Race Rewind - AAA Texas 500 in - NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway

Race Rewind - AAA Texas 500 in - NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway Is there a race today at Texas Motor Speedway? Who is playing at Texas Motor Speedway? Does Texas Motor Speedway have lights? What time does the Nascar race start at Texas Motor Speedway?

Race Rewind - AAA Texas 500 in - NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway

The second race in the round of eights and a spot in the championship for is up for grabs two by two that come to the start line racing in Texas down the backstretch they go Kevin Harvick Aaron Jones making up Row one Jones now with a little momentum utilizing that traction compound on the high side can't get by the board pretty impressive for him to stay out there this entire last amazing city handle I'm not sure exactly who to go with here and right there that was Eric Jones you wet but a little bit of a shock maybe from a xi attract levin and the shoots ahead and Danny had a little hard time there followed his teammate down to the corner Boston is descarga put three wide lost a few spots to the outside curve this year to go the 9 of chase Elliott is in the wall chase Elliott who was almost in a must-win situation coming into this race now slams into the wall a lot of damage to the right side you can take the destroyed the playoffs for chase Elliott mechanical issues last week at

Martinsville a couple engine issues one at Dover Lotus Bob you heard him trying to roll the top ten laps in into the wall for chase Elliott goes into the corner here turn one but not in the traction cousin digital lives yet biscuits loose expecting to see more expecting to have more grip up there was surprised by what he found and that's the risk when you go up into that middle groove is that traction compound going to be better for you not always going to work for every car and he was surprised and shocked by what happened there turn four and Kev slovsky's caught up in it as well it was Ricky Stenhouse jr. that slammed into the wall at four and Brad got into the fence and then Ricky real hard in the wall behind him running eleventh and thirteenth big big crash for Ricky Stenhouse jr. and you see the damage to the back of the 2 of Keselowski that trash compound telling you can't not trust it I don't trust it I would be it's treacherous and I'd be super nervous as a driver what kind of grip you're gonna have every time you go through there waiting for the window nets to go down that's normally the drivers indication that he's okay and so now we see

Ricky Stenhouse jr. climbing out of the 17 Brad Keselowski collecting himself shortly as a big racket big big hit they're back and watch her be play look at Brad he's up there trusting that outside groove and around it goes car slipped a little bit and there comes Ricky Ricky saw it look he's already loose cars coming around on him he's in the wall that'll end to the back of Keselowski back up through the gears they go green flag back in the air Boyer and Harvick teammates making up roll one and once again Boyer a great restart he Rockets out to the lead and then the 18 of Kyle Busch was trying to keep the momentum up but here comes the four of Harvick on the inside fighting for that second spot Kyle Busch got a great restart was able to push Clint Bowyer Martin Truex Jr the hind Harvick and wasn't able to push him huge advantage Boyer with the momentum stay with the 18 as he fights for that second position brothers pull me outside working together forty to his teammate Kurt Busch bar some back there on the outside as well I'm outside of his buddy

Denny Hamlin down the back straightaway and to turn three they go and still a fight upfront for position Kyle Busch trying to take second away from Harvick how he does the crossover move just about work at front straightaway speed on that bull car we rode along with him awhile ago you saw it right there [Music] that's asking a lot of your driver than Steve hey we're gonna take some downforce off this saying you got to figure out how to make it through one and two it's gonna make better lap time if we do it I like that approach because of the changing conditions remember with daylight savings look at this mess right here this race should end under the lights track grip should be in a premium you're gonna want the fastest car possible to Joey Logano right here trying to battle with the 36 Logano all the way back in the 21st position here with only a six laps to go in the stage he's gonna miss out on those very important points you see right there even rather than a line not able to make you momentum he's struggling really trying to figure out how to get this car around the racetrack and move forward look how much he's out of the gas you know three or four in the racetrack here comes

Kevin Harvick not a lot of damage to this car though right front Rick caught the grass to your point I didn't tear the fender I bring back the splitters gone from the right front this is big remember Denny Hamlin came into this race feeling put it pretty good about where he was and points this is going to be a major blow to this team Jeff you mentioned earlier the fifth caution was tied for the most in a stage six cautions now has a new record for a stage and it's happened here at Texas emotions run high pressure very high on these knowing that there's only a few opportunities to keep their championship hopes alive and Denny Hamlin maybe a mistake here in the end of the stage coming up quickly one lap to go in stage one and look at it three wide as they go to one up the racetrack Michael McDowell the 34 chasing that car of the track it's it Bubba Wallace up there as well the fight for the lead but Boyer Kevin Harvick as they go to three clears Boyar with Kyle Larson now into third in position again Kevin Harvick will win stage one an eventful stage wanted that lawyer second

Larson third moment Kyle Busch Austin Dillon Kurt Busch Ryan Preece Ryan Blaney and Daniel him Rick Hendrick Motorsports up front and Row one with Alex Bowman and Jimmie Johnson now fighting for the way aric almirola in the ten [Applause] down the backstretch the fight for second now between Almirola and Johnson water paddle with Jimmie Johnson really trusted him alive trusted isn't baby pulled him back a little bit yes that was in the middle the corner somebody to do it down the straight up trunks I'm rolling on crossing over trying to do couldn't quite do it and look at the run now by Jimmie Johnson yeah that crossover move gave that 48 car a push right up to the back door that 88 car of Bowman crossovers are not going to really work that well because as soon as you cross over and that car shoves him away just like it would at Talladega or Daytona we watch his bat on the left hand side you see the points joey logano +11 currently running 12 bush only +10 but he came back to pit road put a little more fuel in his car for the 122nd steve is you take a car and put it in the back of the pack now you've exposed yourself to more danger as we see

Jimmy Johnson making a look the lead right here seven-time winner at this racetrack trying to take the lead away from teammate Alex Bowman and while these two runs side by side aric almirola tucking in behind them they're going down the back straightaway who's eras gonna go it looks like he wants to go on the outside try to give that push to the outside lane who knows he might end up three wide trying to go around both um he's got to show that 48 out front he didn't know there for a while under the other I think you can go either way Johnson now up front at Texas I was asked the question who's Jimmy Johnson gonna lead another lap in 2019 and I think a lot of people were thinking I don't know we don't know if Jimmie Johnson will lead a lap well sure enough it's right here at Texas and it's right now Kyle Larson guys you know last week we knew Martinsville was going to be well thought it would be his weak point they stole from they stayed out got some stains Floyd's didn't have a great finish but it was as bad as it could have been and here they are they're leading all the guys in the playoffs right now in fourth place just be the day where he that win walk himself into

Miami he's not the guy people would erase of I am he's so good there they've had him kind of pinned down in points but he's in position to make that point a non-issue they go get a win and Jeff they've been outstanding on these long run this week who would you like to race for a championship with in Miami said I just wanna race for a championship in Miami myself we talked a lot about this traction compound today though and I'll tell the comment he they very interesting he texted NASCAR last night and asked him not to put more traction compound down he said if you put more down it doesn't activate when you leave it the way it is it activates and that's what he wanted right now Larson in fourth mentioned them points and how valuable they are childhoods pushing the issue with the 24 of William buyer here in the closing couple laps of this stage anyway moving up to ninth coming up on this is the final lap and it's aric almirola who is up front here at Texas Almirola getting into the playoffs but out after the round of 16 good best finish here in

Texas seventh he's done it twice Almirola coming back into the quad oval and he will win stage two good organization in an outside line 8:24 it's a tram organizer [Music] it's a little bottle there took that outside it's coming Jimmy had a chance to go dream on it they're probably spark that he didn't do that whose teammate had a lift fight for the lead continuum fireman with the advantage that time by eight one thousandth of a second but here comes the 41 of Suarez fighting back on the inside it's crazy how they all get stacked up get them to turn one straight away as faster and they get a little bit of the trash and they all get just all collected together yeah that outside line Jimmy's committed oh good save right there that was he was right on the court found the 41 and I think in the nose so much air on that car right there that moment will loose over the transition into three but now about two car lengths lead for Daniel Suarez Justin Dylan out there on the outside a couple rows back right front of Eric

Almirola busting up in the top ten some news out of the three team Austin Dillon oh as we looked out look at this helmet that's Daniel Suarez whose helmet it's a sugar skull it was painted it's this weekend is dia de lo sweater coasts which is the Day of the Dead honoring those that have passed away and so passing along a little of the culture for Daniel really really good handle on that for car right now making a guess at 185 miles an hour as to what line the guy in front of you is gonna go Almirola now driving out of his beer making sure he was Harvick me from that last lap Admiral is going to go to the top so Harvick went to the bottom 30 the high side just well that side draft to get right back up there that was it that was impressive can I believe he got back to it I thought that fight was over yeah now big side draft here from Harvick I'm gonna drive straight to the white line get away from it as quick as you can prevent that drive that side draft there he goes take that line role or new leader press of how good that floor car is and their teammates very similar cars the kids been really good all night and one lap to go kevin harvick a mile and a half away from another win

Kevin Harvick came into this race fifth and the points the playoffs so he was outside the championship four and with this win he can lock up the position to go fight for his championship his second championship and Miami homestead he will mount I Tony Stewart 14th all-time for wins Kevin Harvick wins in Texas Kevin the confidence was there all weekend but you have just punched your ticket to homestead for a chance and another championship congratulations oh thank you just want to thank all these fans Texas has always been so great to us and what a racetrack the last last few years and they brought a great Ducks Unlimited Busch beer forward to the racetrack this weekend but I got to thank everybody I got to thank Mobil one Hoss fields Hunt Brothers Pizza Jimmy John's everybody who helps you know put this car on the racetrack week in and week out and all those guys in the race shop Roush eights engines for you know putting this engine in this last week and so it's just been a lot of work put into this race we knew this was a good race track for us

I felt like it fit the style of our cars and man hit it.



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