Saints vs. Falcons Week 13 (Highlights) NFL 2019

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Saints vs. Falcons Week 13 (Highlights) NFL 2019

First place with 25 ever they covered and Ryan goes down watch the football as well and he wants to get first down here and get that momentum 30 17 try to do an underneath with Calvin Ridley but they are all over him he's making a lot of punch rowdy blocked and the Falcons recovered at the 30 yard line taste some innocent individual rush they set up with different personnel Group Springs free shot Oh get in the game first run and the Georgia native inside the five wonder if they double-team Michael Thomas here with shovel to Hill using the blockers and aiming for the opening touchdown we'll Lutz ends it ten-yard barter is going to bring it from too deep it's a scene Hargett star takes the cross the 40 Jones on the sidelines with the right shoulder that he hurt last week the gain of 30 Ryan is complete it's Calvin Ridley jigna in for the first time he's that man in motion for the families that's pretty cut down by Kiko Alonso third seven per truck the edge

Rock double clutch floats it out there the Christian plate but it's incomplete seven it's fitness for the Falcons their field position note a scintilla they played puck safety most of the defense a spectacular job by Ryan Allen of the lineup for New Orleans resort enzo breezes pressure that's to get relevance complete to Thomas 35 quick snap pressure on freeze-drying talks Thomas could not secure it baden graeme turn that was the man in motion third in the long yard slings it and picks it up again in his blink for the first down fighting there on the ground a punch thrown at the back end it's gonna cost 15 that's pitching Kent yeah but he has to he has to play smarter than his coaching dad personal foul of the field goal range for Atlanta's picker so maybe a decision ahead Ryan hit as he throws sideline and completed the fly it's the good release by Calvin Ridley and Eli Apple actually has good position but you can't don't be surprised that this is not for down territory for

Atlanta from the 11 third down pressure on Ryan fires it's complete he's a yard shy of the first down going fort here fourth and one for the first down two for the touchdown Ryan Cruz for an income trying to get to Christian Blake Calvin Ridley in the back of the endzone for a touchdown but he goes to the wrong guy and makes the talents he doesn't believe so he walked away chose not to so it's Saints Paul Thomas on the cat mesas slant here it's third and two they're going to give Tamara inside and he's not going to get it looks like Ryan takes the shot downfield for Wrigley he under threw it is guessing he thinks he's going to sit down on a route here at the first down yardage and Calvin Ridley just blows right by him and that is definitely pass interference so the Saints defense backed up inside the redzone first and 10 it is caught for the touchdown man from Yale grandma's five catches coming in misses the extra point the thought he would be as great as he is I thought he would be good but not this great ten thousand and two of his careers complete the chair and put the sign in to the

Bridgewater watching between replace knees and his season going orléans opposite Michael Thomas he's firing to cook the tight end of a sideline this tackler Jared cook this down by Dion Jones using his speed they got to get lined up like we talked about communication they look confused they do not get lined up quick enough breeze nothing open strapless bras incomplete but couldn't bring it in will Lutz 22-yard field and easily punches it through ride adjusting to play second in a dozen Pass complete so Ridley the reason he was taken out of the starting lineup but back in because of the injury to James carpenter Thanksgiving to the first quarter it's Kenyan partnered with the cats and the run and partners very close to a first down with the 39 play freshly picked up brian fuel to get to hill he made the block he makes the catch he's got a first down just a different juice about these Falcons now both sides of the ball third and said the pressures on Ryan get rid of it it's caught right at the mark by

Russell gage the catch or maybe a non-cash by Gage and Shaw papers challenge young way coup who struggled in pregame warm-ups missed an extra point earlier field goal from 42 good seeds off its back on the field please from the 32 intermediate which is wide open easy pitching gets to Jared Goodman as you see breeze on the sideline third and one Taysom Hill touchdown shoe and complete at 43rd 17 pinyin Barner next to our readers quick to the 50 lost the football buzz rules down by contacting three Jaden grandma caught the touchdown earlier was the lotion man Saints bring four and 1/4 got a first down format Bridal slide down 45 begun I pretended that I was Dick Enberg some rose I'm doing now wanted to do it or down for this Saints offense Reese back in third and two they bring five it's complete to Thomas for the first down at the 46 yard line clock in the head going quicker with a new left side of the line and camara with speed through the defense into the secondaries he descent safety st. over there too long to the bottom of the screen he goes the other way the pass gets knocked down good pressure by the von

Drake Campbell against Carolina 47 this one is good again says he's feeling good 37 here fighters sadly complete heard of my blink he's so good on the ground retreats and over the middle terrific grab brought in by riddling on his face he knows he needs to bring a positive energy of this group down as he's down inside the 20 adding injury to the insults make that play before as multiple stops here comes the Blitz up the middle on Brees he just throws it away second and seven here the end of the quarter Ryan has some time rips it it's brought down by Ridley at the 27 one in the gonna throw looks for Ridley out of the backfield that wasn't there but Christian Blake is there second and seven there pulls it down Yards is Kenya Varner 1342 of the Saints Ryan middle pick CJ Gardner Johnson down the sideline food a food bank lot of great stuff third down chimera the run big hit Lux for twenty to forty seven and now from 42 by injuries what the Saints are calling it third and five pressure on

Ryan steps up can he get there spit the football out it's recovered by van bell and fellas brought down to the 39 marques Davenport the big hit on Ryan receiver changes around kids pick that big hit here's the slap it's complete to Thomas went 29 yard line when the keaston starting again for his feet he's been out for a couple of games certainly Brees look deep it was covered over the middle incomplete well months has the four field goals he's knocked it through it's too good 27 yard line best time but brought in by blade Christian quakes at a busy I'm gonna Pat them status and they do side tunnel team any of the pink earlier sniffs er the time this season if most of the league but escapes hit at the 13 yard line by Marcus Williams but he's got the first down he's on the back line second and 10 here's riot to the endzone for the touchdown to Russell games first to the season 4 game make it a nine-point game it will be Ridley get there they say did the same as holding the balls and hit the pylon to two point drives who gets looked at automatically no chance rep tackle no SATs onside kick coming three successful in the league this year does the must recovered by the

Falcon that's when the best onside kicks that same this year but there is a flag at the - at the kickoff spot we saw him step on the 35 yard line Terry is this reviewable Terry this is not reviewable no but he's not awesome thank you his foot has to stay down until the ball is kicked but his body can move forward as long as it doesn't break the plane and it doesn't here this is not all side you're right coach so who is back for take two on the bounce that is two great kids third and 14 pressure again Ryan gets rid of it and it's incomplete its fourth and 14 cross midfield to keep this one going Ryan's got some space here's a long way to run at the looks like he's got it marks good first down right in the middle its Wrigley spinning and turning Wrigley at on sidekick a 43-yard attempt that cou will make Marnie put Michael Thomas of more physical guy a bigger guy over there cheers Puma for the bounce again turkey leg unbelievable up in logo where it's his third date he's ready to come there he comes Ryan Plus left flag down he set that flag changes a late drill and that is a good call he did bowl russet llama day

Zacchaeus rookie receiver one of the receivers out there the pattern Davis crossed around holding his leg as Ryan flings it it complete the pressure again shut down by Cameron Jordan who's had a standout performance a four sack Thanksgiving night that will take New Orleans to the NFC South title.



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