New Details: Why Vince WAS FURIOUS After Survivor Series! CM Punk Hates Hulk Hogan! Wrestling News

New Details Why Vince WAS FURIOUS After Survivor Series! CM Punk Hates Hulk Hogan! Wrestling News cm punk's sister john cena chris jericho brock lesnar mike jackson ufc dean ambrose ryback randy orton How much is Hulk Hogan worth Is Hulk Hogan married Where is Hulk Hogan What is Hulk Hogan's phone number hulk hogan 2019 hulk hogan daughter hulk hogan now hulk hogan age hulk hogan height hulk hogan dead hulk hogan movie hulk hogan movies and tv shows

New Details: Why Vince WAS FURIOUS After Survivor Series! CM Punk Hates Hulk Hogan! Wrestling News

What is going on guys it is wrestle a mia here back with some more news while some viewers in the united states recover from Thanksgiving dinners we're still working to get you the latest news and rumors from the wrestling world joining us now is wrestle a Mia looks at a disturbing Mauro Ranallo update CM Punk's heat with Hogan Shawn Michaels his future in wrestling the real reason Mike Kanellis asked for his release and more details on why Vince was really angry backstage at the Survivor Series be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more articles like this I'll ice waste no fer the time and get straight into the first story as there is an update on Mauro Ranallo and sadly he's reportedly to be in rough shape now for fans wondering how NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo is doing things don't appear to be going well Ronaldo provided commentary at NXT takeover wargames following criticism from Smackdown announcer Corey graves

Ranallo Miss Survivor Series but the WWE announcing Ranallo had strained his voice but would return for this week's NXT however Ranallo missed the latest edition of NXT with reports that it would return the next week during an episode of wrestling observer radio Dave Meltzer revealed he's in rough shape I think everyone pretty much knows the situation it was pretty bad the last couple of days so it's pretty bad it's a day-by-day thing there's no way of knowing what's gonna happen next it was a very unfortunate situation and I think we've spoken a lot about it but it's probably worse than we said although Corey graves apologized some fans saw the insult is a weak apology and and more of a promotional tool for graves his new podcast after the bell next up Mr WrestleMania talks his future on the future of wrestling Shawn Michaels recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about his future in wrestling as well as the future of professional wrestling I'd rather stay behind the scenes and let the stars are tomorrow take their rightful place my time has come and gone this is all about them

NXT is wrestling at its best we're going to continue on that track and that's showing people the bed talent in WWE which is NXT the Heartbreak Kid also talked about three of NXT hottest stars Keithley Adam : Shayna Baszler they deliver every single time they're out there all three of them all embrace and adapt to big situations I've never seen one of them not look cool calm or collected when they go out into high-impact highly visible matches there hasn't been a time for any of them where the situation was too big or got the better of them and that gives us a great deal of confidence moving forward these are all big-time performers they certainly are but what does the future have in store for them as most futures are left in the hands of Vince McMahon and as we've noted in previous articles he could cancel a push just like that next up Batista says today to Brooke he can call her daddy other Dana Brook Dave Bautista online flirt-fest continues with Brooke tweeting on Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving I hope everyone enjoys a time with family and friends

I'm grateful for Batista texting me and and the Twitter world for supporting this Prague's tweet mentioned that there's a lot going down in the DMS they're being direct messages something obvious by a recent tweet from Batista who's getting creepier by the second so per our conversation I've been in deep thought about your question in which you can tell from the photos that have entitled me and deep thought about Dana's question and the answer is yes you can call me Danny Happy Thanksgiving yikes some people just need to keep this shit off Twitter you want to be called daddy will be called daddy in the bedroom anyway moving on from that the real reason why Mike Kanellis requested is release on 14th October Mike Kanellis requested his release from WWE display having just signed a new five-year deal with the company now Canales is revealing his motivation for asking to leave and it may surprise you during an appearance on the smocks and Stripes podcast Canales revealed for me it was all personal it had nothing to do with the company since the minute

I got to WWE they've treated me great they've treated my wife great they've treated my daughter great they've treated me great when I came out and I said I had an addiction there was no negativity from anybody it was just constant support nonetheless the latter storyline seemed to have disappointed him especially now that he's clean and well I think honestly again I should go back to it there are so many talented guys on the roster right now so I mean and I'm not saying I'm not and I'm not saying I would be a good fit but what I am saying if those guys are getting the opportunity and they're doing their job and they're successful at it then they're not necessarily going to look for next man up because there's no need you bet it's next many of you know hope that someone goes down with an injury but you hope that you are ready if someone goes down but pro wrestling now is just loaded with talent like I see people talking about it it's the best thing

I've ever seen in any company on the independence or any national company like everyone is just really friggin good right now that talented performer nonetheless knows he is a big fish in a big pond and that his chances of getting his release are very remote as far as WWE not giving my release I think it's like everywhere the New England Patriots aren't going to release someone they think the New York Jets are gonna pick up and I think we have to think of it like that it's not negative just how it works it works in sports and it works in pro wrestling next up CM Punk's real-life heat with Hulk Hogan the CM Punk fans probably know that Roddy Piper was his favorite wrestler growing up as a fan however what about rowdy rowdy frenemy Hulk Hogan during a Chatwood Windy City live wrestling straighted superstar revealed well guess there's no chance of CM Punk ever being Hogan's last opponent who are we saying that would be an awful match Stone Cold Steve Austin's opinion of

CM Punk although we don't quite know how the Hulkster feels about Punk we do know how WWE icon Stone Cold Steve Austin does during an appearance on Brian Campbell CBS sports state of combat podcast the Bionic redneck shared his thoughts on puncture all along WWE backstage I guess you know speculation to be determined we'll find out just the fact that he's you know returned to be doing business with dozens of EEE I love because I don't know you know they let up on bad terms and now they're back in business together see it wrong pro-wrestler rape robos great work great talent so to have him back in the fold obviously you know I guess they hiring whatever they need to iron out and you know both sides are happy so it's great to have or see him pump back in the Pro Wrestling slash sports entertainment business I think it was uh it's a breath of fresh air because the guy you know brings a great perspective great insight and great opinion on all things popular table next up what WWE backstage won't cover are there any subjects that

WWE backstage won't cover well recently Ryan sat in one of fs1 shows correspondents shared his thoughts on what subjects the show might not cover such as the ACH aka Jordan Myles situation well the WWE Saudi Arabia shows I'm not the producer the show so I don't make those decisions I'm very low on the totem pole in terms of what's going to be discussed I don't think they want me there for opinions is they want me there to break news stated sat in who then added that he's still figuring it out as he goes but he hasn't been told to shy away from anything when it comes to negative stories I believe there will be times where I have to talk about negative things it's just were in week two and nothing super negative has happened for me to discuss according to the Wrestling Inc article SATA noted that he pitched that they should talk about the Saudi issues but it was already on the run sheet when it comes to the ACH situation there was a lot of unknowns and I think they'd rather play it safe said sat in it's a case-by-case basis

I think next up Shayna Baszler talks Ronda Rousey former MMA fighter and current NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler is no stranger to MMA having learned a number of promotions before training under Ronda Rousey in the UFC's Ultimate Fighter show or what does basally think about comparisons between her and former raw women's champion rowdy Ronda speaking with Corey graves the champ said so we've always had to deal with being associated where the right or wrong our success our failures just because she is more well known that the other three of us might have been if anyone talked about us he was only because of her it was just something that we had to learn to just shrug off and I think the four of us supportive of each other we genuinely take pleasure when one of us gets any success we have we're friends so we have some friendly banter here and there about who's done what and all that but it's not nobody's pretending anybody's cooler than anybody else it's kind of fun

I mean who doesn't want their friends I work with them fans are already discussing a possible baylor vs. rousey match at wrestlemania 36 if rousey returns to wrestling in 2020 we're banking on the Royal Rumble next up Nikki Bella's family is thankful she never married John Cena a recent article at radar online calm indicated Nikki Bella's family is glad that she never tied the knot with John Cena after two failed engagements according to the article now a family source close to the twins revealed nikki has never been happier than she is right now with her new boyfriend and former Dancing with the Stars partner autumn king Vince EV Nikki's close family members believe her relationship with Artemus is a sign that a relationship with John was not meant to be the article goes on to discuss the family's relief at the wedding being called off two times nikki is a very happy woman right now said the family insider adding that it's a blessing that her wedding to Cena never happened she found her true happiness the source continued her family sauce added that while

Nikki's relatives wish the best for John they relieved he and Nikki didn't go that far it was good it ended before wedding she's just blessed that it happened this way when she does decide to marry it'll be a first true wedding the sauce continued judging from the sources comments it appears Cena was future endeavoured by Nikki's family and the last story today why Vince was really furious after Survivor Series now right after the Survivor Series pay-per-view reports started to flood the internet that Vince was furious with the triple threat main event women's match not much detail was given but sources backstage have told that he really was irate at the match as it was heavily worked on and rehearsed with one story reporting that Vince was in the referees earpiece screaming at him to do more high spots but that was later refuted from Dave Meltzer indicating he was just furious Meltzer went on to say there were a few awkward spots surprising since the bout was heavily worked on and practiced it got so bad that Vince McMahon was really mad about it as it was going on a story going around

Vince was so mad he was telling the ref hi spots for them to do as the match was going on but those in the company of only said McMahon was mad saying he had every right to be but said he was not sending high squats to the referee while the match was going on how could this affect both Becky Lynch Bailey and Shayna Baszler the match was engraved but was Vince's anger justified let us know in the comments down below subscribe if you haven't already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time with some more wrestling content.



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