NBA Game Time SHOCKED Luka 41 pts Triple-Double lead Mavericks destroy Rockets 137-123 (BREAKING NEWS)

NBA Game Time SHOCKED Luka 41 pts Triple-Double lead Mavericks destroy Rockets 137-123 (BREAKING NEWS) What time is the NBA game tonight on ABC How long do NBA games last Who are the NBA TV commentators Where can I watch NBA games nba gametime app nba gametime hosts nba gametime live nba gametime tickets nba tv nba league pass nba game time length nba gametime hosts 2018

NBA Game Time SHOCKED Luka 41 pts Triple-Double lead Mavericks destroy Rockets 137-123 (BREAKING NEWS)

Well on the night is 4842 Brooklyn leads it as they approach halftime at Madison Square Garden Kings on the road out east these days they're in Washington runnin and gunnin are the Washington Wizards number one in the league in scoring Bradley Beal with the three I made his 52:45 that game is now 52 51 also late in the second quarter coming up in Denver Devin Booker and the Suns in the middle of a road heavy stretch hit the Mile High tonight with the Nuggets have got it going with four straight wins more on that and everything else happening on this Sunday coming up on game time came time I've been running on a Sunday night good of you to be with us we're here for the duration till the final buzzer that's all Famer Kevin McHale Brian Shaw right there I'm Matt Winer fellas we got a game in the books already and it was it was a fun way to Texas teams going at it and we got to see I call him white pepper and you know sneaks up on you but you know 

Luca Dantas has been playing very very well and showed again tonight that he's in that MVP conversation absolutely I was the point for sure yeah I was gonna say to MVP candidates not playing and funny you know the Dallas kind of picked up on some stuff but the Clippers did and everybody started to play James a little different and we'll go over some article and show that and teams are always making adjustments I like the fact that Dallas right now is finding out how to play with Luca porzingis is the next guy we talked about him Brian you know that terrible injury he had it may take him a lot longer it's really getting great rhythm but boy with just a little bit of movement if you can make a few shots he's cutting now he's doing a lot of things that is happening around the rim because he's too big and too good to just stand on the shoot threes yeah and you know that the thing is after the kind of injury that he had it usually takes the the next season for you to kind of you know work everything at work all the kinks out and then the following season you kind of get back to where you were before at injury and now they understand that 

Luca is gonna pass the ball to them so now to your point he's cutting from from the corners from the wings when when Luca penetrates and not just settling for that that outside shot and you know when you do that and you're open you know he's gonna find you with a great vision you know it didn't take me long I play the tiny Archibald my first year and Larry burned my whole career when my jumpers sucked believe me I ran right through the front room a lot and they found you guys that a couple of layups does wonders for your confidence and so porzingis is starting to score a little bit in the paint which gives him a whole nother element you guys 73 and you know he's and I'm reading him he's got a nice basketball IQ kinda knows when to cut where did they go open spot so he and Luca eventually will form a nice little tandem there and the rest those players are all gonna get paid a lot of money by playing with those guys because there's scoring points that's right we tend to be impatient as observers certainly fans are impatient as well there have been times when the porzingis pairing with da h has looked a little out of sorts so far let's let's take you through the highlight of what happened this afternoon 

Mavericks and the Rockets there is Luca Dodgers as the Mavericks come in on a four-game win streak taking on James Harden follows to Westbrook their pregame dance is unparalleled in the NBA I'm Carol dodge ditches dunking as they get out ahead of that rockets transition defense there's a pepper for you there's some pepper is white pepper an actual food yes it is no mouthing okay sauce when you don't want the sauce to be too dark okay okay there James Harden had 32 with only two made threes on the night in fact he was 215 from three Dallas put up 78 in the first half that's I don't know if that says more about their offense or Houston's lack of week for a man Brian I was thinking the same exactly probably a combination I mean in terms of rating that means efficiency Dallas has the best offense in the league right now and Taj it's obviously a big part of that 278 61 actually changed 3 to a 2 so it was 70 to 78 to 60 at the half Daanish picks up right where you left off Tim Hardaway jr. went for 31 there's one of those passes from Luca yeah just draw the defense collapsed get in the paint and he makes passes the guys got tremendous vision hmm 

Todd should off the dribble working over Austin Rivers that will float game - that's really nice Rockets make a run here spanning the third and fourth quarter Hardin makes his way inside Russell Westbrook to click capella and one here 21 another 20 rebound game 22 to be exact that's what using can do Tia this year they can run with Westbrook and gets an easy rule to say need 27 for Westbrook hit 5 boards and 6 assists and they're within 5 at that point and then Rick Carlisle buck dodge back in the game and there would move Rick and that's what we talked about you know porzingis not just standing and settling on the outside on the favorite cut in doctors able to find tonnage coming out the screen that time how much you can do about that 41 and a week in which he recorded his career-high 42 one short of that Dallas is now won five in a row they're averaging just over a hundred 40 points a game for their last three Luka is averaged just under 35 a game on 58% shooting 42% from three during the stretch here he was with Jeff Wade afterwards so going into this game you know you got a plate he two of these but this one kind of felt a little special is this one something a little extra for you today 

I mean it was to know Houston is a is amazing team you know we did we did some incredible things today as a whole team you know cotton was is an amazing and we did a great job on him and you know that's what we do in life that's the thing I got some history for you since Michael Jordan came in the league there were only been four guys that have had four consecutive 30-point Genesis games we're on the floor pardon Westbrook Jordan and now you what does it feel like to continue to be in that kind of company I mean just amazing to hear though names arrow amazing players it's nice to hear all those all those table you know them with the most important things we gotta win in Houston you know it was a tough game and that's what all matter we just got to keep going like that yeah five in a row now huge game Tuesday with the Clippers what's going to be the key to that one coming up Tuesday night same as today you know prepare hard for these games play good deed defense and you know just keep attacking them you know we just got to prepare we just gotta prepare ourselves with the win the Mavericks are now a half game up on the rockets and the standings 

I know it's basically mid-november but significant for a Dallas team that's been out of the playoffs the last few years they're the numbers I referenced on tonnage over the last five games a five game win span and Kevin when you talk about players who can take over a game that can mean a variety different thing yes where does Don sits rank right now at the age of 20 in the NBA high I mean you know there's there's Westbrook can do it you saw a bunch of him on the floor tonight Harden can do it you know Kauai has done it there's a business there's a whole list of guys that can do it but he can do it differently he can really control the game without scoring and I know he's scoring up the storms that sounds silly but he can actually you know do so many things in and I mean look at this right now he's on the weak side he is bald man good positioning he jumps on that he's the first one to that loose ball comes in and gets the layup he's got a good nose for the ball and then you're gonna see up here look at that paint it's all open it's five out and with five oh look at that we talked about Brian you were talking about porzingis diving with five on if one guys dives you're gonna hear and it get open they're almost playing a 131 zone here look at look at this and 

I see what he's there that's where Luke is a bad pass by James but it's more of their defensive scheme they're almost playing like a 131 zone against Harden I think to see more teams do that and again on this one you talked about it it's it involves play short o'clock he just catches it and just you know does a drifting out of bounds three that net that was the game right there but to me what I took away was all teams are starting to play hard and they're tired to seeing him go for 50 you can't be guarded one on one it just is just is just impossible with the rules of me get fouled out they're starting the trapping I almost play like a 131 and get in making James give it up early and so I saw that by Dallas and I just saw Dante's put on just an unbelievable show tonight you saw that with Denver a couple nights ago you saw with the Clippers the other night is this gonna be the new coverage against Harden I think so I mean you know you know that he can beat you if you allow him to you know stand out there dribble the ball as many times as he does but it's something that going forward you know when you get to the playoffs and the team can lock in on you you know for seven straight games you're gonna win your share of games during the during the regular season playing the way he plays but it hasn't translated when it's gotten to the playoffs and 

I don't think that it will you know it's tough to play that way and so if I'm an opposing coach I'm gonna throw it everything at him and try to get the ball out of his hands and make some of those other guys beat us and and then that's what teams are you know are starting to do to him and I think they you know you saw the Toronto Raptors and Nick nurse they did that it was about three or four consecutive games where they killed Kauai down LeBron Damian Lillard doing the exact same thing they're just the tre young right you know exactly and a lot of times right when they get over half for half court just bringing somebody you know taking the ball out of his hands and making somebody else facilitate and play make and so you know it did work tonight for them and then on top of that when you get 94 points out of three of your starters with porzingis Hardaway jr. and and Luca Dantas that's tough to beat you know and then your bench out scores their bench as well and it's hard to game plan against Dantas because if you take away his scoring he.



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