Oilers, Mike Smith, Mikko Koskinen Reaping Benefits Of Dave Tippet's System

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Oilers, Mike Smith, Mikko Koskinen Reaping Benefits Of Dave Tippet's System

We were talking earlier about the sustainability of the Edmonton Oilers and I was giving a lot of credit to Dave tippet for the way this team has defended now the goalies have put up impressive numbers and I believe the aging process of the defense helps but how much credit does Dave tippet deserve well I think you guys hit it pretty well earlier right you got look the the probably the one area of this club that everyone totally questions when the season started was goaltending yeah Mike Smith and Miko koskinen right the old guy and the overpaid guy so I guess we would say this all of a sudden you got Miko Koskinen at 9:28 and you got Mike Smith at 9:26 I believe they are ranked like seventh and ninth in the league among starting goaltenders it's a percentage so okay so they're they're both playing real well and give you that no question but

I would suspect that Dave tippet system in front of them allowing them not just one guy to have a good year but we're looking at both guys are having absolutely great starts here so all for sure it's got a lot to do with the quality of chances the number of Fox they're seeing you know the way the Oilers are playing defense absolutely for sure this is a product of a Dave tippet Club SPECT you can't show me a more surprising stat line this year than Costco on any team in any division in any conference what has he been doing to kind of turn this around and do you think he can keep that up well you know when he left last year and they were firing pucks over his glove hand like left right and center I was as big a skeptic as any single journalist I saw every one of those goals I didn't think he could come back and be this good they said

I talked the goaltending experts ask guys listen at how old is he like 29 can you go home and fix your glove hand in three months and come back in the NHL and every guy said to me no chance okay no chance so look the like it's still a small sample size I believe he's got nine or ten starts here so it's not that big but I'll tell you what I'm seeing you guys when you read opposition shooters every single guy went glove side every single time near the end of last season it started out that way this year and now we're seeing guys coming down and they're not all going both side because the book is starting to change on Miko Kaufman so somehow someway you figured out how to stop a puck with that glove hand and all the sudden he's pretty good goaltender at six foot seven how nice is it for oiler fans to go down there and not have to worry about the penalty kill well holy cow okay so here's a stat because

I think I'm gonna get into analytics I'm getting pretty good okay listen up class okay the last five seasons okay five seasons before this one the orders or cumulative penalty kill ranked dead last in the National Hockey League so I think it three of those seasons they were last in the other two they were like 28 so they've been absolutely terrible here it's been a heritage problem in Edmonton this year I think they're fifth so right away you're keeping the puck out of your net is it again is that because your goal is your best penalty killer or is that because your penalty killer is allowing your goalie to make some saves I think it's a mixture of both here so start with that give them a power play that's up there - you got Carney McDavid Leon dry settle and your killings and penalties and you staying out of trouble a little bit all of a sudden you got a team that could compete right absolutely the guy behind the bench

Dave Tippett's back who was he helped the most in terms of skaters like who do you look at and say Dave tippet has helped so-and-so and it's pretty obvious that's the case well that's an excellent question who would I say I'll tell you this he's he's allowed Leon dry saddle to show a different side of his game here I'm not sure how much he's helped them or how much he put him into position to be a guy who's taken important short-handed faceoffs right to be a guy who's on one hand leads the league in scoring and on the other hand can play against your best guy and you know what we starting to look like starting to look a little bit like the big Slovenian Anze Kopitar down in LA that's who dry settles looking like so I'm not going to tell you that David came along I made this player because dry side was pretty good already but there's a new

Leon dry-style coming out here and again he looks like Anze Kopitar used to look the only thing is he scores more points and he's cheaper well what's the yeah marc spector joining us here on Timmons it what's the what's the limit on what we could see point-wise I'm dry sidle and McDavid because every time I look down at the projections and see I mean obviously things can happen injuries gonna but like it seems like we're talking 140 150 maybe healthy is that like a boy think these are monstrous numbers that they're on pace for well and we're in a pretty cool time in hockey right yeah we went through you know we had all those the 80s when guys like Gretzky would you know score 200 points and then we went we all know where we went the game fell off the edge of the earth and there were seasons with no 100 points scores yeah and now we

I think last year we have we did we have 800 point guys last year and I think this year instead of maxing out at 115 118 why not why couldn't Connor McDavid dry-style get into the 120 maybe 130 it's like I think the games allowing it now and I love giant proponent right of a 5-4 hockey game what's long not every single night okay I don't want five for every night but just let me know I got a chance just a chance when I go to the ring that a six five game might break out just let me know that I'm happy with the game and I think we're seeing that there's a lot of 6-5 hockey out there now yeah and it's crazy right now dry saddle projected 147 on the air that's it yeah 147 white so I mean look he's gonna get his numbers obviously maybe not that but he's gonna get his numbers McDavid obviously is getting his numbers ryan youjin hopkins speck his progression

I know he's kind of woken up recently to me he's got to be in the in the big picture here one of the most important guys on this roster for a lot of reasons how does he look to you he did a couple goals their last game in a time you know he's 32 gentlemen you know guys get picked number one overall and we just think that they're gonna be right leading the league in scoring they're gonna be hundred 25 point guys well he's not that but I'll tell you what he's turning into he's starting to win some face offs he's got a wrist shot you just saw right there starting to I'm not saying he's Joe Sakic okay it's not what I'm saying but the wrist shot looks like Sacketts wrist shot sometimes he's becoming the second line center that now Leon draisaitl doesn't have to be right Nugent Hopkins allows the coach to play drive settle with

McDavid every day give him another winger and he could probably run a pretty nice second line and now he started to get some depth I'll tell you what if you got two of the top three scores and leaving your first line and you got a guy in the second line like Nugent Hopkins who can give you I don't know what 65 points maybe 70 in the good year now you got enough score and I think to do something speculum breaking news coming across from Elliott Friedman's Twitter account there was word this afternoon that LA is informed ilya kovalchuk that he will be out of the lineup for the foreseeable future he is welcome to practice with the club but he will not be playing obviously more details as they occur from Elliott Friedman you can react with us because I'm sure you're hearing that for the first time it is a kind of jaw-dropping to see what's going on in LA and then to read that well so what does it tell us and

I'm thinking on the fly here guys does this does this because it's yes before December 15th that is the date after which I know European players cannot come here does this open the window for him to go back to ska st. Petersburg right it does this is this a confirmed look pal we're not playing you anymore so why don't you make a deal in the KHL and go over there that would be what I read into it it's a pretty harsh on the guy you brought over here and thought he could play I never thought he would help them personally and he hasn't helped them much that le team's got a little bit of trouble in there I guess they're just trying to open up a roster roster spot yeah save a bunch of money at the same time right right and some people are trying to draw the conclusion that that might mean some sort of trade for Taylor Hall I mean it's been out there too he does have a no movement clause and at six point two five million on the cap for next year as well this this is a sticky situation here

I mean I went 17 games - ten you're not you're wishing he goes away you're right you're not trading of no one's trading floor yeah I think you're worried you're only wishing that he goes away but no one Tod McClellan the way we kind of all do to a certain extent here in this situation that he's in this is this is a bit of a black hole here what like how is it gonna first message he sent right now Pilar to Foley sat down a couple times but listen Ilya Kovalchuk as a really veteran guy has a reputation of being not real coachable so Todd McFarlane's got a you know he's got a mixed bag there of overpaid veterans some couple okay young guys a few guys in the middle that roster doesn't have enough we all know that they're not making a playoffs but what he can't have is one guy on his own program right McCall its first year in there he's trying to get this thing going in his direction it's a gonna be like a two three year build but you cannot have a player on his own program who doesn't really care much what the coach says

I'm not there I'm not saying that's what Ellie Cole but Chuck did this time but he's been that guy before so I would suspect that he that McCullum got Rob Blake's here and said look I just can't deal with this guy let's hope he leaves you.



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