it's over the last six weeks he has 15 or 16 total touchdowns to just one interception so you know Josh Allen who came in the league a gunslinger letting that thing go being very risky with some of his decision-making he's being more efficient and taking care of the rock they have a strong running game and that includes Josh Allen's legs and then on the flip side that defense man they are brutal and they will beat you up today this fight is a truth shut down corner so yeah they're for real you know

I said a little earlier that you know we woke up on the show and it's like every hour we're talking about the Cowboys in the third hour of our show I ripped up the paper in front of me and I pause I see the producers that had the lower graphic that said Cowboys blah blah blah I said I don't to talk about the Cowboys I don't want to talk about America's Team let's talk about America's spirit animal and I think that's what the bills represent and it's it's the everyday working man in US you wake up you go fight for your meal you go put food on the table and you enjoy the results of the work that you put in and they quietly do it like Tasha Allen is a humble passive praise deflecting quarterback and it's refreshing because every time you start to compliment him he just starts pointing the finger to other guys in the locker room and I saw sue Davis white after game run over and take a bite out of that turkey leg my Geico Beasley in the locker room after the game said I'm I'm not much of a fighter but if if Josh Allen was in a bar fight I'll be right there swinging for him I that's a pretty bold statement for a guy who who play he played in Dallas we're back and Romo so you know I I really like what they're doing and more more importantly I just like the fact that they're quiet quietly doing it I mean Josh Allen the one number

I heard yesterday he has more rushing touchdowns this year than Lamar Jackson yeah yes I believe he has 16 and his first two seasons which is right behind Cam Newton just think about that 16 total rushing touchdowns over the last couple years he's just getting started and what's crazy is he can run more but I think he's learning how to preserve his body and also he understands when I escape the pocket I don't always have to run for the first down I can escape the pocket and keep my chin up and as I'm running with the ball my wide receivers get to run secondary routes I don't care how good your cornerback group is it as a wide receiver I get to run the route that was called in the huddle and then look back and see the scramble deal just like Cole Beasley over the middle of the field uncovering late and then running towards the middle he becomes a wide open receiver because the threat of Josh Allen's legs cause that defense to run up and focus on him and they're gonna make play after play after play that CBS game that Cowboys Bills game that was a game on you obviously we're working on yesterday and the ratings came in did you know what the rating was in the States by the way Nate on that no I didn't know it what was it a small audience of an average of 32 million people read your game yesterday

I'm you know what's crazy is that halftime you know I'm trying to figure out a way to talk about the game in a very entertaining way and all these tweets start coming in because Jacque Allen I don't know people know this was raised on a cantaloupe farm and I made that comment and then I said it's fitting because it seems like his cantaloupes are dropping because he's maturing right in front of our eyes and how much people just started tweeting between me so that makes sense that over 30 million people were reading and they and they like my my cantaloupe line that explains yeah if your people caught it yeah there's been something going on this year that I've certainly caught and there's a way but and we love your perspective so I would love your expertise on it the top 4 Q B's in the league in terms of Q BR and the three guys in the MVP conversation I have something in common they're all brothers they're all black guys black quarterbacks or hot it's season why are we seeing that now I don't know what these numbers are still accurate but at one point and this could have been a while ago when I was playing in the league I heard that close to 60 or 70% college quarterbacks are african-american and I thought that stat was wild because at the time when

I heard this number the league didn't represent that III think what we're seeing now it's not that you know black quarterbacks are all of a sudden better than white quarterbacks I just felt like the young African American athlete who stepped on the football field that was fast that was athletic would usually get Quinn it to the white receiver group or you know what's your fast man I think you can backpedal how much you play corner hey you're a big fella you're about six five six six how about you play D in so I just think about this for a second you know Cam Newton he was a league MVP years ago Cam Newton would have been told I need you to trying to sack the quarterback how big and fast and strong you are you know Russell Wilson I mean he has a he's a great mind for the game they might have looked at him and said hey man you got you got good feet if you want a hit you play linebacker our safety like you'll be a really good quarterback of the defense and Lamar Jackson I mean we were trying to make him a running back up until last year even he said it man be good for a running back so I think now because of the success of you know guys from yesteryear Randall Cunningham of course Michael Vick a host of other you know the Rodney peds ended on time dick mcnabbs the list goes on and on but as of recently though

I think there's been an influx of guys that look like me and for a kid is playing football whether it's in Pop Warner middle score high school he can now look back at that coach or say no I don't want to play wide receiver I don't want to backpedal and hit anybody you know what I'm a damn quarterback and I'm proud of it look at Lamar Jackson you know look at Russell Wilson you know look at what these guys are doing and that just proves that you know you can be very very athletic very very fast and you can still play the quarterback position and what I think teams are doing now when you look at what Pat mahomes did last year Andy Reid adjusting his playbook Harbaugh going with the Ravens adjusting his playbook after playing with Joe Flacco Russell Wilson catering and offense based around his skill set these coaches are wising up you know I know head coaches and office coordinators are very egotistical like oh assets are but they know my game plan is the right game plan and I'm I'm not gonna just I'm gonna make my players adjust to me that will get you you know sitting on the outside looking in reading another team we play in a playoffs you have to credit these coaching staffs as well because they're adjusting to the players versus making the players adjust to their playbook finally

Nate before we let you go cuz it's it's still a really good sketch the rest of this week in the National Football League obviously 1001 San Francisco at 9 and to Baltimore will have everyone's attention at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Sunday what are we going to learn over those three and a half hours you know we're gonna learn that the Baltimore Ravens are for real and I think we're gonna learn that Lamar Jackson has proven to be the complete quarterback I think well we were all you know sitting on the edge of our seats because he's so exciting but also like is this gonna last is this sustainable and I believe it is and I think he's gonna prove that now that defense he faces is damn good man and they're gonna try to box him in but what happens is if you play zone he can pick you apart because it leaves gas and spaces and you can run between gas and spaces with his speed that's gonna fly right past you and if you play man then the speed of his wide receivers and that bully ball the tight ends play along with Mark Ingram sitting in that backfield they'll expose that so I I feel like we'll see you another win for the Baltimore Ravens it is gonna be an interesting one Nate as always on this us

Thanksgiving weekend we are thankful for you have a great weekend enjoy let's do this again stream thank you of course man thank us.



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