Reasons Why CM Punk Will Return To WWE in 2020! (Why WWE Needs Him!)

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Reasons Why CM Punk Will Return To WWE in 2020! (Why WWE Needs Him!)

What is going on guys it is WrestleMania here back with another article now let's CM Punk is on fs1 show WWE backstage friends are speculating when and if Punk will rejoin the WWE wrestling matches rather than commentating on them while rumor has it that neither side has come close to anything resembling an offer for Punk's return the truth is that the WWE needs Punk more than ever join us now wrestle a me looks at why CM Punk will return to the WWE in 2020 be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more articles like this now there are many reasons why he should return but first let's look at the WWE's reasoning let's face it the WWE needs CM Punk more than he needs them as well show the company has serious problems that have only got worse since Punk's returned number one the WWE needs to make some serious changes but won't the WWE's ratings continue to decline and the past has shown that the

WWE is unwilling to make the structural change as it needs to revamp its storytelling whether it's the heavily scripted promos or weak and wondering storylines they are great and making cosmetic changes such as promising the fans they'll change or even bringing in new executive directors for Raw and SmackDown so-called creative departments but ultimately things don't change on the surface or any substantial changes are short-lived if the WWE Smackdown ratings continue sliding it won't be much longer before Fox executives demand the company take action so far the only thing that's kept the blue brand from sinking into the deep blue sea of ratings is the NXT invasion angle since that has now ended now that the Survivor Series is over it's unlikely the WWE has any great storylines to get the fans interested in Smackdown once it loses the momentum from Survivor Series while some pundits question just how much Fox executives know about wrestling it's obvious they have people who know who is popular this reportedly up

Fox's request smart move likewise CM Punk was brought to WWE backstage because the ratings were awful once the show lost its World Series lead-in anyone who thinks Fox hasn't noticed the ratings bump from Punk is only fooling themselves and as we noted in our most recent article WWE backstages ratings quickly plummeted without punk so you can expect Fox to get Punk on for more appearances this could quickly lead to Fox asking the WWE to bring back Punk to a WWE ring the ring of course being the Friday Night Smackdown ring Punk's returned if nothing else could buy the WWE some time with Fox to improve its ratings but although it's easy to see the WWE ruining the return of CM Punk the company could come up with its latest excuse and hope Fox buys it after all they've bought everything else now the reason Fox is so important is due to the small fortune it's delivering to the WWE for the rights to air Smackdown live if Fox were to drop the WWE they would eventually find a new home for Smackdown but it's doubtful if it would be somewhere with a large audience or someone willing to pay so much this would impact the

WWE stock as well as their long-term expansion plans it would likely also lead to wrestlers being let go as the WWE will lose the piles of cash they're tapping into to keep its talent from leaving for other promotions such as all elite wrestling anyone who doesn't believe this should look back to when the WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia seemed to be in jeopardy and talk spread the company would be forced to make drastic financial cuts number two Punk would jumpstart the WWE CM Punk would jumpstart the WWE giving the promotion the shot in the arm it really needs hunk of work as a babyface a heel or an antihero providing a number of good matchups to help booth ratings how shows ending on a schedule of course and merchandise Punk might also help get wrestlers over either bringing wrestlers into a punk led faction while it's difficult to say exactly how much Punk would bump up the WWE's ratings it's no stretch to say his initial return would be big and if done right it could be a major boost to the WWE punks appearance on WWE backstage has already rejuvenated this show although we don't know the long-term impact and shorter the

WWE completely dropping the ball with his return he could restore balance to the force number three Punk would be more relevant than ever wrestling fans are more aware than ever about what's going on backstage Punk's return could open the door for any number of work chute angles and the fans would eat it up loving to see the inner workings of the business discussed in public granted this would be a sanitized version of things filtered through McMahon lens but even a highly restricted work shoot could be widely successful under the right circumstances Punk's pipe-bomb promo and the WWE is still talked about and just imagine what punk might say in light of his abrupt departure from the WWE fans were tuned in to whatever show punk was on just to here and cut promos on the company while there's no guarantee the WWE would do the wise thing and capitalize on Punk's return by building good story lines on whatever show he appears on fans would finally have a reason to read raw or Smackdown now before it could help the WWE locker room morale on one hand wrestlers might be jealous at Punk returning to the

WWE particularly if he gets a big money deal which is the only way he said he'll return however the thought of the WWE willing to make amends has to appeal to some stars as it could suggest the company is becoming more flexible in dealing with talent there's also the likely boost the WWE is gonna get in the ratings ticket sales and merchandise while Punk's merchandise sales won't help other superstars a strong product and better turnout will help everyone this factor isn't guaranteed but it's won the WWE should keep in mind the only likely drawback in the WWE size is that the company might be seen as weak in welcoming back a superstar who left them was involved in a legal battle however this is unlikely to stop them given past reconciliations ranging from Hulk Hogan to Randy Savage to The Ultimate Warrior for those with the WWE's reasons what about Punk's reasons as there are some compelling reasons for wrestling Straight Edge superstar to return to a

WWE ring also we won't bother bringing a punks vowing never to wrestle again and instead focus on the here and now number one he has a great bargaining position funk has been wrestling's top free agents since leaving the WWE in 2014 and all elite wrestling's launched only added to his value punk offers tremendous value to the WWE whether it's as a full-time performer or as a part-time performer like Brock Lesnar punk is in the proverbial catbird seat and could tell the WWE he's only interested in a few matches a year or shocked him with the return to full-time action while punk one gets something as attractive as creative control he's likely to command a huge salary and whatever perks he wants ranging from leaving shows early to lucrative merchandise rides the WWE may be saying they don't need Punk but the promotion is reaching a point where there will be fooled not to take him something punch aware of will only become more aware as time goes on just consider our next point number two he's already tested the waters as mentioned punk is in high demand and

AW president Tony Kahn claims to have spoken to him about signing with the new company while Punk seems set against working for WWE he's repeatedly come out and said he's willing to work for the WWE if the big bag of money is big enough right now Punk is biding his time and reading everything around him with Punk working for Fox he's already close to the WWE as he discusses the product on WWE backstage and interacts with WWE Superstars while he's a Fox employee and not a WWE independent contractor he is close to the WWE world again even better Punk is being paid to familiarize himself with the WWE product and if he does decide to work for the company you'll know what's working what's not and what he can do to improve the product he'll also know how much he can bring to the WWE and what the company is willing to pay for him to work his magic Punk may not have his foot in the door at the WWE but he's caught his ear up against it and he knows everything that's going on inside making his bargaining position even stronger number three he has a new group of opponents

CM Punk worked with a variety of top opponents in the WWE beginning with his start in the WWE's version of ECW and continuing through his last days in the promotion while some of these wrestlers are still working today there are many new faces in the WWE wrestlers who Punk could have had great matches and interactions with some wrestlers have clashed with Punk outside the WWE and some would be brand new opponents for him whether its superstars like AJ Styles ricochet the fiend braun strowman or any number of NXT stars Punk could wrestle four years before having to battle previous WWE foes this is a win-win situation as the fans get to see new matchups and Punk gets a chance to indulge himself professionally seeing how he does at this point in his career whether a wrestler is enhancement talent or a main eventer there's a certain appeal involved with working against select opponents Punk would have his pick of wrestlers to work against and it's likely they'd be a long list of wrestlers waiting in line to work a match with him and number four this is his last hoorah although there's no evidence

Punk needs to wrestle or work for WWE backstage due to financial problems he may have a personal interest in wanting to step back into the ring even if it's for a limited schedule while Punk doesn't need to prove anything to the fans he may have a personal goal headlining WrestleMania one of the reasons Punk was unhappy in the WWE was because he never headlined WrestleMania just by being a main event star for several years at 41 years of age Punk should still have some great matches left in him unless he hurt himself during his appearances in the UFC and even a one or two year campaign in the WWE could afford him the chance of going out on his terms main event in WrestleMania and showing how he does things his way he is likely the WWE knows this and will be willing to dangle the WrestleMania main event carrot in front of Punk bringing him back to the ring the WWE needs to bring CM Punk back if it hopes to balance and it will improve its product

Fox executives know this and Punk knows this too Punk on the other hand may be willing to return to the WWE and there are reasons he might return besides his obvious large financial motivation as their WWE ratings on Smackdown continue to fall it shouldn't be long before fox dropped some serious hints that it wants to see Punk on Friday nights but they you ever guys our reasons why CM Punk will be returning to the ring in 2020 let us know your thoughts down below subscribe if you haven't already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time with some more riesling content.



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