New BMW M135i Vs Mercedes-AMG A35! DRAG RACE!

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New BMW M135i Vs Mercedes-AMG A35! DRAG RACE!

Hi guys and welcome back and welcome to another article where today you join me at the airfield well we are back drag racing once again and today don't you worry it is gonna be a good one we are here with the Mercedes AMG a 35 and we are putting it up against the BMW m135i the all-new one which a little bit controversial and looks etc but this is going to be cool in terms of this cars being a little bit lighter and the Mercedes and both of them basically having the same horsepower but first of all let me bring in Christian from BOE be the man I'm going up against today oh yeah I'm alright I'm Carlos he's freezing it's so cold I think is about one degree but I'm buzzing for this the moment when we both came up this idea we were like this is gonna be a girl this is gonna be a good one both hot hatches so to speak and there enough the same horsepower as you said I think 306 and 302 you being a little bit like a little bit lighter a little bit more talk yeah but this this is this is a new kind of thing which we don't know but before we get going you may know ba TB Christian the man who gives a car away every single week yep tickets off from just 85 PS

I'm sure you know by now you can play anywhere in the world and they we have over 150 cars in the lineup including these sue and both of these you can win for less than two pounds and as you are putting this article out today which is Black Friday for this weekend only 10% of all tickets on the website so all you need to do is use the code be f10 you'll get 10% off any car that you want to win on the Bo TV comm website and that is until Sunday at midnight check out the link go and win your dream car anyway and a huge thanks to a motet performance they walked down this car today this is their development car this it which is really cool this is really cool and before we get going they've not tuned it yeah this is a standard engine yeah they do a lot in BMWs so they kindly bought this down I'm excited we're excited yeah and you're going to lose you keep saying that and every single article you end up losing so you've just jinxed it I've got a lot of faith in this p.m. and lots of faith all right hello Christian oh here we go again hello well you are in a lovely m135i the new one the brand-new one a35 what's gonna win they're really closely matched

I know but I've got full faith from the a35 today and I've heard a lot about that but we're gonna go for it and I'm gonna win right we're gonna do as always first one is going to be launched and then we'll go into the rolling after that so are you ready for run number one Christian Williams from be a TV I'm ready 3 2 1 go ok that's fair come on oh look at that that's what you get when you got more talk three boys pulling away and I am flat-out oh is he coming back oh no he's not no no chance no chance and I don't think I'm gonna catch him it's gonna be close the Lord Jews were the same and the m135i has despit feet in me 120 miles an hour of the line it's neck-and-neck really it well obviously with the power being similar it comes down to styling an arrow on how it's going to be through you know everything but the launch controls were kind of the same okay yeah that's one nil and the launch controls were the same yeah exactly the same not much in it no it's not they are very similar but it comes down to little things as

I was just saying it's going to come down to things like arrow weight but they launch the same and they're just honestly think it's just a bit more torque in this you see how what's the gear change like in yours is it quite sour I've left it in the water and we're going fine we were going up the revs lovely we're going fine he says when he loses we're going to get in for a second run oh I think I can get closer than that okay right so now it is time for run number two this is when hopefully I'm gonna get a little bit closer question it's not gonna happen no it's not gonna happen all I need to do is get a little bit of a better launch and it's done no it's done that's it it's until I go first and I and I um it can do it the a35 knows better okay I'm ready I'm ready three two one go it's naked leg no it's quicker how is that m135i quicker I got a better launch as well it's 123 miles an hour over the line those two Lords is the m135i one and I got a good long even with a better launch both launch controls he's destroyed me we haven't destroyed me it's just a little bit right just pulls and pulls and pulls and pulls and pulls right so the launch controls are now completed so we just want a quick chat about what our actual thoughts are to it

Christian or dragon well yeah this is faster actually quickly seen that this car from a launch it's quicker there's no getting around it and that probably there's a few factors which come into it the weight being a 55 kg lighter a little bit more torque on the up ships you can tell as well it's just that just yeah you get in the m130 sorry in the m135i when you do change gear you do get a really nice bang do you get that no I don't get that I don't get that actually so well that's how she quite interesting to hear but little things obviously where this is probably what you're gonna get on a 35 is you only get more character in terms of styling terms of how it looks etc but you're not probably gonna get the speed and I think we saw this with the a 45 yeah so what I think what aren't you saying is he's got the more popular car I've got the faster car do you rather have well a bo TV you can either have that or you can have that you can have the faster car all the slightly more popular car or you could have this grille which looks horrendous I really like this I think it looks quite good I'm also gonna give used in the car what we're gonna do rolling start we're gonna go into the rolling start now and we're gonna get going because

I think it's gonna be a lot closer than we think okay I still think that might have it I love the house as foxes okay well okay quietly confident I'm not getting in the wrong side so here we go rolling start I'm still quietly confident about the m135i this just seems to be an absolute rocket ship when it comes to drag races and I think it's gonna be the a35 again right I am ready and it is time now for the rolling star we've done two launches and the a35 has unfortunately lost both which is not ideal but the new m135i is pretty crazy um 140 is gonna be even faster anyway so what we're gonna do if you haven't readed these races before what we do with the rolling star as we do thirty miles an hour to the white line which is the start line and then at that point we go so that basically what it does it cuts out the whole launch controlled type thing and it basically just sees what the cars are more like sort of mid high speed so we're gonna see how it goes and go from there and I hope that this a35 might get a bit of an advantage at this point

I'm just not quite sure good evening Christian even though it's said the morning but we're ready to go we are ready for the rolling start I'm gonna um I'm gonna go in manual mode for this you're going in manual mode yep you do realize it all comes down to this so I'm leaving it how it is I'm not changing anything then I'm gonna hope for the best right Christian here we go we build the speed up I'm gonna go to second gear 25 miles an hour 31 are go I reckon I'll pull it back I still reckon I'll put it back I still reckon even with a bad start come on BMW no you're joking please no please laughing having my own you are having a flipping to off we've got it all we've got it see you later 130 miles an hour over the line blimey the end right at the end you are joking I mean that was only losses it is love i slipping seen one I mean they're identical you can't say they're identical this wins every time I didn't get the greatest start I miss one I've got a one gish if not bang on but I can't complain because you got a worse stop yeah so bye SID I still did win you came back yeah talk talk for the win it's so annoy it is so annoying I trying to think

I can go quicker but it's just like they are quite similar but that just has something do you want to do another one and I'll put two more people in the car no okay then that is not fair well this this is a step this is a standard engine I know Motech have not tuned it yeah its standard oh and there we go participating yeah thanks for coming no honestly it was a really cool race to do really interesting just to see how both of the cars are really I really did well but that is fast I think it did I think it did well to keep up but considering this is lighter it's got more power etc that's my way of going home being okay about it but it was cool it was cool and yeah it's been very impressive car and the M the new M 140 is gonna be even quicker yeah so there we go that's probably an 140 I versus in you a 45s maybe yeah that would be a really interesting one okay anyway let us know what you want to see but a massive thank you to motor performance for bringing that car down I'll leave their details down below as well really kind of them to do that and be OTB make sure you go and buy a ticket yeah because as well being

Black Friday today 10% off all tickets in the lineup so all you have to do is use the code be f10 and you'll get 10% off you can win that you can win that there's over 150 different for - super car last week yeah yeah I was going to say yeah a couple of weeks ago we had a 500th win out he walked away with a brand new Lamborghini Huracan Evo and 20,000 pounds in cash that was absolutely mad not jealous at all anyway so as you can see you can win any any cars I got the link in the server datp do that but we're gonna ever think of our next drag race let us know what you want is it hot hatches its super car is SUV we're gonna have a think that's nice if you can afford the fuel for a zest for you I need you I think is coming soon any other guys hate you enjoy this article don't get scrub you have already and I see you racing.



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