PFF's Heisman Read Through Week 12 | PFF

PFF's Heisman Read Through Week 12  PFF

PFF's Heisman Read Through Week 12 | PFF

We're counting down the top ten college football players in the race for the Heisman I'll of course presented to you by our friends over at a courage this is a list that starts with number 10 here running back from Clemson Travis etn this is a guy he's averaging eight point seven yards per carry he's just four hundred yards from the national lead in total rushing yards but he has a hundred and five fewer carries and those guys up at the top ahead of him he is a dynamic playmaker obviously an elite grade up there in terms of the national lead in terms of broken tackles or missed tackles forced as well etn is a guy who gets it done hasn't even really needed to play most of the second half as well so his numbers could be even higher the Tigers though are on a roll more on the Clemson Tigers in a little bit here moving on just above

Travis etn as Jacob Dobbins from Ohio State a guy who will likely lose first place or even second place votes to another guy in his own backfield we'll get to him in a bit as well but Dobbins is a guy who's 5th nationally in total rushing yards averaging 7.0 yards per attempt setting career highs and all of our PFF advanced metrics for Dobbins in terms of missed tackles forced yards after contact a highlight reel waiting to happen probably the best stiff-arm in all of college football as well resides in Columbus he'll be needed to close out the rest of the schedule for OSU oh for sure number eight on the list as well if you haven't heard about him or you haven't seen him play football Tyler Huntley is the nation's leader in adjust a completion percentage to every single level of the field he's not just a short area pastor he can throw the ball down the field and does it with relative ease the Utah offense is a little bit different but

Huntley is elite and deserving of every single stitch of praise we can give him nationally Tyler Huntley in the Heisman discussion for sure for the Utes number seven on the list I said we talked a little bit more about him Travis Trevor Lawrence here nine games of above-average grades this season really getting away from that rough start he had three game grates in a row of 90-plus in a 90-plus at least this guy truly looking like perhaps the best quarterback in college football if he wasn't named Joe borough Trevor Lawrence is sliding up and the highs and ranking is sliding up obviously gonna be the odds-on favorite for next year's race likely can't win it this year but definitely deserving of this spot in the top ten number six on our list Justin Herbert potential matchup there in the pac-12 title is Justin Herbert vs. Tyler Huntley again that game would probably be one of the better games you'd see in all of college football

Justin Herbert though nine straight games with well above average grades from us doing everything that you would expect him to reaching all sorts of career highs surpassing the levels we saw of him in 2017 that had him as the potential first overall pick in the draft class when he decided to come out Justin Herbert very very great player for the Ducks has them rolling doesn't have quite the receiving corps that the rest of the guys may have in terms of the national prowess at quarterback position but has the best line in college football and has been very very sharp from a clean pocket going forward number five on the list takes a little bit of a ding lose up in the rankings though just by proxy with the two attacked by llola injury Jalen hurts come-from-behind victory against Baylor as great as that was you have to also note he was the reason they were down four turnovers in the game as well but he gets it done has another

Heisman worthy performance in the second half against Baylor big time game he had 663 yards on designed carries over a thousand yards on the ground as well Lincoln Riley can coach them up and can very well put an offense to his quarterbacks skill set doing exactly that in 2019 with Hertz number four on our list again another Buckeye justin fields this guy is the only quarterback in the country with at least 17 touchdowns and fewer than two interceptions on passes targeted at least 10 or more yards down the field Fields is this guy if he is a dual threat quarterback he's the best dual threat passer in the country this guy is actually in the Indy race for the best passer in all of college football needed again he'll be tested against Penn State Michigan and then likely the Big Ten Champion on the other co-champion so to speak in the championship game

Fields has to come up big but he we have seen it he is a downfield elite passer an athletic guy with the ball in his while running this Brian day offense perfectly in Columbus getting to the top three Chuba Hubbard if you haven't heard about him I don't know where you've been you've been living under a rock this guy leads the country nationally in rushing yards and actually his yards after contact figure would rank ninth in total rushing yards if they were just what he was being graded upon Chuba Hubbard has probably the the lower run blocking grade among the nation's averages well in terms of the blocking in front of him so what he's doing he's doing a lot of it on his own single-handedly here running that cowboy offense Chuba Hubbard is every bit a top Heisman candidate the return of the third Buckeye on the list number two chase young if there's a defensive player that could win the

Heisman this year or any years outside of Charles Woodson it is chase young this guy the highest rated player in all of college football regardless of defense offense or any position winning a vast majority of his pass rush is still that figure of 31.5 pass rush win rate is the tops in the country he comes back after a two-game suspension and we'll have the Penn State and Michigan offensive lines to go up against and really hit how well-prepared he is for the end of the season but also for the NFL the next level number one on the list no surprise at all Broadway Joe Joe burrow B you are our EA you X this guy lights out another Heisman worthy performance every week it seems like doing everything right and everything possible to not only win some hardware at the end of the year but also maybe win and bring a national championship back to LSU burrow though clean nation's leader in grade and just about every statistic you could find when targeting passes passed the first down stick so those

NFL throws those throws down the field he's a hundred and ten of 154 71.4% completion percentage 2,352 yards and 31 touchdowns on throws targeted past the first down stick the nation's leader in all of those categories the nation's leader basically in any sort of PFF advance stat you could find going forward burrow is the man to beat for the Heisman and obviously topping our charts and everybody's across the country but there it is the top ten names you'll hear for the Heisman as we close out the 2019 regular season in college football of course this list is presented to you by Eckrich go to Eckrich football comm and make sure you sign up for the one million-dollar challenge for your chance to throw for a million dollars you want to get rid of me and get back to more great PFF TargetPo content all you have to do is push that button right there and subscribe thanks for reading.



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